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What is the Backlinks Indexer?

Backlinks Indexer is a cloud-based link indexing service allows users to instantly index their links.

Many times backlinks are left alone outside the visible range of the search engines for a long time. This is a major problem for SEOs. If the links are not found they cannot help websites to boost search engine rankings.

We know that any time a site links to another some authority and link juice transferred from one to another. But this is only the case if the links show up easily for the search engines.

What are the important features of the service?

Safe & Secure Service

Backlink Indexer is a safe and reliable SEO tool trusted by many experts in the SEO industry.

How do I know?

They have a Twitter community already more than 250,000+ people. By the way, the service also includes the technique of tweeting URLs to give them initial social link juice.

Can be integrated with other market leader SEO tools

Backlinks indexer is a very robust indexing service that is compatible to work with other market leader SEO programs. Here is a shortlist of the programs that can be fully integrated to work with the service.

  • SEnuke
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Magic Submitter
  • SocialMonkee

Obviously, this is not the entire list. In my experience, the service by itself without working any other tool worth enough for the investment.

Cloud-Based infrastructure

The service is 100% cloud-based. Hence, there is nothing to download to your computer. Since there is nothing to install on your computer, chances of having a bug or user sourced problems are near to none.

You simply head over to the site and paste your URLs where you are instructed to do so, and click the submit. The remaining task is going to be executed by the service.

It is safe to say, the service is definitively a copy-paste instant link indexing solution that can be taught a 5th grader to do.

The powerful service will index and boost your links to give you better search engine ranking positions.

Not only indexing but boosting as well

Although the company primarily offers a link building service, in fact, it’s more than that.

Here is a short step by step explanation of their service:

First, they ping every link independently to ensure if they are crawled.

Then they power up URLs with juicy high authority blogs, web 2.0 properties, microblog sites, social bookmarking sites, and RSS aggregators.

all indexing services

In this way, your links become very powerful since they have both gained authority(link juice) and PageRank.

Completely automated process

The tool works fully automated. The only thing you need to do is pasting your URLs into the relevant place in your dashboard and submit.

That is it without anything further to do.

Extremely User-Friendly

Most SEO software is very complicated and hard to adapt. There is no learning curve with this service.

Everything on your dashboard looks crispy and clean that makes it uniquely superior to the majority of the SEO tools.

A True Instant Link Indexer

The backlinks indexer can index your links fast. If you leave your links not indexed, it may sometime take weeks or months for the search engines to find them.

The service becomes very handy at this point since it significantly lowers the indexing period by igniting visibility of your links to a maximum level.

Google-friendly indexing service

The indexing service doesn’t commit any activity that may not be approved by the search engines. The service has over 4+ years of trust behind it which is very hard for many SEO services to keep.

Quick WP Integration

If you wish you don’t need to visit your dashboard to send your links for indexation every time.

They have a dedicated WordPress plugin that you can quickly install in your wp dashboard.

The plugin is called “bli-submitter”. It allows you to send your URLs directly from your wp dashboard.

Is their Link Building Service Reliable?

I think the company is very confident about their product. There are not many companies can offer a solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for their products.

money back guarantee

They claim for whatever reason if you think Backlinkindexer is not the best indexing service you have tried, they are going to give you a full refund.

They stand behind their product 100%.

Hence there is nothing to lose if you plan to give a try to this great service.

How much the service cost?

If you sign up for it as a new customer you get a 5 day free trial for only $0.01. After this trial period is completed you will need to choose in between plans/packages that fit best for your needs.

link indexing prices

They offer 3 different monthly plans which you can choose.

The minimum plan is called advanced costs $27/month, and the pro plan(kind of middle ground) costs $57/month, while the enterprise plan (has the maximum potential) costs $97/month.

Standard features offered in all plans are:

  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Social Signals
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • Secret Indexing Formula
  • Ability to add unlimited URLs

How the monthly plans differ from each other?

Advanced Plan:

  • Let you send a maximum of 3,000 URLs to be processed per month.
  • 100 URLs Processed per day.

Pro Plan:

  • Let you send a maximum of 7,500 URLs to be processed per month.
  • 250 URLs Processed per day.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Let you send a maximum of 15,000 URLs to be processed per month.
  • 500 URLs Processed per day.

Veteran Owned Business

I was almost forgetting that the business is veteran-owned. It may encourage you to support the business if it holds meaning for you.

Final Thoughts

Backlinks Indexer is a brilliant link indexing solution that can handle bulk link indexing tasks. It is very easy to use and utilizes white hat SEO practices without risking your website’s SEO efforts.

The advanced plan usually more than enough unless you don’t index your Tier 2 and Tier 3 links.

Most keyword tools priced $100+/month which only allows you to make keyword research only. The price asked for this great link indexing service is well worth considering the SEO solution you are going to have.