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Brooklyn Bedding Affiliate Program Explained

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is a family-owned company in business since 1995. As they describe themselves John and Rob Merwin are the “mattress whisperers.”

The two brothers started out as liquidators but eventually began to deconstruct mattresses and visit factories very tenaciously and scientifically in order to learn how to build a better mattress themselves.

Their business grew really fast and they become one of the most reputable mattress manufacturers in the USA. Today, they ship approx 1,000 mattresses daily from their 145-square foot factory located in Phoenix, AZ.

Brooklyn Bedding manufactures American made mattresses and sells for a more affordable price than other more reputable brands that outsource their mattresses from China.

The company manufactures many of the private label mattress brands on the market. It continues to expand its wholesale business quite significantly.

In 2018, the company opened its first permanent showroom at the Las Vegas Market trade show. Not all happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas for the Brooklyn Bedding.

Many buyers prefer to buy American made mattresses since the mattresses imported from China may have non-ecological and toxic materials that are bad for human health.

You can promote Brooklyn Bedding products through ShareASale Affiliate Program. Just visit the link program website and sign up for an account. It is quite easy and literally takes a few minutes only.

Here is some information about their affiliate program. This program is categorized under the Home &Garden on the ShareASale Network since August 2016.

You can make 5% commission per sale(store-based). They have currently 11 stores. The cookie life is 30 days. The person you're bringing on can make the purchase within 30 days you refer them, and you will still be able to make a commission.

You can expect to make $120-$180 per referral. Their top affiliates make $5K+ earnings per month.

The company under the ShareASale platform indicated as ITP Compliant, and in the top 100 Power Rank list. What that means the Brookly Bedding's products will be sold provided you bring in the relevant traffic to the company site.

Brooklyn Bedding minds customer satisfaction very much offering its expertly crafted mattresses, sheets and pillows with a generous 120-day trial period, and a 10-year hassle-free warranty period on mattresses.

The best way of promoting this program is through a blog or Youtube channel if you have a relevant audience. The company prohibits bidding on branded terms for PPC or other forms of paid advertising campaigns. This includes phrase match keywords (e.g. “Brooklyn bedding coupons”)

Here are some seed keywords recommended by the program for those who want to bring organic traffic to their website.

Program Keywords: Comfort, best mattress, hybrid, pillow, memory foam, bamboo, sheets.

If you want to make bigger commissions you need to promote a different affiliate marketing program.