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We offer sponsored post opportunities!

Metriculum can help you to connect your product or service by covering your sponsored content. Your post will go live on our homepage and reside in our archives among our regular articles.

You are expected to provide your own content. However, if you need the post written for you, we can work to craft a copy that can help your business. You can embed videos, testimonials, and links to your product. Just keep in mind, your content should still provide value to our audience.

Following your submittal, we will evaluate your content against our publishing guidelines. We may ask you to revisit/revise your content if it is necessary before we publish it. The minimum length expected for a sponsored post is 1500 words. As it is already emphasized, we don’t accept low quality sponsored posts.

We don’t sell links. Don’t contact us to offer any type of practice that may violate Google’s terms of services.

All link requests will have the rel=NO-FOLLOW attribute. (This is non-negotiable). All sponsored content is marked as “Sponsored” to our audience.

Contact and Payment

If you are interested in publishing your sponsored posts here on Metriculum send an email to metriculum[@] and we will get back to you usually in 24 hours.