Gold IRA Rollover: Your ultimate guide

By Altay Gursel | February 25, 2021
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Gold IRA Rollovers: What To Know About

Gold IRA Rollover

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

Gold IRA rollover is investing available funds in an individual retirement account to gold assets. Individuals are allowed to invest approved gold assets to diversify their retirement portfolio and decrease inflationary risks.

If your savings currently invested in stocks, bonds or some other dollar-linked assets, you may want to consider investing some part of it into bullion coins or bars. This would reduce the risks of inflationary depreciation, and economic instability.

Long time people are allowed only to invest their assets in a 401k account or an IRA. In 1997, the taxpayer relief act extended the types of investment allowed in our individual retirement accounts to include certain special types of precious metals.

We can call these IRAs “alternative assets” or “self-directed” IRAs. Another fact is that you can’t invest in all sorts of metals, but only in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. The taxpayer act defines the purity standards for each metal. For example, the American Gold Eagle coin is considered to be an approved gold asset.

How Gold IRAs started?

Although the Taxpayer act of 1997 had allowed investing precious metals, only after the financial crisis in 2008, investors probably became more interested in Gold IRAs.

I think there are many other reasons behind this. This stock market hit its high point in October 2007 before the recession. Then, by March 2009, the market lost 50% of its value and led to a major fall in the value of investors’ retirement accounts.

Also at this time, everyone watched that gold prices are moving into its high peak and they concerned it as the best reasonable hedge against inflation. Later, Gold IRAs became useful and a better way for anyone who concerned about another stock market drop.

Gold IRAs is a growing trend

From above the session, we got Gold IRAs is useful to investors they want diversified retirement accounts. This way Gold IRAs became more trending than paper assets.

I think everyone thought this introduction of Gold IRA to the retirement portfolio as an insurance policy against devaluations and inflation because the prices of gold we know move every day just against the direction of stock assets.

However, after the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, gold IRAs became more popular. At these times, a large number of companies started one-stop shops to multiply their gold sales and eased investment in Gold IRA, resulting in strong Gold IRA growth.

To grasp the Gold IRA’s effect on economic and world news, you can also check Moy’s (Ex-Mint’s) words. He says “strong interest in gold IRAs has continued because of the potential inflationary impact of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus programs and a sharp increase in geopolitical risk”.

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What is a Rollover?

We know that the Gold IRA makes it possible for us to possess physical gold and other precious metals. To invest in Gold, you need to find the well-known Gold IRA Company and open an account with them. When your account is completely set up, the next move is to fund it.

You can fund your account in two different ways.

First is the Gold IRA rollover. In this, the trustee will transfer your assets in a traditional IRA or 401k to the new Gold IRA account.

The next option is sending directly your retirement contributions to a Gold IRA (I mean here gold-backed individual retirement account). On this, you can use your funds to buy gold bars and coins.

Now let’s check how this rollover works briefly.

If you have a retirement plan like a 403(b) or 401(k) through your employer, you also want to leave for taking another job, then you can roll your money in your current retirement account into another IRA.

Like this, you can also roll if you found another IRA offers other better investment plans than you have. But, you must follow regulations and certain rules.

These are also same in Gold IRAs, but there you have to follow stricter certain rules.

Rollovers can be made under 3 conditions below.

  1. When your sponsoring company significantly changes its retirement plans.
  2. When your sponsoring company changes its custodian of retirement plan.
  3. When you terminate your employment with your sponsoring company.

How are rollovers done?

The IRS specifies three ways for completing a rollover.

  • Direct Rollover:  You can require your retirement administrator for issuing a check to the retirement plan or IRA (to which you want your money rolled over) directly. In this method, no kind of taxes withheld.
  • Trustee- to-Trustee: If you want to roll over your IRA, the trustee of your IRA will facilitate this rollover to a trustee of other IRA. There will be no taxes withheld using this method from your rollover.
  • 60-Day Rollover: Directly, a check will be issued to you for the amount of your rollover. If you can invest in other retirement plans or another IRA within 60 days, any kind of tax will not be withheld.

Sometimes, we can see some investors are choosing to roll only part of their retirement savings to a Gold IRA more than all of it. In these cases, a portion of their retirement savings may be subject to special rules based on the Gold IRA rollover.

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How Gold IRA rollovers are different?

Gold IRAs may be either Roth or traditional IRS.

The main thing that a real investor must first decide is where they want to invest in gold company stock or in actual physical gold or exchange-traded gold fund or a mutual fund.

If you want to invest in physical gold, that must be gold coins that meet the IRS’s purity standards.

On this, the gold will be handled by an IRS-approved custodian, and you will not be allowed to store it in any kind of home storage.

Do you know that the rolling retirement funds over to a gold IRA are too much complicated and expensive?

First, you need to create a self-directed IRA that allows and helps you to invest in a wide range of assets than other IRAs. Next, you also need to choose a custodian to create and manage your self-directed account.

The important thing I suggest you are in choosing a custodian, it should have the qualities and facilities of storing the physical gold for you and it also should have been approved by state and federal agencies for providing such asset Custody services.

Then you need to select a broker for buying the metals.

The Custodian and Broker

We discussed above that all investors need to choose their Gold IRA custodians and brokers. Let’s talk about them now.

The custodian helps you to create and administer your account.

I think these custodians will usually be banks and other types of financial institutions, such as credit unions, trust companies, brokerage firms and loan associations, which have been approved by state or federal agencies.

After all these steps, you need a broker to buy physical gold. Your custodian may give you referrals to some brokers because of his relationship with established brokers.

Choosing a broker is very important because your broker is responsible for selecting the gold that meets the quality of the federal government for inclusion in the IRA.

Qualities a Broker should have;

Your broker must have, at least these following characteristics.

  • Qualifications: You only have to deal with a company (Broker) that has the required and appropriate licenses, insurance, bonds and registration to protect your investment. You must ask them to verify their licenses and other information.
  • Responsiveness: Your broker should respond to all of your needs as an investor. They also should be well-known in tax lax considering IRAs and Gold IRAs.

For ensuring you are meeting requirements, you broker should be ready to work with you.

  • Reputation:  Your broker might have an excellent reputation like the Better Business Bureau or Business Consumer Alliance, based on the words of previous organisations and clients. You must check all reviews of clients and should inquire about number of complaints filed.
  • Transparency:   The Company should know about your costs before you invest.

Thus way, you can avoid all kind of nasty surprises like hidden service fees after your invest.

  • Flexibility:  We know all the aims and needs of each consumer will be different. Then you have to choose the company that is suitable for your needs and goals.

After you purchased the physical gold, your new Gold IRA account will be funded and stored with your custodian.

401K to Gold IRA Rollover

For protecting and growing your retirement portfolio, you must learn about how you can convert 401k to Gold.

As we said early, at first, you have to open a Gold IRA account in a reputable Gold IRA Company.

Typically, your account should be a self-directed, which will give you authority on choosing the assets you want to put in your IRA. If your self-directed IRA account has been completely setup, then you can convert and roll 401k to your Gold IRA account.

To rollover 401k to your gold IRA, you should instruct your 401k account administrator to transfer assets in the 401k account to the new Gold IRA account, just like a Trustee-to Trustee form that I mentioned above.

If you confirmed that your transfer has been successful, you can check the list of IRS-Approved-Gold bars and coins offered by your custodian, and then place an order for the best Gold asset you found.

Do you have an idea about marketable Gold coins?

There are a lot of various marketable gold bullion coins, including American Gold Eagle, British Brittania-1 and Canadian Maple Leaf.

Anyway, I recommend you to consult a financial expert before this important investment.

🙋 FAQ: Gold IRA rollover

I think you may face multiple questions about the Gold IRA rollover. Now I will explain some important questions and answers below.

How much gold you have to buy in your Gold IRA account?

Yes, the quantity and scale of gold will be dependable on your financial affairs.

If you are optimistic about present and future state of economy, then you can invest more than one who hasn’t any confidence about the state of economy.

However, you should invest approximately ten percentage of your entire portfolio value (I think this is the minimum investment).

During some financial crisis times, you can also increase this proportion to even fifty percentages.

All in all, decision completely ends on you, the investor.

How to execute your Gold IRA rollover account?

In the rollover process, I think execution of Gold IRA rollover is the final step.

For initiating this rollover, you need to complete some paperwork. The companies that make ease the rollover execution will try to ensure this process will be smooth and easy to understand.

After this rollover execution, I think your gold will be delivered within one week maximum.

In the events of a significant system lockdown, there is also another option for upholding the privacy of clients they want to keep the precious metals under the banking system or under the radar of the government.

Advantages of Gold IRA rollover

If you are considering a rollover, you must know about the benefits of the Gold IRA rollover. Read below.

Helps to decrease the effect of inflation;

We know many of us are diverting their retirement savings in shares or bonds. But, we can’t see the real benefit of these retirement savings because of inflation. Then the gold comes to this picture, it always performs better and we can see its value is increasing at a faster rate.

In fact, gold’s value is increasing at a better and faster rate during recessionary and inflationary times.

Provides the security

For growing retirement savings, we can see many of us choose real estate or stocks. If the market is favorable, they can harvest great returns. In any case, if the market became unfavorable, you will lose a high part of your entire retirement savings.

At this time, if you transferred your regular IRA to a Gold IRA, you can avoid such risks, because Gold has the real value; its worth and value are increasing ever. That’s why, I think more than sixty five percentage of people are diverting their retirement pay-out into the Gold.

Gold IRA Rollover offers Higher returns

I think the gold investments can harvest better returns than other investment yields in the long run. In fact, gold makes your money increased consistently and gradually. If you look at the past decades, you can find that the value of Gold was increasing substantially.

If you also check the cost-benefit ratio of Gold investments, the result will end in gold can safely maximize your investment returns. Let’s check some common pros and cons of Gold IRA Rollover.

Tax Benefits

All incomes, taxes and subsequent gains on the gold IRA are repaid and computed instantly as the Gold is withdrawn from the IRA.

After the sale, if the transactions still remain in IRA account with additional bonus, there is any kind of Capital gains in Gold IRA account not to be taxed.

Full Control

We know that IRS has its own guidelines describing which kind of precious metals are allowed for sale.

Your Gold IRA account has wide range of freedom and control than other standard retirement accounts have.

Then another important I think that if you noticed the prices of gold are setting to dip, you can leverage the market by buying the low of products like Maple Leaf, Silver Canadian and Gold American Eagles and selling your high of products.

Portfolio Protection

Gold IRA accounts can give us the control over financial future, when we consider the gold as a store value, measure and safe guards of the currency devaluation (because gold can decrease the financial risks and economic crisis).

We know the paper assets are widely known as stocks and bonds, that are bounded to crush and adjustment with the time.

But, gold is in another way in preserving its own value and securing your future.

Disadvantages of Gold IRA rollover

No Interest

Gold IRA is a long term investment. On this, you should not expect for pay-outs on interest, yields or dividends.

Expenses and Fees

The main important we consider on pros and cons of a Gold IRA Rollover, we may face many difficulties like in storage and fees and in funding with these precious metals.

We are not allowed – as an investor- to handle and store or keep the physical gold at our home. All the responsibilities will be only over custodian or administrator.

Regulations in insurance, transport, storage and shipping for your metals will be also under him.

The increasing these Brokers and Companies started to offer precious metals efficiently. This made costs decreased significantly.

Other retirement plans in Gold IRA.

There are many other retirement plans in Gold IRA like TSA, 401(K), TSP, 403(B) OR 457(B).

You can roll over these retirement plans into gold IRA account through the process of Gold IRA rollover (as we mentioned early).

Just like in standard rollover, your broker will confirm that the old plan is eligible for the rollover and they will handle these processes for you in these kinds of rollovers.

What is Gold IRA transfer?

Transfer is similar to rollover, based on their ultimate goal; moving the assets from one to another account.

However, we can find there a primary difference, that, in a transfer, the assets will be moved from one custodian to another directly and the account owner cannot to hold these assets.

Here, if they haven’t custody of these assets, account owners also can transfer these assets anytime they want without any penalty. This is a little difference than rolling an IRA, because you can rollover only once in a twelve month period.

Should I rollover or transfer from my existing retirement plan?

You can do this at any time with the existing retirement plan as long as assets go in the form of “from custodian to custodian”.

We know that the assets will be moved directly from one custodian to another in a direct transfer. But, you have to make out the distribution check from old custodian in the name of custodian or trustee of your new precious metal retirement account (which will receive the funds). Also you can make these transfers any time you want.

Gold IRA account Maturity

You can begin to do withdrawals, only after your account hits the maturity. Commonly, selling of the gold in your IRA account means the withdrawals.

I think this procedure of withdrawals will be easy to understand and very smooth in many cases, because almost Gold IRA providers offer the buy -back option. 

You can find several metal dealerships in any major city near you and you are also able to transact with them.

If your account was funded with after-tax dollars, your withdrawals will be free from income taxes. But, if it was funded by pre-tax dollars, your any kind of withdrawals will bring an income tax.

Costs associated with a Gold IRA account

Before you decide to invest gold, silver or other precious metals, you should understand about fees or costs involved in your investment. If you are looking to invest in a Gold IRA, there you can see many associated fees and costs.

Here I will give you an outline about some potential costs:

  • Application fees:  Your approved gold IRA account custodian may charge an application fee for starting the processing of your new account or IRA rollover. I think these fees may vary by the range of custodians you choose. But in average, you have to pay him about $50.
  • Transaction Fees:  Your gold IRA custodian may charge a transaction fee for purchasing the precious metals in your Gold IRA account.

The fees will be charged in basis of “per transaction”. Commonly, you have to pay him about $40 per transaction.

  • Annual account fees:  Firstly, you have to understand that all the approved custodians are doing their business to make money as they maintain others ‘accounts and take care all the account administrations and book keepings

Their annual fees may vary from $75 to hundred dollars. They disclose all the annual fees in the account paperwork or information packets.

Sometimes, this custodian will offer you some discounts based on your account size.

  • Writing fees: Your IRA account custodians may charge you a writing fee for every fund which must be wired. I think these wire fees will be regularly about twenty five dollars for each outgoing wires.
  • Storage fees: The precious metals like Gold, silver and others in your account will be stored within an approved depository. For securing and holding your precious metals, the depositories will charge an annual fee. Also the fees will be varied on the basis of depository is used.

Anyway, typical fees will be in five to one percent of total annual value of the precious metals.

  • Cost of the precious metals: You the investor has to purchase desired precious metals from a dealer for your account.

Checking the costs of Gold, silver and other metals, you may have to pay premiums over spot prices, which will be based on product type, dealer premium and demand.

Other IRA approved precious metals

In the starting, we decided about approved metals in an IRA account such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Now I will briefly describe you about approved coins or bullions in every accepted precious metal.


  • American Gold Eagle proof coins
  • American Gold Eagle bullion coins
  • British The Queen’s Beasts coin
  • British Gold Britannia coins (since 2013)
  • British Gold Shengxiao Lunar Series, the British coin.
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins
  • Chinese Gold Panda coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Australian Kangaroo coins
  • Gold bars produced by COMEX-approved refinery or NYMEX or national government mint.

In Silver, Platinum and Palladium, we can see the approved coins in Gold above are acceptable. But both Platinum and Palladium allows only some of them, like in PLATINUM they allow only:

  • American Platinum Eagle coins
  • British The Queen’s Beasts coin
  • Isle of Man Noble coins
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf
  • Australian Platinum Koala coins
  • All the Platinum bars produced by COMEX-approved refinery or NYMEX or national government mint.


  • American Palladium Eagle Bullion coins
  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins
  • All the Palladium rounds and bars by COMEX-approved or NYMEX or national government mint.

Why invest in Gold?

We know gold was a respected currency in ancient history. Now it plays a great role in the world’s financial affairs.

I remember the first pure gold was struck about 300 years ago in the age of King Croesus of Lydia.

Now, I recommend you best 4 reasons for investing and owning Gold.

  1. History of holding its value- Just against paper or currency assets, gold had kept its value throughout decades. Typically, people consider gold as a good way to pass their wealth to the next generation.
  2. The weakness of the US dollar- Although the US dollar is one of the most important world currencies. It had felt against other currencies between 1998 and 2008. At this time prices of gold tripped. You can see that there are many other declines had occurred in the US dollar.
  3. Inflation Hedge- Historically, Gold has been the best hedge against inflation, because, at the time of increasing cost of living, Gold’s prices also increased. Moreover, gold has been a good store of value, so the commons will be encouraged to buy gold when they lose faith in local currency.
  4. Protecting the deflation- What is deflation? It is a time, in which prices are increasing and business is getting tired. In fact, we didn’t witness such a period after the great depression in 1930. During this depression, the cost and purchasing power of gold heavily soared, while other prices fell down sharply. This was because people choosing gold as the safest place to hold and hoard cash.

Finally, I declare all the information in this article is true to the best of my knowledge and also suggest you invest in precious metals for securing your and your relatives’ future years.