How To Outsource Logo Design On Fiverr?

By Altay Gursel | June 5, 2020
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Almost every business needs a logo. The logo represents the same thing for business as the national flag for a country.

Did you know not having a logo is a negative Google ranking factor?

Google assigns a quality score for every website. Logo and favicon are the essential elements of customization of a website.

There is no brand in the world without a logo.

If you want to create amazing looking logos yourself you have to see Pixielogo.

How To Outsource Logo Design To The Right Person?

Unless you are a skilled professional in graphical design, you will need to outsource your logo to someone who can do the job.

Fiverr is a great place to outsource certain types of works like logo design, but a terrible place for some other type of tasks. I would recommend reading the post about should you outsource content on Fiverr.

To find freelancers provide logo design you will need to visit the Graphics & Design category. Then you will need to go to the subcategory of Logo Design.

Fiverr offers you the functionality of filtering freelancers according to your needs. Here is a step by step logo design filtering process shown in the below image.

fiverr logo design

Fiverr lets you filter the sellers according to the type of logo you need for your website. Some of the categories are:

  • Flat
  • Signature
  • 3D
  • Watercolor
  • Mascot
  • Hand drawn
  • Vintage

A single seller may provide logo design services in multiple categories listed above.

You can also bypass this step and make your search in Fiverr search bar.

fiverr search bar

As you can see Fiverr has an autosuggest feature similar to Google.

You can make a search on Fiverr by using the search queries listed below:

  • modern minimalist
  • classic modern minimalist
  • flat minimalist
  • creative minimalist
  • professional modern minimalist
  • luxury minimalist
  • eye-catching minimalist
  • badge design
  • cartoon, mascot or character
  • esport
  • embroidery digitizing
  • retro
  • iconic
  • monogram
  • 2d or 3d
  • custom

Once you have made your search and list Fiverr sellers, you will need to visit each seller’s gig page to read what they offer.

This task is usually daunting because there are many sellers on Fiverr. It is hard to make a choice especially for a gig you will order only once.

Everyone has different working habits and business ethics. Unless you’ve worked with the same guy before, there’s always a luck factor outsourcing the Fiverr gigs.

You may consider the Fiverr seller reputation to make an educated freelancer choice. However, I wouldn’t base my selection purely depending on the seller’s reputation.

Sometimes less reputable Fiverr sellers do a surprisingly great job.

Make sure not ordering any gigs from the sellers that provided low-quality jobs persistently.

I wouldn’t even bother ordering any gig from a Fiverr seller that has an average of 4.8/5 points or less.

It is a very smart idea to order the same logo at least from 2-3 different sellers. Because the logo is very important for a business. Once you choose it and use it for your business, there is no way back to try another logo.

If you have a few different logo options you will make a better decision.

The good news is logos are cheap. You should have a decent logo for about $20 -$50 on average.

If you consider it still expensive, you can make your own logo.

Pixielogo is a great program that lets you create amazing looking logos in less than a minute without any monthly subscriptions.

Always, read the seller profile carefully and try to find those who are willing to accept “unlimited revisions”.

Because it is a sign of a high-quality seller.

Some of the qualities you should look for in a logo design:

✅ Uniqueness (it should identify your brand only )
✅ Attractiveness (it should have an eye-catching design)
✅ Memorable (it should be remembered by people easily)

One great thing about Fiverr, it exhibits previous jobs seller delivered. However, it doesn’t include all the jobs seller delivered in the past.

You can use earlier jobs seller delivered to describe what type of logo you need. It is, in fact, a superb way of providing job descriptions.

You can tell thousands of words to describe what you need. Alternatively, you can submit several image files and provide a short description of what you want.

I believe the latter option would work far more effectively.

Read The Gig Description Carefully

This step is very obvious. However, neglecting to read a gig description maybe create serious problems with your order.

Certain sellers don’t like people placing an order before communicating with them.

As the best practice of outsourcing, always talk with the seller before placing an order no matter how obviously simple the task is.

Agree with the seller about the file you will receive. This step is very crucial.

If you request a certain format that you didn’t provide in the order description you may not be able to receive your delivery in that certain format.

When working with freelancers don’t assume them to know what you need. Provide a very detailed description of what exactly you are expecting.

Explicitly describe the file formats of your logo

Describe the seller the exact file formats you would need. Most common file formats that are used for logo files are:

  • AI
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • EPS
  • CDR
  • SVG

Make your own research to find which format serves best to your goals.

What To Look For in A Fiverr Logo Delivery?

Source File

Ask the seller if he/she is going to provide the source file. It is the original layered design file that you will need if you want to make revisions on your file in the future.

Logo Transparency

Logo Transparency is another important feature you may want to have. Usually, PNG files will have a transparent background.

High Resolution

You want to have your logo to have the best resolution possible. Agree with the seller about the resolution of the logo you will get.

3D Mockup

Your logo will be printed in 3D on a background or on an object.

Vector File

A vector file can be infinitely scaled without any loss in its pixelation or quality.

Social Media Kit

Sometimes seller may provide a social media kit. It is basically graphics featuring your logo to be used on social media platforms.

Stationery Designs

Sometimes, if described in the gig details, the seller may provide your logo templates for extras such as letterheads, business cards, envelopes, etc.

Number Of Initial Logo Concepts

Unless otherwise specified in the gig description, you will usually receive one logo.

What is the average delivery time for logo designs?

Logo design gigs are usually delivered in 24 hours on Fiverr. It is a kind of market standard in this category of the gig.

However, there are people deliver logo designs in 3 – 7 days. Check the expected delivery time before placing an order.

Usually, professional logo designers on Fiverr shouldn’t take more than 15-20 min to complete a job. I used to agree with some sellers to deliver the job in even a few hours.

This is the average time a logo freelancer will spend no matter he/she delivers in one day or one week.

Final Thoughts

Although Fiverr is a relatively secure environment to outsource freelancing jobs, nothing is guaranteed.

Don’t place a large number of orders from the people you didn’t work together before.

Don’t place a large number of orders from any sellers anyway.

Because once the sales are guaranteed there is no more good motivation for a freelancer to provide you a good job.

No matter how much budget you have, try taking it slow and you will be getting better results.