Fisher Precious Metals Review

With a looming threat of economic failures, there has been a rush into the gold industry. Many have come to believe in gold's financial insurance. And you are probably one of those looking for trustworthy dealers to help you get started with protecting yourself from financial risks. 

However, every turn you take has a dealer telling you to buy, sell, or transact with them. And what makes Fisher Precious Metals different from these dealers is what I will talk about today.

About The Company

Fisher Precious Metals

Fisher Precious Metals is a family-owned business and an established dealer in the precious metals industry. They have also proven themselves to be trustworthy partners.

In 2018, the Bullion.Directory global annual voting crowned Fisher Precious Metals, the USA Bullion Dealer of the year. And they are currently accredited members of the following national organizations:

Fisher Precious Metals prides itself on its pledge to treat every client alike as they would a family member. So far, there hasn't been any report against this, as clients are yet to experience the fear and greed sales tactics that force the purchase of certain products.

Another thing you also should probably learn early is their working policy. Every member of the Fisher Precious Metal owns physical gold.

So when you contact them, you are not talking to commissioned, inexperienced representatives. Instead, you will be attended to by experts, including the owners who also make themselves available to calls from customers.

Fisher Precious Metals believe you gain the best out of your investment by purchasing low premium bullion coins and bars. And just so you know, they only sell metals from reputable mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, United States Mint, Perth Mint, etc.

So if you are interested in buying quality physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you might want to reach out to Fisher Precious Metals. But there is still more to learn about Fisher Precious Metal, all of which I have provided for you in this review.

Background & Owners

As earlier stated, Fisher Precious Metal is a family-owned business. The owners are John Fisher & Lynn Fisher. And just like you, they started as individual investors. 

In 1993, they started buying gold and silver. In actual sense, the precious metals industry is considered a ‘wild west' with little or no regulatory control. Thus, it is a land for unscrupulous individuals and firms to flourish. True to that, John and Lynn themselves have been through some of the gold industry's ordeals.

It took them many years to finally unravel the wise means of investing in precious metals. In 2007, they started this business to help investors like you, using accumulated experience in the industry.

John was the Vice-Chair (now treasurer) for the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). He also worked once with the members of Kingdom Advisors, a network of Christian Financial advisors, set up to help clients in precious metals investing.

He also teaches Continuing Education courses on precious metals for Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, and Investment Advisors in Florida.

Contact Details

Fisher Precious Metals opened its office in a professional office building at the Hillsboro Professional Centre, 2151 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Suite 210, Deerfield Beach in Florida. So if you are planning to visit, be rest assured of being attended to safely and securely.

Offered Services 

So far, I have mentioned a general overview of Fisher Precious Metals. You probably see them as a dealer who only buys and sells precious metals while providing clients with the best advice.

Well, I'm sure you are eager to learn more about what they can offer you. And that's what I will be discussing next.

Buy from Fisher Precious Metals

Buying and selling bullion products are still the primary services at Fisher Precious Metals, as John and Lynn started with.

They sell gold, silver, platinum, and Palladium Bullion bars and coins. You can also buy bulk wholesale bullion, GIA-certified diamond, jewelry for your family offices, and other large scale uses from Fisher Precious Metals.

You will find all world bullion products at Fisher Precious Metals any time you check for them as they always maintain their availability.

All products at Fisher Precious Metals are also taken through non-destructive tests to ensure their authenticity. They make use of the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier.

Hence, all products you get from them are 100% guaranteed to be authentic. And to crown it all, they have made their website with e-commerce attributes to enable you to shop your metals online with ease.

Sell to Fisher Precious Metals

Also, you can sell to Fisher Precious Metals. And this at one of the most competitive prices in the market.

They buy all forms of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, but only after testing for their authenticity. They also buy diamonds, Jewelry, flatware, and industrial metals. So it does not matter if you had earlier gotten it from them or not.

The steps are even easy to follow. 

  • You can go to their office or call them about what you wish to sell.
  • Then, Fisher Precious Metals will provide you with the current market price of your product with a transparent buy-back price.
  • If you agree to the price, you can ship your precious metal to the address they will send.
  • You need to provide them with a tracking number so they can track the shipment.
  • They open your package under surveillance and test your metal before providing you with a Trade Confirmation.
  • Once authenticity has been confirmed, you will get your payment within 48 hours. Local shoppers get paid immediately.
  • The payment method will also be your choice to make.

Precious Metals IRA

If you are considering investing in gold for your retirement preparation, you can also reach out to Fisher Precious Metals. They help you open a self-directed IRA and even help rollover a portion or all of your funds from a former IRA, 401K, or 403B into a gold IRA.

Fisher Precious Metals work with a reputable trust company, the New Direction IRA. And they ensure the whole process of creating a self-directed IRA remains simple. They have automated the process with their Closed Loop IRA, which uses the New Direction IRA service to help you create your gold IRA

In the case of a rollover, New Direction IRA will contact your former custodians to transfer your funds.

Once you have funds in your new self-directed IRA, you can discuss with experts at Fisher Precious Metals to decide the mix of metals you will add to your account. After concluding, the automated Closed Loop IRA facilitates the payments and shipping to the depository where your metals are stored.

Bullion Authentication

Earlier, I mentioned how that Fisher Precious Metals take time to check the authenticity of products. However, even with your purchasing of products from other dealers, you can approach them to get your metals tested.

They use the X-Ray Fluorescence machine alongside:

  • The Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier and the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier Pro;
  • The MintMark SITM Decoder lens
  • The Bullion DNA Authentication unit from the Royal Canadian Mint
  • The Pamp VeriScan Application

Estate Appraisal & Liquidation

At Fisher Precious Metals, you can get:

  • Written valuations for the estate tax, guardianship, gift tax, and probate purposes
  • Valuations for gold, silver, platinum, bullion and coins, rare coins and stamp collections
  • Valuations for jewelry, sterling silver, watches, and diamonds

You can decide to pay for these appraisals and valuations at an hourly or fixed charge. You will also have to pay them a percentage of the realized value. And just so you know, they are different from other dealers that offer you free appraisals as they are certified appraisers, having accreditation and certification through the International Society of Appraisers.

Buy and Sell Numismatics

Although Fisher Precious Metals focuses on bullion products, you can also buy or sell numismatic coins. The reason for this low interest stems from their belief that numismatics is for collectors and hobbyists, not investors.

This preference makes them different from other dealers who force you to buy numismatics because of its high premium.  

Order & Payments

If you are planning to buy from Fisher Precious Metals, you should take note of the following:

  • You cannot cancel a locked order without incurring a penalty.
  • Your payment method, which can be either credit/debit card, paper check, bank wire, or Bitcoin (via BitPay), must be dated within 24 hours of the order confirmation.
  • Payments above $20000 have to be received by Fisher Precious Metals within three business days, while those lower have a grace of five business days.

When a customer fails to meet up with these, it opens up the risk of:

  • Being charged a 5% market loss penalty fee;
  • or the order getting canceled.


After the confirmation of your payment, your product gets shipped on the same day. Of course, your choice of payment method affects when shipping starts, with the fastest being credits cards, PayPal, and bank wire. But the shipping itself usually takes between 2 to 4 days.

Fisher Precious Metals make use of Brinks for large orders, and FedEx, UPS, or USPS Registered Mail for smaller orders. All packages are insured by a Lloyds of London insurance policy or through Brinks. 

There is a shipping charge of $9.99 on all orders. There is an exception on orders above 15 oz. of gold and 500 oz. of silver.

When selling to Fisher Precious Metals, you are to use the USPS while purchasing insurance by yourself.

Storage Options

Fisher Precious Metals also allows you to store up your assets at insured depository storage. They always store clients' metals in allocated, segregated accounts. And their depository partners include:

  • IDS Delaware
  • IDS Canada- Toronto
  • SWP- Grand Cayman

This storage is always the option when the precious metals you are purchasing is for your gold IRA.


I guess you have realized just how excellent and detailed their services are. I was also intrigued by how much information and transparency which they displayed on their website. Let's go on now to see what consumers think of their services.

  • BCA Rating: Not Listed
  • Trustpilot: Not Listed
  • TrustLink: Not Listed

From the report above, it is evident that Fisher Precious Metals exhibit honest business practices as an' A+' on BBB is no joke. However, they could work more with other consumer advocacy websites so no one can gainsay their legitimacy.

Are There Complaints?

For a company that has existed for over ten years, it was quite surprising that there is no complaint on BBB. Not even on Ripoff Reports where anonymity is allowed. This absence of complaints goes a long way in proving their exceptional customer service.

⚠️Is Fisher Precious Metals a Legit Company?

Well, from the reviews with no complaints and ratings that are up about them, they seem like a legit company.

Pros and Cons

Although a company is legit, it does not render that company your go-to place. The best practice is to compare all the pros and cons before selecting, and that after you have checked out other alternatives.

👍 Pros

  • They have a buy-back program set up competitive market prices.
  • They have no minimum on how much you can buy from them.
  • They majorly offer low-premium bullion products.
  • Their website shows the ease of accessing them and their transparency.
  • All workers are investors like you.
  • Their products are 100% authentic.

👎 Cons

  • Their shipping charges demand that you make expensive purchases.
  • They need more ratings.


Fisher Precious Metals remain a family-owned business today, and their services are still as excellent as ever. With no complaints, competitive prices, and transparent policies, they come off as the perfect choice every investor should trust. However, there are just as many excellent dealers out there.

Even the Regal Assets company won the international Bullion Dealer in that same year of 2018. So I would advise you to check through other alternatives before making a decision.