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Where To Invest In Gold In Dubai?

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1. Regal Assets DMCC Company

Regal Assets is an American company that also serves investors in Dubai. It has branch offices in Texas, California, and Canada. It was founded by Tyle Gallagher in 2009 without big startup capital.

However, the company quickly expanded its operations to be one of the strongest gold investment companies in the world.

Regal Assets offers an impressive array of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. Investors can use cash as well as IRAs or 401k. Investors can buy from the company using bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

The company offers gold storage, bullion purchase program, insurance, crypto investment, and educational highlights. Customers enjoy the lowest prices, and fees with absolute transparency.

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The company offers segregated storage services to its clients rather than general vaults commingle investors' assets. It partners with Brinks Global to offer storage services across the globe.

There is a 7-day shipping guarantee on direct purchase and storage in the gold saving accounts.

2. National Bullion House Company

National Bullion House is the oldest gold investment company in Dubai. The company offers free unsegregated storage services to its clients. It has a multinational appeal for individual and other corporate investors across the Middle East.

Most clients of National Bullion House are banks, individual investors, traders, jewelers. You can save, invest or trade gold in the form of bullion, bar, and coins. The company's Shariah compliance gives Muslim investors confidence working with this company.

The mainstay of the firm is gold. But the company also transacts silver, gems, platinum, and palladium. These precious metals are rewarding for both individual and corporate investors.

The most common services offered are trading platforms, bullion stores, gold storage, insurance, and gold-saving plans. The gold investment company has forms where investors can make payments. It also creates a platform for withdrawals at a minimal fee.

The company also allows investors to redeem their gold savings for tangible gold coins and bars. The investor can claim a single ounce and large denominations that suit their needs.

3. Kaloti Precious Metals Company

Kaloti Precious Metals was established in 1988. The gold investment company has grown into an international world leader in the industry. The company is the largest precious metal outfit in Dubai.

It started as a single shop in a gold souk before emerging as the world's largest gold refineries and trading operations.

It would be best to note that the company operates through Dubai Multi Commodities Center. It specializes in scrap and mined gold funding apart from precious metal recovery. The rapid growth and expansion have seen the company opening several branches in major cities.

Some of the most popular branch cities are Miami, Turkey, Hong Kong, Lima, Istanbul, and La Paz.

Kaloti has a special network that enhances global shipping logistics. It offers an excellent precious metal transport experience for clients.

Kaloti Precious Metals focus their services to wholesaler, institutions and commercial customers rather than individual investors. It would be best to note that the company does not offer popular national bullion.

The most popular products offered by the company are minted bars, cast bars, and gold ingots. The customers are guaranteed tamper-proof packages after the purchase.

The only shortcoming is that the company focuses on large commercial customers. It also does not offer competitors bullion bars.

4. Standard Pure Gold Trading LLC

Standard Pure Gold Trading was founded in 2008. The vision of the firm was to provide a platform for trading in the bullion business. The company is situated in Dubai which is a trade hub in the Middle East.

The clients are entitled to travel in long-term business relationships in the bullion industry.

It would be best to note that the company ventures in both 999 purity bars and 995 bars. But this usually depends on the preference of the clients.

Some of the common precious metals offered by the company are gold bars and silver bars. These products are sourced from African Countries.

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The company handles its transport logistics. The shipment of the products has insurance and the client is charged some fees for the service.

It would also be best to note that the gold investment company deals with both individual investors and large commercial customers. The company was started by a professional who has the passion to venture into the bullion industry.

It is one of the reasons behind the rapid growth and expansion of the firm in the Middle East.

5. Gold Standard DMCC

Gold Standard DMCC is an established gold investment firm in the business hub of the Middle East. The company came into existence in 1993 and it has become a precious metal business leader in the industry.

The gold investment company operates on the principle of credibility, trust, and reliability. Keep in mind that the company is an independent precious metal trading firm in the Middle East.

The company operates under Dubai Multinational Commodities Center that is licensed by the authority for Jumeirah Lakes Towers. DMCC is responsible for sourcing gold and silver for investors.

The investment firm offers solutions for clients in corporate, institutional, industrial, refining and production sectors. The company is operated by a team of experienced staff in the bullion industry.

The shipment of products from the gold investment company is carried out by a recognized international contract carrier.

It also facilitates the purchase or sale of bullion bars both in small and large investment bars. The bullion bar shipped to the client is the dealer’s property until the customer completes the payment.

It would be best to note that the company ensures the safety and protection of the physical bullion in the warehouse. All the risks associated with the bullion bars are handled by the company.

6. Emirates Gold Company

Emirates Gold Company is in strategic trade routes between East and West. Dubai is the treat hub for gold in the middle east. The company endeavors to help clients venture into gold and other precious metals.

Emirates gold firm assists its customers set up self-directed IRAs and even transfer funds from existing IRA accounts.

The emirates' staff work around the clock to help investors diversify their portfolios and secure their market stock crashes. Besides that, they assist customers to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

Emirates gold has many silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins for investors. The company also offers retirement accounts to individual investors.

The firm has partnered with associates to help the client in cashing their precious metals. These associates make customers feel confident and prepared in case of an emergency.

Another incredible benefit of investing in Emirates Gold Company is that you can buy and invest in rare coins. Keep in mind that these ancient coins will not increase in price but give you a touch of history.

7. Al Etihad Gold Company

Al Etihad Gold Company is another nutshell Dubai Multi Commodities Center. The company has the main office located at Jumeira Lakes Towers.

Al Etihad has been in the industry to help investors venture into gold and other precious metals since 2009. The staff is highly experienced and they can help you diversify your business portfolio.

Both individual and corporate investors can make sound investments in silver, platinum, gold, and palladium. The company has a team of customer support that works around the clock to assist clients.

The specialists at Al Etihad can help you transfer your existing retirement account to a Self-directed IRA without incurring any taxes or penalties.

The Al Etihad team also works with clients to facilitate the transfer of funds to new custodians. Investors are allowed to pick precious metals for adding to their portfolio.

The IRS-approved provide a facility for storing these precious metals and coins. The company offers a free information kit for those investors looking to learn more about their operation.

The information kit will help you make an informed decision before choosing the precious metals to add to the portfolio. But you will have to pay account set-up fees and annual fees for account maintenance.

8. Dijllah Gold Group

Dijllah Gold Group is a group of companies leading in gold investment. The company has experienced rapid growth and expansion in the gold investment industry.

You can diversify your business portfolio in silver, gold, and other precious metals with the Dijllah Gold Group. The company ensures the clients have an easy transfer of funds experience.

Besides that, investors can open a Self-Directed IRA for investing money in the form of gold and silver. You are guaranteed plenty of support during account opening and transfer of funds.

Investors who may need support for purchasing gold, silver, and other pieces of precious items for their accounts are also covered.

The specialists from Dijllah Gold Group help clients select the storage location of funds after the account set-up and purchase of precious metals.

The investors can request a visit to the location of silver and gold for viewing. The company gives its clients the freedom to access their investment at any time.

It would be best to consult the customer support team before investing in the company. The team will offer ultimate guidance and tips on how to become a successful investor in the bullion industry.

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9. Ashoka Global

Ashoka Global is a full-service gold investment company in Dubai. The company works around the clock to promote the business of the clients and help them increase revenue potential.

The gold venture has the reputation of offering the highest-level services, support, and expertise since its inception. The fairness and transparency have enabled the company to have the largest client base.

The experts help clients invest in gold via a Self-Directed IRA account. The platform offer option to invest in gold over the traditional stock. Ashoka Global helps its clients set up Self-Directed IRA accounts that are compliant with the guidelines.

It allows the investors to pick gold pieces to add to their portfolios.

Investors need to venture in at least 99.9% pure gold. It would be best to check out the company’s website to know some of the reasons behind the venture.

Ashoka Global also offers IRA-approved coins that also provide good returns in the long run. These coins tend to meet all the requirements of the IRS.

Investors are also allowed to venture into platinum, silver, and palladium. These precious metals enable the investor to get other sources of revenue. The company guarantees maximum protection of the customer’s funds.

Each investor after the subscription is given an expert to offer guidance throughout the journey of gold investment.

10. Pamp Gold Dubai

Pamp Gold Dubai is yet another popular company for offering quality gold products. Some of the common precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Keep in mind that Pamp Gold Dubai is a well-established company helping investors to incur revenue through gold investments.

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The specialists usually work with the investors to create an investment portfolio that suits their needs. It is one of the reasons why investors tend to feel comfortable and secured.

Investors are allowed to choose precious metals and coins to add to their accounts. These options enable investors to gain more revenues in the long run.

The company offers a free information kit for investors looking to learn more about the company. The information enables investors to make informed decisions before investing their money.

Besides that, the platform provides tools that help to process transactions and make more informed decisions in the industry. Keep in mind that accounts with mixed precious metals and other assets might incur storage fees.

It is one thing that makes Pamp Gold Dubai look a little expensive.