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Should You Invest with Gold Alliance?

Gold Alliance

It is important to make sound investment decisions that are well protected from inflationary losses and market crashes.

You’ve guessed it, it’s Gold!

Gold Alliance is a reputable custodian that allows investors to invest their IRA and 401k into precious metals.

The company focuses primarily on Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (Gold IRA). It’s a special type of retirement account that lets you buy and own physical gold or other precious metals.

If you have lived more than a few decades you should probably know that precious metals keep their value very well over a long period of time. They also don’t depreciate during a financial crash or unexpected global economic crisis.

Thus, it is advisable to invest in gold, and interestingly, you can transfer or rollover your funds on an eligible retirement account to your gold IRA.

Contact Details

Address: 5550 Topanga Cyn Blvd. Suite 100 Woodland Hills, Ca 91367
Phone: (888) 567-6689
Email: [email protected]
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 PM PST (Saturday-Sunday closed)

Company Background

Gold Alliance boasts of working with scrutinized employees who are experts in the precious metals business.

As a precious metal company, it provides a variety of gold/silver bullion, coins, and bars. Gold Alliance ensures that its customers are well informed before making any investment in Gold or Silver, whether for personal possession or IRAs.

The company has a good reputation in general. However, there are two sides to a coin. We are going to talk about plus and minus of investing with this company.

A simple Google search may show the company hasn’t received serious complaints. However, there are certain points investors should need to spend specific attention.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Gold Alliance started in 2016. It is still a new gold dealer and it is pretty much at the very beginning of its career. Only time can tell if a new business can be reliable over the long haul.

Getting started with Gold Alliance services is generally simple. However, don’t invest in any investment company until you have made your comprehensive research.

Alternative Precious Metals Companies

Some good alternatives to Gold Alliance include the Patriot Gold Group, Orion Metal Exchange, and the Oxford Gold Group.

Picking these precious metal companies as alternatives to Gold Alliance is based on some vital considerations, which include the minimum investment capital, fees (including hidden fees), as well as customer support.

Investing With Gold Alliance

One thing everyone wants is a quick and reliable process. Gold Alliance is remarkable for setting up gold accounts as fast as possible.

Well, maybe this is because the company follows just 3 steps in opening the accounts and does not include 3rd parties in between the processes.

However, you need to ascertain the most suitable precious metal that would increase the value of your portfolio.

In this regard, Gold Alliance experts will communicate with you (preferably via phone call), and try to understand your need before suggesting the best precious metal that suits your portfolio.

Gold Alliance provides gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals.

Hence, whether you’re investing in precious metal for insurance, growth, reducing downside risks, or privacy, the executives of Gold Alliance are highly experienced and know the best precious metal that’d yield maximum benefits for your need.

Buying/Acquiring Precious Metals From Gold Alliance

It starts with you opening a precious metal IRA, then you can choose from the available funding sources. You could pay for the gold or silver bullion via a check, cash payment, or wire transfer.

Alternatively, if you previously have an eligible 401k account or retirement account, you can choose to roll over your funds from the retirement account into your new precious metal account with Gold Alliance.

The funds from your previous retirement account will be used to purchase precious metals for your new account. Interestingly, the whole process involved in this transaction does not require your input.

More so, let’s imagine a scenario where you may want to sell out your precious metals to a dealer; Gold Alliance offers a friendly buy-back policy, and you may find it handy for your need.

Shipping Your Personal Precious Metals

Gold Alliance ships your precious metals via FedEx or USPS courier services.

How and when the package will be delivered to you depends on your preferences. However, for orders above $500k, Gold Alliance may look to other alternative shipping services.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing to worry about, your precious metals will definitely get to you.

It is important to note that shipping may take up to 10 days from the exact day your payment is confirmed and cleared.

Also, some terms may affect how your precious metals are shipped, for more information on how Gold Alliance would ship your precious metal you can visit the company website.

Precious Metal IRAs

According to IRS standards for precious metals IRAs, operators of gold or silver IRAs are not allowed to save the precious metals added to their accounts at home. Any precious metal added to an Individual Retirement Account must be saved in a reliable storage depository.

There are quite a lot of precious metals storage service providers across the U.S. and beyond. You can pick any depository you wish, and Gold Alliance will ship your precious metals to the directory, however, at a fee.

Gold Alliance Fees

It is important to check for the various possible fees charged by a precious metal company before going on to invest with the company. As for Gold Alliance, here are the major fees you will have to pay to create your Gold or Silver SDIRA.

Your precious metal account with Gold Alliance attracts a $175 annual fee, which covers insurance for the metals purchased, storage fee for saving your precious metals, and financial statements (sent every four months).

Also, this fee covers online access to your account through a platform provided by the company – so you can virtually access your account from anywhere.

But, Gold Alliance places a limitation on the amount a client can contribute to their accounts yearly. In 2016, clients aged below 50 were limited to contributing $6000, while older clients contribute a maximum of $7000.

Important Notice:

The prices of precious metals vary overtime; hence, most precious metal dealers increase the price of their metals, about 17% above the actual market price.

This is to ensure that they do not lose out if, eventually, the costs skyrocket while still processing a client’s account.

So, it is important to say that most times, you may buy your precious metals assets at a price between 17% – 33% above the actual market value.

👍 Upsides Of Investing With Gold Alliance

What would make you choose Gold Alliance over other precious metals firms? These few points might convince you to the point of choosing Gold Alliance for your SDIRA.

✔️ Customizable and Flexible SDIRA

Gold or silver IRAs are typically types of Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (SDIRAs).

Gold Alliance offers customizable and flexible SDIRAs, in the sense that the client can have access to his/her account at any given time.

The client can also apply for modifications to the account may be to sell the precious metals after a certain period of ownership, or other possible modifications.

More so, as said earlier, if you already got either of the following IRAs 401 (k), 457 (b), 403 (b), SERP, Traditional IRA, or SIMPLE IRA, Gold Alliance will check the eligibility of the account and transfer your funds from the retirement account to your precious metals account.

✔️ Transparency

Sincerity is one of the core things everyone looks out for when doing business with a company or another individual. Well, this gold company is sincere and offers transparent prices for all its services. You’ll be kept in check all through the various processes of setting up your precious metals account with Gold Alliance.

✔️ Always keep in touch

Your assigned expert at Gold Alliance will constantly keep in touch with you – to update you with the latest market trends, prices, and great opportunities relating to precious metals investment.

You may not really know much about gold investments, but these guys at Gold Alliance will certainly make you understand everything you need to know so that you can invest wisely utilizing the information you’ve got.

✔️ Free Investor Guide

Well, this is quite common with precious metal companies, but it’s still a good thing that Gold Alliance offers a free investor kit, too. Gold Alliance’s free investor kit or guide is provided to customers “for free;” it contains quite a lot of handy information regarding precious metal investments.

✔️ No Minimum Investment Amount

While other gold dealers, or rather, precious metal dealers insist that you must make an initial investment in precious metals worth up to $7000 or more, Gold Alliance doesn’t do that. For a start, you can invest any little amount you have. This is a very great upside to Gold Alliance, and this is one of the reasons quite a lot of people are considering this company for their SDIRAs.

But remember, this is still a new company that has not existed for up to 10 years. Maybe in the future, the company would also instigate a minimum investment amount for its precious metals IRAs.

✔️ One Annual Fee For Everything

Not depending on how much your invested capital Gold Alliance charges a flat annual fee of $175. However, remember that there’s a limit to the amount you can invest annually that is explained earlier.

More interestingly, the annual fee covers a lot of things. You may not know that most other precious metal companies charge annual fees for your account and storage, respectively. But Gold Alliance applies one flat fee for everything. That is definitely something good.

✔️ Free Shipping of Your Precious Metals

Furthermore, Gold Alliance ships your precious metals for free to the storage depository of your choice, or your home. The free shipping isn’t conditional as with other gold companies; however, where the metals will be shipped to depends on the type of purchase made. Precious metals for IRAs are shipped to a storage depository, while personal metals may be shipped to the client’s private vault or house.

👎 Downsides of Gold Alliance

Precious Metals’ Prices Not Listed On-Site

An investor is unable to see the variety of precious metals offered by the Gold Alliance on the company site. This is quite suspicious. The company should have listed the various precious metals it offers on its website, just like other similar companies does. 

It is a New Gold Dealer

This company hasn’t lasted for so long. Most precious metals investors prefer to go with companies that have stayed quite long in the business.

Not Listed On Top Business Directories

Gold Alliance is not listed on Yelp, Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and quite other top business platforms. It is only accredited on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

⚠️Is Gold Alliance Scam or Legit?

Some people have suspected the services of Gold Alliance since the company did not list its products on the website.

Nevertheless, the various online reviews left by real customers of the company have shown that Gold Alliance is one that should be trusted in gold investments. Gold Alliance has an A+ rating on BBB and 5-star rating on Google Business.

How to Contact Gold Alliance?

The most feasible way to reach out to this company is by calling them on the phone. You will be connected with a customer support specialist when you connect Gold Alliance via a phone call. Below are the companies contact details, or you can use the “contact” page on the website.

Business hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST, weekends are not working days.

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