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Best books to learn gold investment

gold investment books

I have carefully selected the top 10 gold investment books. If you read all the mentioned in this post you will have more information than most specialists with years of market experience.

I have always been a big fan of learning from a variety of sources. All books covered are written by industry professionals with long years of expertise in the gold market. Reading all of them, you can definitely build a solid foundation that will guide you in the right direction with your investment decisions.

You may be thinking why you would even bother buying books while there is a resource like the internet. That is a very logical concern.

Let me explain it. There are many websites on the web that you can read to learn how to invest in gold. However, most of the content comes from the pen of individuals who are writers but not actual investors.

By obtaining your information from the reliable sources I will mention below, you will build a solid foundation that will eliminate the chances of you to learn incorrect or misleading information.

It is also important to note that some books you will find are written over a decade ago. However, it doesn’t make the information obsolete since the fundamentals as well technicals don’t change. 

Here are the top 10 books that will teach you the gold investment.

1. Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future

Published on: September 15, 2015
Author: Michael Maloney

About The Book:
The underlying idea of the book is that the failure of Western Civilization would be an orderly one in a long, slow descent to the bottom. And those with foresight in collecting precious metals will be able to reap the filthy benefits of their investment initiatives amid the chaos around them (this is why the elitists are supposedly creating doomsday bunkers) as the hordes of have-nots rage.

It brings you through several economic histories at the early part of the book and slowly educates you over the years, and how gold and silver have always been the surviving reserves to survive the age's economic turbulence. Lots more to find out in the book.

Mr. Maloney consolidates years’ worth of research and analysis into a lay person's book. I highly recommend his YouTube channel, too since it is also the top-notch quality.  

2. Precious Metals Investing For Dummies 

Published on: February 5, 2008
Author: Paul Mladjenovic 

About The Book:
If you're just going to get into gold and silver, this is a book for you. The first two things that Dummies' book explores are the advantages and dangers of precious metals. It then includes the basics of buying, speculating, or trading. Mladjenovic has given you advice and ideas that will help you fully comprehend what to do, even though you don't know anything about finance. 

Not only does this include the fundamentals of the precious metals, but it also contains a section on uranium and base metals ( e.g. copper). Mladjenovic does a wonderful job of informing you of why and how the market is functioning.

Besides, this book is always a good investment because precious metals are still highly-priced around the globe; they're a scarce resource, so they're never worth anything!

3. All About Investing in Gold (All About Series)

Published on: June 9, 2011
Author: John Jagerson & S. Wade Hansen

About The Book:
This book is very decent by trying to introduce gold as an investment to individuals who have at least reasonable market intelligence. Many of the “mysteries” surrounding gold have been cleared up. The authors include fascinating tables and charts demonstrating the output of gold over time and relative to other properties.

It's a detailed but short book. There are a lot of ways to invest in gold with benefits and drawbacks discussed. A section on silver is also included, which is worth it. It also outlines some of the trading techniques that are sophisticated.

I recommend other readings to better understand and complement these strategies. Since the book was released, all markets have gone a lot, so a new version is justified, but this is a great overall treatment of the topic. 

4. Gold Is A Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know

Published on:  August 14, 2018
Author: Adam Baratta

About The Book:
This book is perhaps the right book for the average investor to purchase. This outlines investment trends that Wall Street will not disclose because they know well that institutional investors will lose for them to win.

Buy low when there are a major recession and none of the retail investors and sell high when the market is up and all the retail investors buy correct? It's the same story for the average American over and again. 

Okay, there's a way of knowing when it is a great time to buy and a great time not to. There's a way of winning, and Adam Baratta has made it so easy for the everyday guy, the investor every day to learn how without a graduate degree or specialized knowledge.

Simplest terms, you need to read this book if you want to grasp the fundamentals of investment and how to start winning. And if you don't really want to buy gold.

5. The New Case for Gold

Published on:  April 5, 2016
Author: James Rickards 

About The Book:
The book is, to the point, very descriptive, largely factual, and the claims made by the author are based on sound economic principles. The author brags quite minimally so barely any fluff at all. Within a weekend you can be able to finish the book, reading off an on during the day. I am absolutely impressed by the author. 

In addition to being knowledgeable, he is also a genius who can use his expertise to visualize the future. His statements are ultra-strong. It's amazing how he describes to the daily reader complicated economic concepts in clear terms. Many readers won't even know he uses economic principles at the Masters or Ph.D. level to explain what happens and what is going to take place. 

6. Stack Silver Get Gold: How To Buy Gold And Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off!

Updated edition: (2nd version) in 2019
Author: Hunter Riley (Author)

About The Book:
If you are a newbie with this book continue with the precious metal investment. Just as the summary states, immediately after reading the book, you will be able to create an account and start buying with self-esteem. I highly urge you to buy this book if you are, like I was, at a loss as to how you can even begin to establish a safe way of buying precious metals.

It's a very positional and comprehensive book that has all you need to know about investing basics in gold and silver bullion, and how to sell them.  He also talks about getting your gold out of the country, or secretly storing silver in your house!

The resource-investing precious metals segment at the end of the book is full of commodity trading data, a set of detailed gold investment strategies, highly rated precious metals brokers, and the best gold and silver analysts to be watched. 

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7. Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Published on:  February 3, 2018
Author: Doug Eberhardt 

About The Book:
This is worth a read even if you don't intend on buying precious metals! Very well crafted and simple to grasp. The first section provides a detailed description of how economies work in our monetary order and why we are headed for financial catastrophe by the government.

The second part tells how to avoid gold dealers that want to cheat you. He makes it obvious that precious metals may be an investment that is more like economic crisis protection.

8. How to Invest in Gold and Silver: A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks

Published on: February 19, 2016
Author: Don Durrett

About The Book:
The book was published in 2010 and 2011, during the bull market. Many of the mining companies that he has assessed and given his favorable view, such as Jaguar mining, are not a penny-to-51 cents price.

Circumstances have improved and every company you are focused on needs to be reevaluated and studied. That said, he educates you on how to assess a gold mining stock and proves you how. 

Pertinently note that it is different from other nonmetal commodities. You'll learn about capital investment, debt ratios, stock structure, resource assessment, and understanding, versus reserves. 

He also offers you explanations of the words you need to use, including outstanding stocks, dilutions, market cap.  The important factor is that he lists all major mining companies, all mid-sized, and junior explorers. It is a beginner's book, and fantastic at that. He explains how and why to invest in bullion of precious metals, as well as coins. 

You'll also hear about ETFs in precious metal, electronic trading funds, and mutual funds in precious metal. It is of enormous value to get you started with all this text, but I warn that in my honest opinion his enthusiasm seems to be spilled into some of his future predictions.

Precious metals are perfect in a poor environment, but due to unique risks and economic shifts, I wish he addressed his experience when stocks were tanked. He is only talking about a bullish trend.

Someone needs to know when to take some money out of the market and when to bail out or buy, that's why one has to become an information student. This book marks a great beginning.

9. Gold: The Once and Future Money

Published on: May 4, 2007
Author: Nathan Lewis (Author)

About The Book:
Reading on gold is reading on money history. The author presents in this very well organized book a pleasant introduction to the main component of economics, money, from the distinctions between hard and soft money, the gold standard, tax uses, monetary systems, and the history of economic crises.

Indeed, gold is the most excellent strategy to have stable money, which means stable prices, and this is reiterated throughout the book so you didn't overlook it.

It is fascinating because it tells the story of the efforts of a man down through the generations to create a reliable basis for trade, and exchange between individuals, groups, and countries.

This is insightful as it follows the path that eventually led to gold and reveals that for some substantial period of time (centuries) in all of human history only a financial system based on a gold standard has been able to create a stable monetary system. 

The book is insightful because it explains, among many other things; what were the intended functions of the FED and the IMF, how they operate today, and what happens when there is no widely accepted and intrinsic standard on which to base the relative values of the currencies worldwide.

If you're an American, you'll find it disheartening to know that the U.S. (which we've been led to believe is what Ronald Reagan once called “a shining city on a hill”) has done more damage to other nations than almost any other country on earth by government corruption, inane economic policies and monetary ineptitude. 

As for disgust, what could be more shameful than discovering that if the IMF has not sold its collective soul to the devil, it has definitely sold it to the developed nations' foreign bankers, and has systematically used its power to wreck the economies of one developing nation after another to the benefit of those banks? 

Nevertheless, it is motivating to learn, as we do in the concluding section, that by returning to a gold standard, it is still possible to return the world to some semblance of financial order and guaranteed stability, thereby decreasing the authority of the FED and the IMF by returning those organizations to the positions for which they were meant.

Nevertheless, it is very disconcerting to be told that the Fed and the IMF are strong, well-reinforced, and politically connected bureaucracies that have little intention of giving up their immense control.

10. The Average Americans Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

Published on: January 5, 2013
Author: Randy Menefee 

About The Book:
This is an amazing book for investors in gold and silver and covers virtually every aspect of comprehensive information on purchasing coins. Unlike many other books on this topic, which spend countless chapters digging deeper into the bad health of the country, this author describes it in terms of common man, briefly enough just to cover the point, but in sufficient detail to warn the reader to keep the economy aware.

The book also offers numerous online search sites, describes how to find the best prices on eBay (and other places to purchase coins), and is clear and easy to understand.