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All You Need To Know: Augusta Precious Metals

augusta precious metals

There comes a time in life when you would definitely stop spending on those flashy, trendy, and unnecessary things out there. It’s now time to invest and plan for a brighter future for you and your family or business. At this time, you need to be careful where you invest or spend on; now, every cent matters, and you wouldn’t just want to waste it without having a tangible result or being assured of a promising return.

One of the best ways to invest in this stage of life is engaging with a prolific company. Augusta Precious Metals is quite a diversified company that is dedicated to helping Americans achieve better savings and investments.

A higher percentage of Augusta Precious Metals clientele are retirement savers, but the company is open to all who are interested in making better savings and investment. For retirees, if you are running an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows purchasing of an alternative asset, this company (Augusta Precious Metals) offers gold and silver bullions that meet the standards of quality and sheerness eligible for adding to a self-directed IRA.

In this article, you will read a clear-cut, detailed, and unbiased review of Augusta Precious Metals; this includes the company’s profile and all products offered by Augusta Precious Metals. Is it better of Regal Assets, and other companies out there in the United States? Let’s see.

Company Overview

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in 2012. The headquarters is located in Beverly Hills, California, United States. It is a company that provides a platform for people to invest in precious metals. What the company does is quite simple to understand; they sell precious metals products made from original silver and gold to individuals who wish to protect their savings and investment.

Augusta Precious Metals sells silver and gold products in the form of bars and coins. The company provides other forms of precious metals to help stabilize people’s portfolios. Also, Augusta Precious Metals offers a wide range of services on its official website. Over a decade-plus, this company has engaged several intelligent and professional employees in providing the finest support and services to its clientele.

Contact Details

Augusta Precious Metals is headquartered in California; below are the company’s official addresses.

H.Q. Office: 8484 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 515, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Branch Office: 6101 West Centinela Ave., Suite 345, Culver City, CA 90230.


Phone: (800) 700-1008

Augusta Precious Metals Products

There are quite a lot of products offered by Augusta Precious Metals; this includes common gold bullion, common silver bullion, premium gold, premium silver, and IRA eligible coins. All these products are accessible from the company’s official website, and they are all made from original silver or gold.

Some clarifications about Augusta Precious Metals products

  • Silver IRAs or Gold IRAs are IRA- eligible precious metals that are tangible; they can be touched and stored where you can see them at any time you wish. However, you are expected to strictly safeguard these precious metals in a highly-secured, private gallery, or treasure house. Interestingly, Augusta Precious Metals will aid you through every step to purchasing and receiving these precious metals.
  • Augusta Precious Metals delivers your gold or silver IRA-eligible precious metals to a non-governmental gallery or storage facility of your choice. However, in order to get to see the precious metals and hold/touch them physically, you’d have to book an appointment for that.
  • There are several non-governmental depositories in the U.S. You can pick any one of your choices to store your precious metals. Augusta Precious Metals will deliver the metals directly to the chosen treasury. If you’re still bothered about getting a depository that’s in close proximity, here are places to find storage facilities in the United States:  Springfield Gardens, New York, Los Angeles, California; Salt Lake City, Ohio; Wilmington, Delaware; New Castle, and Utah; Jackson.
  • Augusta’s precious metals (silver and gold bullions) are arguably the purest in America. “bullion” is used to represent solid gold bars or ingots. Thus, when you see Augusta’s Gold Bullion, it is the same as Augusta’s Gold Bar. These bullions can be used for trading in the U.S. stock market. 
  • Augusta Precious Metals offer only original silver or gold bullions for people looking to add to their retirement portfolios. This is because before a precious metal bar or ingot would be seen as eligible for tax-advantaged portfolios, it must be very pure and meet with certain standards. Several assay methods may be used to prove the purity of Augusta Precious Metals’ gold or silver bullions.
  • Augusta Precious Metals offers a variety of gold and silver premium coins, which can be directly purchased from the company’s website.
  • You’re required to reach out to the Augusta Precious Metals support team to facilitate any order you wish to make on/from the company’s website.
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Benefits of owning Augusta Precious Metals products

One of the most benefits of owning Gold Bullions (Gold Bars) is because they help to stabilize portfolios. Gold bars are a typical kind of asset with quite so many benefits because of their diversification; they can be the best way to stay safe when the economy goes south.

As similar to how gold is important, silver bullions have proved their relevance and importance in so many ways. Silver bullion can improve your portfolio because of its value and status as one of the world’s great currencies.

However, silver is seen as a direct alternative to gold. In previous years, we have seen where silver supersedes gold in value; for example, during the period of double-digit unemployment and inflation, which spanned from 1970 to 1980. Gold soared 1,500% while silver braced at a whopping 2,100%.

With the concise information provided above, Augusta Precious Metals products will definitely add value to your portfolio, as well as offer good ROI since gold and silver can thrive in trying times. Also, Augusta Precious Metals pricings are comfortable, and the support team obviously consists of professionals in the field.

Interestingly, Augusta Precious Metals has gained so many positive reviews online.

The company has received an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a surprising 5.0-star review on TrustLink (based on over 200 user ratings). Also, on Facebook and other platforms, Augusta Precious Metals has fine ratings and is recommended by many.

But what about us? How do we rate this company?

Augusta Precious Metals works with professional employees; you can attest to this when you try to engage with a staff member regarding a particular problem. The company says it operates with utmost transparency and simplicity to ensure its clientele are well attended to and satisfied.

For you to facilitate a transaction with Augusta Precious Metals, you must connect with the team and have an expert personal gold/silver specialist assigned to help you create your custom portfolio or put you through a lot of other things you need to know. The simplified process of purchasing and owning Augusta Precious Metals products is commendable.

This company – Augusta Precious Metals has an intuitive, comprehensive website where you can easily access all of its services, as well as read up more about the products they offer. It is really a great platform for retirees and individuals who wish to make safe, assured investments. More so, Augusta Precious Metals offers several kinds of Gold coins and bullions, as well as silver coins and bullions.

Regarding IRA-eligible products, Augusta Precious Metals helps quite handily in assisting its clientele in understanding how the system operates. You need to look out and decide on a depository where you want your Augusta’s precious metal to be delivered to.

Augusta Precious Metals operates very well in the United States. The company is fully registered and licensed to operate. Furthermore, Augusta Precious Metals gold bars are seen by many people and organizations as the purest; this can be somewhat stereotyping, but to some extent, anyone who has handled gold and silver investments would attest to this.

Augusta Precious Metals is quite committed to what they do, and anyone can easily recommend this company, thanks to its transparent services.

What are Augusta Metals Alternatives?

Obviously, there are other good companies out there that offer almost the same services as Augusta Precious Metals and even more. Several investment companies are up and running in different regions and locations globally. However, you need to be extremely careful when making investments in this digital age. Regal Assets is the best and direct alternative investment company to Augusta Precious Metals.

Regal Assets provides a platform for individuals to invest in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and other resources. This company is also fully registered and licensed to operate in the United States. Quite sad to say, but Regal Assets seems a more comprehensive and vast platform than Augusta Precious Metals.

On Regal Assets, you can invest in Bitcoins legally, as well as other digital currencies and precious coins. All information to invest with Regal Assets is provided on the company’s official website. Plus, you can always reach out to the support team, which consists of trained personnel who are ready to put you through any confusion or facilitate your order(s).

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