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Elemetal Direct Review

Elemetal Direct

Elemetal is a Dallas, Texas-based precious metals company that focuses on recovering and refining precious metals and offering incentives for retail and wholesale investment to a wide variety of customers across the country.

The company implements business models that meet the needs of their customers from the raw material to the finished product with every phase in the process of precious metals.

The company has evolved from a single facility to a pioneer in the industry. Their chain of stores and primary divisions maintains the highest degree of professionalism and strives to find fresh and innovative ways to support the entire precious metals market.

The commitment of Elemetal to its customers has led them to be one of the fastest growing precious-metals companies in the US.

Elemetal started its operations little over a decade ago when its founders noticed a tremendous promise in gold. When the gold market was close to the bottom, they saw a potentially healthy, emerging investment market. They realized it was just a matter of time before the gold market stabilizes again. And as we all know the market has performed far more than well, it has skyrocketed.

As gold prices started to spike, the consumer’s demand for a trusted gold investment company grew. Elemetal was born from the direct customer demand for a reliable gold investment company. When the price of gold began to grow, so did the need for Elemetal’s services. 

As Elemetal expanded, opportunities to diversify became obvious. The need to expand the company vertically led to a period of organic growth and expansion as Elemetal hedged into recycling, minting, precious metals storage and other related fields designed to assist the consumer.

Elemetal is out there to meet your needs whether you are a miner or trader, scrap buyer or seller, lender, or broker. They want to be in a position to represent your clients in whatever company they do. Some customers in refining are also jewelers and pawn shops that sell diamonds and watches. They can help them handle the whole of their business.

Elemetal Direct

The vast network of stores of Elemetal gives the company a unique opportunity to serve their customers conveniently wherever they are. They have a store near a customer waiting to have an industry-leading turnaround on their recycled or “scrap” product, whether they are in Atlanta, Honolulu, or Houston. The business offers the highest degree of integrity as they keep rising and discovering new and innovative ways to support the precious metals industry as a whole.

Elemetal Capital

Elemetal Capital is a full-service trading company which provides its partners with continuous liquidity in the precious metals market, metal derivatives, and foreign exchange. 

Elemetal is a leading player, able to adapt by providing smooth, vertically integrated customer support to the ever-changing market environment. The business strives to continuously find new ways of adding value to its customers, thereby contributing to the industry’s potential success.


Secure Lock-ins

You will call to guarantee your lock-in price by up to five days in advance. Elemetal Direct commercial customers have the right to call in before shipping or taking metal to one of their processing locations during trading hours to lock in then-current precious metal spot prices. 

This service offers its customers the ability to hedge against unexpected volatility in the market.

Services offered by Elemetal Direct are straightforward and there are hidden fees applied. 

Convenient Access

The company operates locally and is accessible nationwide.It is easy to buy gold from their locations or order to be shipped.  


Refining the sets of floor sweeps, bench sweeps, polishes, filters, and drain.

Here what company refines:

Elemetal Direct is specialized in handling of high quality precious metals from the following sources:

Gold: Karated salvage jewelry of every sort, files, grindings, dentistry gold and alloys, casting trees, fine gold grain, casting grain, gold ingots, and gold bullion and coins.

Silver: Sterling silver jewelry in almost any shape, scrap silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware, and hollowware, filings, grinding, dental silver and alloys, electrolytic recovered silver, silver casting trees, fine silver grain, silver casting grain, silver ingots, and silver bullion and coins.

Platinum: Platinum jewelry of every form, base filings, grindings, platinum thermocouple wire, catheters, crimsons, medical platinum, platinum laboratory ware, platinum foil, platinum casting trees and platinum coins and bullions.

Palladium: Palladium jewelry of every form, grindings, palladium casting trees, fillings, casting grain, palladium bullion, palladium dental scrap, palladium coins, and billions.

Additional services include:

Stone removal services from all jewelry for diamonds and other stones. Refining bench sweeps, floor sweeps, polishings, sink, and filter collections. Stone removal services from all jewellery for diamonds and other gemstones.

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