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Should You Invest With AuSecure?


It is a good thing that you have finally decided to start an investment portfolio. But have you considered ways to limit both the systematic and unsystematic risks that come with investments? Imagine having an investment portfolio of only airline stocks.

What happens in the event of a pandemic that causes the share prices of airline stocks to drop? Your investment will also have to experience a noticeable drop in value. This is why you need a proper diversification to protect you against investment risks.

Have you found a company that offers you fitting diversification already? Well, the right one for you might be here. AuSecure offers you a liquid point of diversification through investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Want to know more about AuSecure? Then read on. Here is all that you need to know about the company.

Have you seen the gold vending machine while walking downtown Chicago, or on commercials? Yes, AuSecure was the technology company that put it up. The vending machine allows you to safely and securely purchase bars and coins without sweating much.

AuSecure is a technology company in the precious metals industry. They give themselves to assisting their clients in diversifying their investment portfolio by buying, storing, and selling precious metals.

You can purchase precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and even Rhodium on their store. These products are of various sources of both local and foreign origin, including Swiss gold bars, rare American mint coins, and Mexican palladium.

You can decide to have your purchased assets delivered directly to you or stored in a secure facility. You can even pick up your product yourself if you live close.

Established in 2010, Au Secure was founded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by Hadi Saeid (also the CEO at AuSecure) and some other traders. The main foundations of AuSecure were risk management and commodities pricing. And it was also with a mission to provide the world with a unique investing experience through technology and user interface. 

Au Secure has proven itself so far as a leading authority in gold and precious metal technologies. Until now, we have seen their injections of the AuTM, and the world’s first Theta-cart shopping platform for comfortable shopping of precious metals.

In 2016, AuSecure integrated with Uphold’s open API Uphold Connect. Uphold is a cloud-based financial service platform.

This integration created a bridge between cloud money and the world of gold bullion. And now, they have made precious metals instantly transferable, infinitely divisible, and available to anyone.


You can find Au Secure at 910 W Van Buren Street in Chicago, Illinois. Their website also has all the information you need to get in touch with any of their team members.


AuSecure has received a BBB rating of A+ that shows BBB’s high level of market trust in AuSecure. Considering this rating is important, but be careful not to take it as a prediction of AuSecure’s reliability or performance.

To do that, you should go through every other information you can get – as will be provided in this review. But first, let’s go through the services currently being offered at AuSecure.

Offered Services

Earlier, I tried explaining how crucial it is to diversify your assets when investing. Diversifying your assets offers you a strong fortress that can withstand volatile markets and turbulent times.

However, your fortress becomes stronger by allocating part of your funds to precious metals. And this kind of security is what you need, especially when it comes to your retirement account.

Are you wondering how precious metals increase your odds against risks?

Well, a comparison between gold and other primary asset classes such as stocks and bonds, was carried out. And gold’s uniqueness was discovered to come from its independence from the performances of other individuals or institutions before it can increase in value.

This quality of gold makes it more ideal as an asset when planning for your retirement.

What you need now is a dealer that can get you quality precious metals. And someone to help with setting up a retirement account that can invest in precious metals. Well, what you probably need right now is a call to AuSecure.

Before that, you might want to keep reading and learn more about all that their services entail.

Retirement Planning

Having an IRA is a good move towards planning for the future, but this has a problem of no control over where your money goes. In other words, a traditional IRA won’t allow you to balance your portfolio properly with diversification. 

AuSecure offers you the alternative of creating a self-directed IRA. This IRA allows you to choose your assets, including precious metals. They have a dedicated team to help you transfer your existing IRA, or rollover your 401k to a qualified precious metals IRA.

Precious Metal Sales

The next thing after creating a precious metal IRA is adding precious metals to it. AuSecure has a variety of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and pallidum, that meet the minimum purity requirements for inclusion into IRA.

So you can reach out to them today at their office, or go to their website to purchase your metal.

E-Commerce Service

Your purchase of precious metals just got even better with the online service on AuSecure’s website. You can easily browse through their well-structured online store for any metal of your choice.

The precious metals are already with prices in the store. You only need to make your payment and have your asset shipped to you or kept for you. They offer a full spectrum of products, including both bullion and numismatic products.


Au Secure makes your precious metals get shipped to your chosen location. All your orders from them are also fully insured and shipped by United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx. 

The estimated shipping time is 3-5 days after the transaction and the verification of funds. Also, here is some good news! AuSecure currently offers free shipping on all domestically shipped orders over $250.00. But all orders under $250.00 incur a shipping cost of $19.95.

In the case of purchasing precious metals for your IRA, you are not allowed to take possession of IRA-related precious metals. Hence, the delivery goes to your chosen IRA trust company for custodial storage. 

AuSecure also engages in buying precious metals. However, when shipping to Au Secure, you will have to purchase insurance as Au Secure does not ensure the loss of inbound packages.

Why work with AuSecure?

I have shared with you what AuSecure is all about and its services. But you still need more information to help you decide if they are your best bet at enjoying the best investment services you can get. Below are some of the reasons you might want to work with Au Secure.

Trained Specialists

AuSecure has a trained team of specialists to guide you through every step of setting up a precious metals IRA. 

Jim O’Gara, a senior investment professional, currently leads Au Secure’s brokerage team. He has over 22 years of experience in the commodity and alternative investment markets. He was also a long-time member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Before joining Au Secure, Jim worked as a senior sales consultant with other Chicago start-ups. 

I’m sure you can already imagine the quality that Au Secure will offer you as you work with this level of an experienced leader.

Partners with Reputable Trust Companies

While Au Secure helps you through the process of investing in precious metals, you also need an IRA custodian to help manage your IRA. Getting a highly reputed custodian is essential to having the best services, considering how sensitive investments are.

Au Secure has made sure to establish good relationships with highly recommended IRA trust companies to make the process of setting up your IRA easy and secure.

Technology & Innovation

Au Secure provides intelligent and responsive solutions by presenting ongoing investment opportunities in the physical metals industry through technology and innovation.

Au Secure’s technology, coupled with its investment expertise, enables them to extend the most competitive prices in the market while improving their service level.

Prompt Delivery

They make sure to deliver products to your account within a maximum of 5 days after the verification of your payment. And don’t forget, all products you order from them are 100% insured.

Why not to work with AuSecure?

AuSecure has proven itself as a technology company with excellent services. However, they seem to be lacking the one thing you, as a new client, will be interested in seeing. And that is their lack of public proof of a quality result.

However, while this doesn’t prove any improper actions, it also doesn’t confirm their legitimacy.


AuSecure sure stands out as a company with just the right merchandise, expertise, and connections to help you set up your retirement portfolio. AuSecure has taken its time to extend attractive offers to the market.

Still, there is not sufficient documentation of public opinions that show the public’s satisfaction with their service. And except you trust people easily, I know just how hard it can be to reach out to a dealer without any real support from the public.

Hence, you might want to check out other alternatives in the industry with similar services and reliable recommendations from society.

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