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Should you have an Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a special membership program offered by Amazon. Prime members can benefit from discounted (usually free) shipping and access to download or transfer services for music, video, books, audio-books, and games.

How much it cost?

Amazon Prime subscription costs $12.99 paid monthly, however you get a discounted $119 price if you opt for a yearly subscription. In either case, you can enjoy a 30-day trial to fully experience the membership program.

During the 30-day trial period, members have the chance to test many features of Prime membership, including free two-day shipping, and early access to Amazon Lightning Deals.

However, not all the benefits of paid Amazon Prime membership apply to the free trial. There are other services that are paid not offered within the free trial. Prime membership grant access to all service, advantage, feature and add-on options.

So what exactly does Amazon Prime have in it?

Faster & Better Delivery Options

Amazon prime free delivery

Free Two-Day Shipping

Members automatically receive two days of free shipping for most products and orders. In cases where the item is not available for two-day shipping, it is still shipped free of charge but may take a day or two longer to receive.

Free Same Day Delivery

If your postal code in an eligible region, members who are typically close to an Amazon warehouse or welcome center can choose to have their orders delivered on the same day.

Release Date / Delivery Date

Members who pre-order a suitable product before the release date receive guaranteed delivery of the product on the actual release date. This can be a big privilege to have the long time expected products before everyone else.

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Prime Now

Members living in selected cities and postal codes where the Prime Now service is available can benefit from free delivery in two hours or less (or a specially selected delivery time if preferred).

Members can use this option for thousands of products, such as pet care needs, electronic products, food, gifts, and even deliveries from local shops and restaurants.

Using Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub

Amazon Hub is a safe place to store your items when you don’t want your packs left unattended in your home or office after delivery.

Better Shopping Experience

Prime shopping and entertainment

Amazon Prime membership’s second-best advantage is the exclusive shopping benefits for Prime members.

Prime Early Access

Members can access Amazon Lightning Deals 30 minutes before anyone else. This can be again a sufficient time to buy long-expected products before other people.

Amazon Elements

Amazon elements

Members have exclusive access to Amazon’s daily essential products, which are developed with a focus on top-quality ingredients and full disclosure of the materials used.

The first products include supplements to be developed, vitamin and mineral supplements and baby wipes. (Learn more about Amazon Elements)

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Amazon Dash Button

Members can purchase different Dash buttons for the items they use the most.

Amazon dash buttons

Dash buttons are a quick and easy way for Prime Members to order by pressing a button. Line buttons can be used for house cleaners, pet products, snacks, drinks, and health & beauty products.

Listen to Music & Audio Channels

Amazon Prime members have free access to a range of music and audiobook services.

Prime Music

Prime Music, Amazon’s music streaming service, offers its members ad-free and unlimited access to over a million songs, hundreds of Prime playlists and playlists you’ve created yourself.

Prime music

The service includes unlimited skips and members can download songs to the Amazon Music app to listen for free, however, the app doesn’t allow music to be given elsewhere. 

Note: Amazon has an additional music service called Music Unlimited, a paid service, but Prime members receive a monthly discount on its cost.

Audio Channels for Prime

Members have unlimited free access to audio channels with original audio sequences. Playlists organized by subject matter of interest, and other audio content.

Members also have free access to listen to the best-selling titles, favorite classics and family-oriented audiobooks with Prime Exclusive Audiobooks. Prime members sign up for the Audible app with the Amazon Prime account to take advantage of these benefits.

Read a lot of books

Amazon, as the creator of Kindle’s e-reader, offers special advantages for those who enjoy reading.

Prime Reading

Prime members have exclusive access to Prime Reading Catalog. They can digitally borrow books, magazines and more to read on their Kindle devices, or mobile devices by using the Kindle app for iOS and Android.

Amazon’s First Readers:

Members are given pre-release access to download a new free (or very discounted) book every month from the six-month election to the Amazon First Read list.

Note: The Amazon First Readings program used to be called Kindle First.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library:

Amazon Prime members can borrow a free book that can be read on Kindle devices, Fire tablets or Fire phones.

Members can “hold” as long as they want, but the service only allows you to borrow a book so that you have to return the existing book before you can choose a new one to borrow.

Note: This benefit is not available through the iPhone and Android Kindle apps. The Kindle Owner Loan Library is only available to Amazon Prime members who own a Kindle or Fire device and link their devices to their Amazon Prime account.

Watch TV Shows & Movies

Amazon Prime watch TV & movies

Amazon Prime members receive unlimited streams from a wide range of TV shows and movies. Members can also purchase discounted subscriptions to premium channels and content.

Prime Video

Members benefit from unlimited streaming services for TV shows and movies. To find titles to watch, members search the Amazon Prime logo or “Watch now with Amazon Prime” in the video details.

The available titles change periodically. However, members can create a watch list and the service alert them when a title in their watch list is about to expire. Prime Video also includes the Amazon Original Series.

Video Add On Subscriptions

Prime members can choose to purchase discounted subscriptions or movie rentals to add to new viewing options and premium viewing channels such as Starz and Showtime.

Store your photos

Prime members get unlimited digital storage for all their photos on Amazon Drive. Prime Photos also allows members to edit, search, and share photos.

Play Games

Members can link their Twitch.tv account with Amazon Prime accounts for physical games and special discounts on pre-orders of new releases.

Members also get ad-free viewing and a new free Twitch channel subscription every month. Twitch Prime also provides access to exclusive free games and game content.

Eat from anywhere you want

Everybody’s got to eat, right? 

Members can use Amazon Prime services for cheaper or easier meals with delivery services. Include new Whole Foods discounts for Prime Members and eat healthier.

Prime Pantry

Members living in eligible areas can shop for household needs and food every day and make the Pantry order for an additional fee.

Amazon Restaurants

Prime members can order from popular restaurants and get their meals delivered to their doorstep if their postal code is listed in an eligible region. 

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a market delivery/pick-up add-on service option for Amazon Prime members. In select regions, members can pay additional membership fees for free delivery on AmazonFresh orders for more than $50, or a fixed delivery fee for orders under $50.

All Food Market Discounts

Amazon Prime customers earn exclusive discounts on products purchased from Amazon Foodry, AmazonFresh, Prime Now, and Whole Foods Market.

In the near future, Prime Members will receive special discounts while shopping at Whole Foods Market locations. The Whole Foods Market is an Amazon subsidiary.

Earn Awards & Share them with others

Amazon Prime members are eligible for cashback and discount plans for certain product categories. Members can also share certain advantages with other household members.

prime savings

Prime Rewards:

Prime members get 5% back on transactions made with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa or Amazon Prime Store cards. Prime members may instead choose to link their control account to a gift card via Amazon Prime Reload with a 2% cashback.

Amazon Family

Members can get discounts on diapers, baby food, baby registry, and other baby needs by signing up for the Amazon Family’s Subscription and Registration program.

Amazon Household:

Members can share certain benefits with Amazon Household. Amazon Household allows 2 adult accounts, 4 teen profiles, and up to 4 child profiles. The Family Library allows members to share Kindle books, games, apps and audiobooks with Amazon Digits.

Prime Day

Prime Day is a one-day mega sales event for Amazon Prime Members only. Prime Day offers special deals, exclusive products, exclusive Lightning Deals for Prime members only.

The flagship feature and often mentioned advantage of Amazon Prime membership are shipping savings.

If you don’t want to go to the store, Amazon Prime Now lets you skip the trip to the store. Using the service your groceries are delivered to your home without any delivery fees. They bring orders usually within two hours of an order.

Prime now offers thousands of items in different categories. You can find electronics, household items, groceries, seasonal items and many more. You can also benefit from local stores and restaurant delivery in select cities.  Prime Now delivers its orders the same day usually within 2 hours of order.

This membership program offers free shipping and fast deliveries for almost all items on the Amazon website.  

What if you want to cancel Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime Members can cancel their membership anytime they want. However, if they have paid a discounted annual fee and used any of their Prime membership, including free two-day shipping, they will not be eligible for a refund.

If you are fenced about how much to use the various benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership, it might make sense to consider the monthly membership option rather than the annual membership.

To cancel your Amazon Prime Membership, log in to the Amazon website and go to your Account> Manage Prime Membership.

Once the Prime membership management page loads, click the Last Membership link. The site will take you through several pages to verify that you really want to cancel before your cancellation takes place.

If you cancel your membership during your 30-day Amazon Prime trial, you will click the Discontinue link on the Prime membership management page to cancel it.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

For frequent Amazon consumers, a Prime membership can only pay for itself by saving shipping costs. Those who do not order from Amazon often will probably continue to appreciate their value, considering:

How often do you shop at Whole Foods Market?

Savings on everyday shopping at your local Whole Foods store, with in-store discounts only for Amazon Prime members on the horizon, can soon compensate for the cost of membership.

How often do you access or rent movies or TV shows through Amazon?

Many movies and shows, including Amazon Originals, can be broadcast for free with your Prime membership. Two or three movies each month can easily offset the cost of a Prime membership.

How often do you buy books or magazines to read on Kindle or Fire device or on your smartphone’s Kindle app?

Amazon Prime members have free access to a wide range of books, magazines, audiobooks, comics catalogs, and more. For avid readers, a Prime membership might be cheaper than monthly Kindle content purchases.

Finally, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime so you can take a test drive. If you think it is not for you, you can cancel it before your trial period ends.

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