Is American Hartford Gold Group the right choice?

By Altay Gursel | July 7, 2020

American Hartford Gold Group Review

American Hartford Gold Group

Let me just start by saying Bill O’Reilly strongly says they are the only company he recommends for your gold and silver needs. Mind that outburst, it’s just the first that pops-up when you go to American Hartford Gold Group. Don’t believe me? Click the link and see 😊

The Origins of AHGG

The American Hartford Gold Group (AHGG) is a family-owned company who call Los Angeles, CA home. They specialize in helping individuals and families diversify and protect their wealth by means of using various forms of precious metals. They deal with coins and bars of:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Innovative Gold IRA.

Aside from that, there isn’t much out there about them yet. And if there is, it’ll take a bit better digging for information than I did. I can tell you that they are a somewhat new group, and they are very customer driven.

They Offer Easy Set-Up to Opening Your Own IRA

Personally, I don’t invest into IRA, but that’s just me. I’m not against it, I’m actually intrigued by it, I just haven’t had the capital to move like that. Especially in the shape of the world today.

But that doesn’t mean that millions of people all over the world aren’t interested in it, and AHGG recognizes that.

Here’s how simple it is to open your own American Hartford Gold Group IRA by implementing just 3 Easy Steps!

Step one: Complete the simple Gold IRA Account Form.

Step two: Decide on how much you want to invest.

Step three: Then open your account.

I said it was easy, right?

Obviously, this is a big deal to some people, and if you are one of them, this is a great way to work on your IRA. I’d have to say if that’s your cup of tea, AHGG should be on your radar to check out.

How is Their Reputation?

Reputation is everything nowadays, as it should be. Out of the 4 precious metals companies that I have had the experience of using and writing about, AHGG holds the most online reviews.



And what do they say pray to tell?

  • The BBB has them rated with an outstanding score of A+. You can read some of the reviews on the BBB site as well by clicking the link here.
  • Trustpilot scores them an again impressive, 4.7 based off of over 570 reviews. You can skim over that content by clicking the link here if you’re interested.

To put that into perspective, about 87% off the customers who left reviews, left 5-star ratings. That’s got to be worth something right?

Ok, I’m Sold- What Are They Selling?

Coins, coins, and more coins. They do offer some bullion and maybe a bar or two, but their primary stock is coins.

Pricing changes regularly, so you need to call in for prices, but they always seem to hover right around fair.

One thing that I would like to point out, while navigating their store, if an item is IRA eligible it has a specific icon on it in the search results. Making it extremely easy to browse without having to sort or filter your results.

If you’re interested in a ‘Free Investors Kit’ they offer one on their site. It’s designed to give you free tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to dealing with precious metals, specifically the products the AHGG deals with.

How Does the Shipping Work?

AHGG claims to have unparalleled shipping and handling quality. Their precious metals are acquired, stored and even shipped out in such a manner that insures the full-protection of their beauty, integrity as well as their value.

They Keep You Informed

Through their website, publications and Product Specialists, they provide customers with a wealth of precious metals market information coupled with as a historical perspective that empowers investors who are new to the world of precious metals as well as experienced investors as well.

AHGGs’: Privacy Assurance Guarantee

They hold the highest regard for the privacy and security of all of their clients. They do well to ship all of their precious metals in non-descript packaging so there is no indication of what the contents is comprised of. They don’t disclose any of their customers purchases or sales to any entity outside of their own company.

I would like to note however, that clients are responsible for their own reporting to tax authorities.


Whenever you are contemplating dropping a lot of cash on any type of purchase, whether it be buying a house, a car, buying stocks, or in this case, purchasing (or even selling) precious metals, it’s always wise to review your options. I’m going to help you run over a few real quick.


  • The IRA features here are really nice. If that’s your thing, I would have to recommend checking AHGG out.
  • Very highly-reviewed customer service.
  • Exceptional reputation in their field.
  • Backed by Bill O’Reilly, if you are a supporter of his, this may be valued information to you.
  • Their website links to live charts to show the market prices, which is a nice little addition that is handy for customers to make sure they are buying low and selling high.

Of course, there are 2 sides to every coin. (See what I did there? Coin?) Ok, I’m not going to quit my day job or anything, but let’s visit some of the CONS with AHGG.


  • They are cursed with an extremely limited selection. It’s 90% coins and nothing but coins.
  • There have been a few cases of customers not receiving what they ordered. Claiming that substitute coins of equal value were sent in its place, unbeknownst to the customer.
  • No special offerings, programs, or products in terms of displays, stands, etc.
  • Lacking company information may be discouraging to some people about to sink a fortune into them.

Would I Recommend Them?

I have no reason not to. They have an outstanding reputation and they are known to have extremely pleasant customer service. That would be my short answer. Yes, I would recommend them.

However, you could easily find a lot more options and variety by shopping around.

If you are strongly into your IRA gold, definitely consider these guys, as they have a nice selection. Aside from that, I would check elsewhere.

If you follow precious metals and the market that they are sold on, you should at least consider checking out the AHGGs’ Market News, even if you choose to not do business with them, they do offer some interesting reads.

Things to Know

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article/review, the products that the AHGG offers are gold, silver and platinum coins and bars as well as that Gold IRA we talked about.

If you elect to sign-up for your own Gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) AHGG recommends that you store the precious metals in an IRS-approved depository, such as Brinks or another similar unit. The American Hartford Gold Group offers these depositories where they are 100 percent guaranteed to be safe.

Hidden Fees?

When it comes down to the Gold IRA the fees for the depository can vary for each and every customer and in some cases, the storage might end up being completely free of charge.

Note: If you were to decide to rollover your account the company it won’t charge you with a startup fee or any transfer fees. The shipping is also free as well as insured, and sent on its way with a tracking number so you can follow it via tracking to the depository.

Looking for Employment?

Just thought I would point out that of all the precious metal dealers that I reviewed this past week, AHGG was the only one to have information in regards to getting into a career via working with them.

Does this have anything to do with their service? Not really, but it does show their commitment to their community, and the fact that they are new and growing.

Here is why you should work with Regal Assets:

FREE first year, FREE set up, 7-day delivery, Flat rate annual fee, Brinks segregated storage, A+ BBB, #20 Inc. 500, 5-star Trustlink.

The company is offering a free Gold investment guide for a limited time, a free edition of Forbes magazines, and a free DVD providing facts about the future of the dollar and US economy.

My Closing Thoughts on AHGG

I can only hope that this article was able to shed some light on any question that you may have had about the American Hartford Gold Group. All in all, they are a solid little company that offers real physical products.

They seem to be very driven by satisfying their customers. I mean who are we kidding, this should be the number one thing to do on every business’s checklist. I have to say, in my research, the AHGG nails it.

I did find it a little strange that there was a huge lack of information out there about the company. I also didn’t like that their selection was so small.

Anyway, they are a safe bet, but there are better ones.

Always do your homework before investing any of your hard-earned money on anything. You’ll thank yourself later.