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Does Amazon Flex Pay Worth It?

Amazon Flex

Amazon flex pay is a flexible rideshare program that engages certified drivers in offering delivery services and earning $$ every hour. It can act as a side hustle, while some people have taken it up as their full-time job.

It is understandable that unemployment has a way of affecting one's psychological state, and sometimes it does even worse than that. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who often complain that they aren’t getting well-paid for the jobs they do.

However, the problem is, most people are uninformed, and that's why they haven't gotten a job yet. Also, for those who are gainfully employed in a company or organization, there are some side hustles you can do to earn more money, and not to depend only on your salary.  

Recently, we have seen people turn to ridesharing as side-gig (business) to keep money flowing in and to be able to satisfy their needs.

Platforms like Uber and Lyta are on the fore-front when talking on app-oriented rideshare programs; however, delivery companies like DHL, UPS, and the likes still pay their delivery drivers very well.

Now, it’s Amazon Flex, a rideshare program that looks to be like Uber, and at the same time, seems to act as DHL. Amazon Flex is totally app-driven, and its main purpose is for delivering orders to people living within select states or regions.

Just like Uber, Amazon Flex is app-driven, and just like DHL, the drivers are expected to offer delivery services. So, what’s this Amazon Flex Pay and you can earn big from the program.

Program Overview

In the real sense, Amazon Flex is simply the company’s courier service; however, it provides an opportunity for car owners to earn more cash as they help Amazon deliver processed orders to its clientele.

Simply, this is a flexible rideshare program where you get paid per hour for delivering stuff to Amazon customers.

Amazon Flex, just like other rideshare programs, requires that you sign up to the platform and download the mobile app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android).  It is a flexible side-gig that can fetch you hundreds of $$$ in a month.

Quite a lot of people prefer Amazon Flex to other rideshare platforms because of its flexibility and payment structure.

An Amazon Flex driver can have something else doing; this is because the platform doesn’t take up your whole day; however, there are terms and conditions that must not be bridged if you wish to continue using this platform to swing some cool cash into our back pocket!

Why Choose Amazon Flex?

So many people have searched the internet with many queries regarding the Amazon Flex program because they want to know everything about how it works. Obviously, there are quite a lot of other side-gigs one can engage without there, so why choose Amazon Flex?

Signing up to start providing delivery services for Amazon Inc. via Amazon Flex opens you to the possibility of earning up to $25/hr (wages inclusive). That’s quite a lot of money if you work for long hours.

Also, Amazon Flex pays you for your service, and you’re exposed to getting tipped after accomplishing some delivery services. Any tip received belongs to the Amazon Flex Driver 100%.

Furthermore, Amazon Flex pays off well than other delivery or rideshare app. Uber and Lyft riders may find it very difficult to estimate the amount they can earn in a day, but Amazon Flex drivers won't have difficulties in knowing what they can earn daily.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll be notified of the amount you’ll earn before each shift, a.k.a. delivery block. You can schedule how to pick up the orders you are to deliver.

Well, don’t get too excited about the Amazon Flex program. As you continue with this article, you may discover things that may cause you to have a rethink.

How to get started with Amazon Flex?

Just like every other platform, including Uber, Postmates, and more, Amazon Flex requires that you sign up using your Amazon.com account. However, if you do not have an amazon.com account, you can simply create a new account and get started with Amazon Flex.

Nevertheless, even when you have an Amazon.com account, there are specific criteria you must accomplish to become an Amazon Flex driver. These criteria include the following:

Go to Get Started and, if you meet the requirements to become a delivery partner, follow the instructions to download the Amazon Flex app. But before then, not these:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A smartphone is needed: Android or iOS.
  • You must have a vehicle that passes the test for Amazon Flex delivery services.
  • A valid driver's license will be requested
  • Finally, you will present a valid insurance


If you have all the required documents listed above, also, you need to note this before proceeding to sign up for Amazon Flex.

  • You will have to indicate delivery preferences to determine the locations you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages.
  • Your tax and other payment details
  • Specify a convenient service area to pick up and deliver Amazon packages

Also, before signing up for Amazon Flex, here are more important info you need to note.

  • This program offers different deliver opportunities for Amazo.com orders, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh orders, as well as Store Orders.
  • For Amazon.com delivery, the shift is usually 3 – 6 hours. You are expected to pick up an already processed order from the specified delivery center and deliver it directly to the customer.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh delivery is all about transiting groceries or household items from your chosen delivery station to the customer's abode or store. The shift for this delivery is usually 2 – 4 hours.
  • Also, there's instant offers delivery; the shift here is about 15 – 45 minutes. However, this delivery will be around your current location.

Further Requirements:

If you're only signing up to deliver Prime Now orders, then all you need a car that can safely transport Amazon orders; no special requirement, just a sound car.

On the other hand, if you’re going to provide delivery services for Amazon.com orders, then, you need a car that meets either of the following:

  • A 4-door vehicle
  • Mid-sized sedan or larger vehicle
  • A truck car with closed bed
  • An SUV or van

Note: if you have a small car or an open truck, you won't qualify to deliver Amazon.com orders.

Also, if you are planning to use your motorcycle or motorized bicycle, it is quite unfortunate that you don’t qualify. Amazon Flex indicates that it is not allowing the use of motorized bikes, scooters, or motorcycles at the moment.

Get insured?

Depending on your area, it is expected that you get the minimum required insurance plan for delivering packages within your region. This insurance coverage is very important if you must sign up for Amazon Flex.

Interestingly, Amazon also provides all Flex drivers with individual Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy free of charge. This policy is for people living out Ney York City, United States, and it includes:

  • Auto liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist/under-insured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

However, this insurance policy is strictly for Amazon Flex drivers and does not apply when someone else is driving the registered car.

You can rent/hires cars to use in running Amazon Flex delivery services. More info is available on the company's FAQ page.

What more?

So, if you've considered all that is written above and still convinced to sign up, now its time to talk about your mobile phone.

Amazon Flex is a mobile app-based platform; this means that without a smartphone, you can't sign up for Amazon Flex; neither can you access the services you’re required to accomplish.

Interestingly, this Amazon Flex app is available for Android and iOS smartphone users. However, the smartphone must meet with the minimum requirements below:

Android Smartphones:

  • At least Android 6.0 (marshmallow) or later versions
  • Minimum 2GB RAM or more
  • Clear camera with flash
  • Support for GPS location services
  • SIM card slot

How to install on Android phones

  • First of all, go to settings >>> security >>> unknown sources.
  • Tick the checkbox beside the unknown sources box to allow you install apps that are downloaded outside Google Playstore
  • Visit this link on your Android mobile phone to download the Amazon Flex app – https://flex.amazon.com/download-app


  • Phone 5s or newer models
  • iOS 11 or newer versions

How to install on iPhones

Unlike Android phones, iOS device users can simply install the Amazon Flex mobile app from AppStore. Open the AppStore and search for Amazon Flex.

Once after downloading the app on your smartphone, you can now register as a partner to Amazon Flex. The actual sign up process won’t take up much time if you’ve initially gotten all the requirements above. Approximately, it would take you around 10 minutes to completely sign up and wait for the approval.

Many have asked to know the Amazon Flex Pay rates and how it works. Yes, you can earn up to $25 per hour with wages included. One thing to note about this Amazon Flex program is that you’re an “Independent Contractor.”

Thus, you are fully responsible for certain expenses, such as parking fees, tolls, car maintenance, and other individual expenses.

The amount you earn per hour ranges from $18 – $25, and this depends on your location and other factors.

Factors that affect the Amazon Flex pay rate

City or region

The city or region you are operating in affects your Amazon Flex pay earnings. Some Amazon Flex drivers in some select regions are liable to earn more.

Seasons and holidays

During the holiday times when customers' demands are on the increases, Amazon Flex may pay you higher than what you usually earn per hour. However, when the demands go back to normal, your earning will equally get back to normal.


Not all deliveries attract getting tipped. However, there are some deliveries that provide an option for the Amazon customer to leave a tip for the delivery man. For such deliveries, the Amazon Flex driver earns 100% of the tipped amount.

Thus, if you receive a tip of $10, the 10 bucks belong to you and will be added to the actual hourly pay you earned for that delivery block.

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter if you deliver the order(s) early enough. Even if you deliver as fast as possible or deliver late, it doesn’t affect your Amazon Flex pay rate; however, how fast you deliver has a way of affecting how frequently you'll be open to delivering urgent orders.

How Amazon Flex pay rate and tipping works?

As said earlier, not all orders allow the customer to leave a tip for the delivery man. But for orders that allow such, you will see an assumed earning range. This assumed range is based on the tip received on previous deliveries within that city or region.

Hence, you may see something like $25 – 40 for a 2-hour block; this implies that your Amazon Flex earning is $25, and there's a chance of getting up to $15 tip to boost your earning to $40.

So, if the customer doesn’t leave a tip, you earn just $25, but if the customer leaves a tip, the tip will be added to your earnings 100%. In a situation where you earn a tip of $10, your total pay would be $35.

More explanation to how Amazon Flex pay works

If you have a delivery block to accomplish, you will be notified on the app. You will see the pick-up station where the order is processed. Also, you will see the duration of the block and the amount you will earn after a successful delivery.

Whether you deliver early or late, it doesn’t affect your payment; Amazon pays you per delivery block and not time of delivery.

How much does Amazon Flex pay per block?

The minimum hourly fee you will earn as an Amazon Flex driver is $15; it can get up to $19 in some cases. So, you can earn up to $70 for a 4-hour delivery block.

How to Track Amazon Flex Payments?

Some people have asked, when does Amazon Flex pay one's earnings? Well, even though you earn hourly working for Amazon, you won’t get paid every hour or after each delivery block.

The Amazon Flex app features a couple of menus; go to the “Earnings” menu, and there, you can track all your earnings up to date.

Typically, Amazon Flex sends your total earning for the week to your identified bank account via direct deposit. That is why you’re required to provide your bank account details during sign up.

The earning usually drop in your account on Wednesdays or Saturdays. This is because Amazon Flex processes payments on Tuesdays and Fridays. Receiving your earning may delay due to certain situations such as bank holidays or network/service problems.

Amazon Flex Shifts or Delivery Blocks: what are they all about?

Shifts or “delivery blocks” are simply available opportunities for Amazon Flex drivers to accept and deliver orders to Amazon customers.

However, Amazon Flex is really flexible, and you can only work based on your schedules since there’s no target being set for drivers to achieve. You can choose for 20 hours in 7 days or up to 40 hours per 7 days.

However, delivery blocks or shifts run between two to four hours. So, every four hours, you can check the app to see if there’s an available block to accept.

More so, you will see how much you will earn if you accept a block. Also, there’s an estimated time of how long it would take you to deliver a block, but this time isn’t foolproof; you can accomplish a delivery block much earlier than the suggested time, and sometimes, it may take longer time.

Nevertheless, irrespective of how long it took you to deliver a block, your earnings remain exactly what you saw when accepting the block, however, except if it were a tip-eligible delivery, and you got a tip from the customer.

On the Amazon Flex app, you will see “Upcoming Offers.” This option displays suggestions of available delivery blocks or shifts available to you.

The suggestions are based on your identified schedules. However, you can change the filter to view all available blocks, including blocks that may take you out of your city/region.

Can I Cancel a Shift / Delivery Block?

Certainly, you can choose to cancel out a delivery block that you have previously accepted. But, you must cancel the block before the start time, at least 45 minutes before the delivery time.

On the other hand, if you accepted an instant order, you have to act very quickly. Instant order shifts can be canceled within 5 minutes after accepting to make the delivery.

Important notice:

Inasmuch as you can cancel any delivery block or shift you previously accepted, you must do that very early because late cancelations attract warnings. Plus, up to three late cancelations may get you fired! But don’t be scared.

Is Amazon Flex That Easy and Flexible?

So far, you may thing this rideshare/delivery program is very much flexible and easy. Well, it is more flexible than the others out there, but in terms of easiness, Amazon Flex isn’t that easy. Package delivery can be very frustrating, especially when you are finding it difficult to get to the customer's location.

For this reason, it is advisable only to accept blocks that are within your city or region. At least, you know your neighborhood to some extent, and the Amazon customers may even be your friends or relatives living around the neighborhood.

Also, some customers are uneasy and may not be so friendly to the delivery man. In some other cases, the driver may be lost in a big complex while trying to locate the actual Amazon customer that owns the order to be delivered.

Furthermore, you may be faced with a very heavy order, or the provided instructions are imprecise. Quite a several unhappy experiences you may face as an Amazon Flex Driver. However, most times, the deliveries end in joy.

One handy secret to succeeding as an Amazon Flex driver is getting and study your select city map. Also, you need to download a comprehensive GPS app on your mobile phone to help you in driving through the streets to a customer’s apartment.

Without a proper understanding of road routes and maps, you may likely not find this job easy to do.

More so, as said earlier, you should accept delivery blocks that will lead to places you know. Accepting a delivery block with imprecise instructions because of higher hourly pay may lead you to lots of difficulties in delivering the order.

Amazon Flex pay rate is considerable and appears to be more satisfying than alternatives like Lyft and Postmates.

Expertise is also needed to be more successful in this side-gig business. This is because Amazon doesn't account for expenses such as parking fees, tolls, etc. so, you should be experienced in driving and always park at free parking lots.

You may have to undergo some driving and parking classes to perfect your skills. It will really help out in this business. All in all, Amazon Flex is worth venturing into as a side-gig to earn more income every week.

Amazon made it in a way that each driver is capped at 40 hours per week; however, you can choose to work for fewer hours, maybe 30 hours per week or even lesser. Simply set schedules that suit your free time.

Obviously, you will always work on your car to keep it up and running at all times. The expenses for car maintenance, petrol, changing of car fluid, etc. will all come from your pocket.

Thus, while Amazon Flex boasts of paying as high as $25 per hour, kindly note that the $25 is gross pay, and you will most likely receive a lesser amount. So, if you’re working for a total of 20 hours per week, your estimated earning is around $360 per week (calculated at $18 per hour).

Unfortunately, Amazon Flex is not available in all countries of the world. This implies that not everyone can sign up to be a delivery agent for Amazon.

Cities Where Amazon Flex is Available

In the United States, Amazon Flex is available in over 50 cities. The cities include:

  • Boston
  • Greater Los Angeles area
  • Manhattan
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • Greater San Francisco area
  • Tampa
  • Virginia Beach
  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Denver
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco

However, the company is expanding its availability in many regions and cities. If you are trying to register and then blocked out because of your region, contact Amazon support and follow the next suggested steps from the support representatives.

Some Good Things About the Amazon Flex Program

  • You will work independently and at your own schedules.
  • The driver is covered by an auto insurance by Amazon Flex; even though this insurance is restricted to only the Flex driver.
  • Unlike other rideshare or delivery apps, Flex offers a more intuitive interface where you can easily view every information for accomplishing a delivery block. Also, the mobile app sends a notification one hour before the time a deliver block is expected to start.
  • You don’t really need to be an expert driver before applying for this side-gig. All you need is a valid drivers’ license and some other necessary documents needed to complete the sign-up process.
  • There’s no special type or brand of car needed for this job. Any vehicle is accepted except for trucks with open bed. If you own a truck, it must be covered.
  • The type of car you ride may affect the type of orders you can deliver. Some orders are very heavy and can only be carried in trucks.
  • This side-gig is not for persons under the age of 21. To become an Amazon Flex rider, you must be at least 21 years of age.
  • No educational qualification(s) is required before one can be approved as a Flex driver.
  • Drivers can be tipped after the delivery of some orders. A tip is given to the driver 100%. Amazon doesn't take any percentage from the tipped amount.
  • You will work according to your schedules and cancel any delivery block you think may be difficult to accomplish.


Amazon Flex pay rate is actually $15 – $18 per hour, and you can work for any number of hours per week; however, not exceeding 40 hours. This side-gig business is very much flexible and exclusive to people living in the United States.

Ensure that you don’t cancel delivery blocks when it’s already late to do that; it leaves a negative impact on your profile, and doing that for a couple of times may get you fired.

Amazon Flex drivers receive their payments two times a week, usually Wednesdays and Saturdays. More explicit info about this service can be read on Flex’s FAQ.