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Should you buy gold from a bank?

Is buying gold from Banks a good decision? Banks existed even when the ancient civilizations were around. Humans always needed to protect their assets against theft, fires and other potential dangers. Nowadays, banks serve more goals than those we have just named it. They provide convenient spending, give loans to businesses, mortgages to homebuyers, and… Read More »

Amagi Metals: Is it the right precious metal dealer?

Amagi Metals Review Company Background Amagi Metals is a global eCommerce precious metals dealer that seems to be very new in the market. On their website, they mention selling gold and silver over four years.  I mean wouldn’t it be any better if they could mention the year they started their company?  Anyway, we don’t… Read More »

Nuview Trust: A Self-Directed IRA Custodian Review

All To Know About Nuview Trust Company Background NuView Trust Company is a privately-owned company, established in 2003. It serves as a retirement plan administration company that is also specialized in keeping records for clients who want to self-direct retirement plans to other alternative investments. Nuview Trust also serves investors interested in publicly traded securities… Read More »

GoldStar Trust Company Review

What To Know About GoldStar Trust Company Background GoldStar Trust established is a pioneer company in offering professional services such as self-directed IRA custodian, trustee, and escrow/paying agent. It was started as a Colonial Trust Company, and introduced in Phoenix, Arizona, on 19 August 1989. Colonial Trust company was bought by Happy State Bank of… Read More »

California Numismatic Investments Review

All About California Numismatic Investments Company Background California Numismatic Investments (aka is a precious metal dealer that offers a wide variety of coin and bullion products. The founders of the company are Richard Schwary and Ken Edwards who both have deep experience in the precious metals business.  Richard, the company’s president, received his Bachelor… Read More »

How to buy gold for wholesale prices?

Buying gold from a wholesale or bulk pricing Everyone wants to buy gold from a wholesale price rather than a retail price. In my opinion, it is a very valid concern especially if you plan to buy gold in big amounts. As a market rule, anything bought in bulk comes cheap, and gold is no… Read More »

Top 10 gold investment books you should read

Best books to learn gold investment I picked the top 10 books carefully to help you learn gold investment. If you can read all the books below, you’ll gain more information than most specialists with years of sphere experience. I am always a big fan of learning from different sources. All books are written by… Read More »

Sahara Coins Review: The right precious metal dealer?

All to know about Sahara Coins Company Background Sahara Coins & Precious Metals is a precious metal dealer serving to Southern Nevada since 1975. The company seems to have a large inventory of rare coins and other precious metals. The storefront of the company serves as a numismatic cabinet and as a source of high-quality… Read More »

Provident Metals: Should you work with the company?

Provident Metals Review Company Background Provident Metals (aka Provident Precious Metals, LLC) was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Dallas. The company is a leading online retailer of investment-grade precious metals and numismatic coins. The company is currently member of below listed major organizations: Memberships Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) Professional Coin Grading Service… Read More »