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Amazon Gold Box: All what it offers

Amazon Gold Box

Nowadays, online shopping is no longer just like a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Everywhere we are taking advantage of the convenience of ordering anything. I mean anything you may need having delivered right to our doorstep.

We know clearly that almost our deals are connected today with online shopping services.

As we know, eCommerce is continuing to get more and more competitive. Websites are smarter, shipping is quicker, and expectations are higher.

Although there are many genuine trending online shopping sites in the world, we commonly consider Amazon or eBay always because of their quality deals and good offers. 

We know today some products could not be delivered without online services; some company offers only here and also some flash sales appear here.

Now, I am telling you some special services of Amazon Online shopping that may be useful for your upcoming deals.

Do you know about Amazon’s deal of the day or savings and sales or lightening sales?

Do you heard about Amazon Gold box deals?

Answer may be ‘NO’.

Yes, that is I am going to tell you about.

Now let’s take a glance at what is Amazon gold box and how we can find the best gold box deals and what benefits it brings to users.

What is an Amazon gold box deal?

If you are planning to get more attractive offers from Amazon, you should know about Amazon gold box deals. Let me explain what this is.

In short, Amazon gold box deal is their daily deal offerings across all of shopping categories.

You can see these daily specials appearing under the Amazon “Today’s Deals” tab. Amazon will post their daily special offers under this wall and some limited discount offers too.

The most common factor on this is Amazon gold box service is available for both primary and non-primary users. That’s why anyone can use this feature.

Within the Today Deals section, we can find multiple deal sections, typically consisting of the following deals.

Deal of the day

Let’s describe what this deal means

Amazon’s Deal of the Day is commonly available for a single item or product set for a 24 hours period.

Always, these products will be sold in limited quantities and tend to be offered on electronics and other items.

Savings and sales

This is another type of deal we can find there.

In short, Savings and sales are mixture of ongoing  Amazon promotions and deals. You probably find some collection of discounted items on this.

In fact, these items may have a longer sale period (All of which vary) than Deal of the day and are typically offered on a variety of products.

Lightning Deals

I think this is the important deal and I suggest you for a quick response.

You may always hear about flash sales in Amazon or Flipkart. Many manufactures especially I think smartphone companies provide offers using this feature. We can purchase some products only through these lightning deals.

If you want to order or purchase anything using this deal, you must know about the deal time that company fixed and order before the time ends.

Now, you may have doubt about where we find these lightning deals.

Yes, they are typically appearing on the Gold box page or we can also find throughout Amazon.

Always you will find a single product in this deal with limited quantity of extra savings coupon.

That’s why, you might quick your order or purchase for the time started or until all coupons are used. The important thing you do here is completing your order as soon as possible.

If all the promotional discounts for a lightning deal are held by others. Don’t worry, you can also join waitlist button.

In short, we can say Lightning deals are short time promotions with a limited number of discount offers on a specified item.

Prime Early Access

Now, let’s introduce some features based on Gold box deals or Gold box promotions.

In addition to Amazon’s Gold box deals, there is a feature called Prime early access. If you are an Amazon prime member, you have early access to select lightning deals using this.

Also with this feature, any Amazon prime member can purchase some Lightning Deal products thirty minutes prior to public access of sale.

In addition to Amazon’s Gold box promotions, Amazon offers us some coupons for an instant discount on the products we are shopping.

We also know Amazon coupons are available for a wide variety of products, including beauty products and automotive products and industrial.

Can I purchase in different?

I had already introduced you to Amazon Gold box’s some subsection of deals above, like Deal of the day or Lightning deals.

Probably, now you face a doubt that

‘Can I purchase items featured in different Today’s deals section on the same day?’.

Luckily, I can say yes to you, because Amazon allows you for such a purchase. For example, you can purchase a Lightning deal and Deal of the day.

Other sub sections of Gold Box Deals

Above, we had discussed about some Amazon Gold Box’s sub sections of deals. Now, let’s check other sub sections of deals that you can find daily on Amazon.

  • Amazon Warehouse Deals

         This deal specialise in offering deep discount on returned, warehouse-        damaged, used or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not reach to Amazon’s standards as “new”.

  • Woot Deals

Woot is original daily deals site, owned by Amazon. Today, Woot features multiple daily deals across seven different categories.

  • Alexa Deals

Do you know the Amazon Alexa deal is one of Prime member offers?

Yes, Amazon seller services private limited features this deal as short term promotional offer.

These deal sections- I think-each a great way to save on their products. In the next topic I am going to show you the best tricks and tips to finding biggest and best deals in Amazon’s Gold Box.

How to find the best Amazon Gold Box deals?

From above topic, I think that you had understood what Amazon Gold Box deals mean and we also discussed about different deal sections of Gold Box.

Now, let’s start another journey through a new topic; how we can find the best Amazon Gold Box deals and from where.

This topic is very important. Let me explain how we can find.

 If you want to find the Amazon Gold Box deals, you might go to Amazon.com and look towards to top bar for the link named as ‘Today’s deals’.

Once you reached there, there are number of ways to get the best deals:

Sort by discount

If we check the top right corner of Amazon Gold box section, we can see there a dropdown filter that can help us to find our great deals. If you select to sort by Discount-High to Low, you can see the biggest discounted items first in order to the lowest discounted items.

I think this will help you to find the deals that are 90-99% off. When you use the dropdown filter in conjunction with other filters also, you can find really big discounts.

Use The Filters

There are currently six different filters on the sidebar.

We have to introduce them and know how to use these filters to filter out products and find really the best deals on Amazon.


The first filter which we discuss here is Department filter. This allows you to filter Gold Box deals by certain departments.

There are many departments like Arts & Crafts, Baby, Books and etc. If you are only planning to look for deals in Book section, then you can select that department and it will show you only the deals of that department.

You might choose many departments as you can to filter only the products you want to purchase.

The Deal Type

The next filter is about what we described before. The deal types mean the different deal sections we discussed above like lightning deal, deal of the day and savings & sales.

Here you can select only one deal type at a time to see the products in that deal type. You may remember different discount offers in different deal types. That’s why I am skipping about it.


The Availability filter will help you by showing a product is either Active, Upcoming or Missed deals. The active deals show you all currently active and available Amazon Gold Box deals.

Then the Upcoming deals will show any early access deals or any upcoming deals that is not currently active.

The missed deals filter shows us all the expired and claimed deals.

The best way to get good lightning deals is choosing the Upcoming filter and gets the early access to the deal before it goes live.


For fitting your budget, the price filter shows you products with certain price ranges from under $25 to $200 and above. If you use this filter in conjunction with other filters, it will help you to find some great Amazon deals in the $100 and up range.


The next filter we are going to introduce is Discount filter, which can show you all Amazon Gold Box deals that have discount off you choose. If you want to see only the deals that have 70% off or above, then you can choose

70 %off or more and it will show the deals only at that discount.

I suggest you the best way to find biggest deals choose 70% and then sort by discounts to show all the biggest discounted items.

Avg. Customer Review

Avg. customer review filter helps us to show the products on chosen rating. If you want to see only top rated products, then choose 4 star rating and filter. Now you will be shown only reviewed products.

I think this is the great way to find big discounts on name brand and popular items.

Prime Early Access Deals

We had discussed about this feature in a topic above. If you are an Amazon Prime member you have access to see prime early access deals, which allows for every prime member to get lightning deals 30 minutes before it goes public. This way you can get biggest lightning deals before everyone else claims them and it runs out.

View Upcoming Deals

Just like the last filter we introduced, we also view other deals I mean non lightning deals, that are about to be featured in Gold box deals area. If you want to see these deals, just clear all availability and missed filters and then choose ‘upcoming’ filter.

What are the benefits of Amazon Gold Box Deals?

From the past some topics, we got an idea about what is an Amazon Gold Box deal and how it works and how we can find best Gold box deals.

Now, let’s start another new topic describing about the benefits that Amazon Gold Box brings to its users.

Let me explain them shortly through a listed form.

  • Amazon Gold Box deals help its users to save up to 99% off on name brand products or popular items.
  • Every day, you can find best deals of Amazon on Gold Box section from all categories without searching widely, because Amazon adds daily their best and biggest deals into Gold Box section.
  • Amazon Gold Box filters thousands of highly discounted items through various sub sections, where we can save 1% to 99% off.
  • Amazon Gold Box deals have various sub sections of deals; they will help us to show the wanted products with chosen discounts, like Warehouse deals (we can find used or returned deals here) or Woot deals (it is showing seven types of daily needs) and other deals.
  • I think Lightning deals of Amazon Gold box is more important, which helps the users to find the deals of time limited promotions with restricted number of discounts in a fixed time.

What are Amazon Gold Box Alternatives?

Although we can find many Amazon alternatives for cheap shopping, like E bay, Overstock, Jet.com and Rakuten, We cannot find really 100% alternatives to Amazon Gold Box deals in these online shopping services.

There are numerous distinct advantages to shopping on Amazon versus others like voice reorganisation service.

Using Alexa deal (it also includes voice searching searching) you can search products with even a voice.

We can skip many steps through this process, you only log in and search for an item. If you have any an Echo smart speaker (or Amazon Fire Smart Tv) you can place order with simple voice command “Alexa, please order shamboo”

Another advantage I think is about payment system in Amazon, in which you can use multiple payment options.

We also cannot find same discount and lightning deals offers of Amazon Gold Box deals on other platforms. This why, I had told you there is no any 100% alternatives to Amazon Gold Box deals.

Finally, the information provided in this post is true to the best of my knowledge. Always try to find the best Amazon Gold Box deal before purchasing any type of products from Amazon and I think this article will be useful for your upcoming purchases.

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