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What To Know About GoldStar Trust

goldstar trust

Company Background

GoldStar Trust has been the leader in providing specialized services for self-directed IRA custodians, trustees, and escrow/paying agents since 1989. The company offers unique retirement solutions that allow investors across America to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments such as traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

The Texas Canyon based company has more than 37,500 IRA accounts holding assets worth more than $2.5 billion and was started from humble beginnings as Colonial Trust Company before it became GoldStar Trust Co., which now owns American Church Trust Bank after purchasing them in 2006. In 2007 all operations were relocated to the company's current location.

GoldStar Trust has been operating for more than three decades and has helped individuals across the country diversify their IRA assets with new investments in stocks, shares, and mutual funds.

GoldStar Trust has a long history of providing outstanding customer service to its diverse clientele. With ACH processing and online access, the company is also an IRA custodian that can meet all your needs for both investing in Structured Settlements or managing retirement wealth.

Contact Details

Address: 1401 4th Avenue Canyon, TX 79015
Phone: 800-486-6888
Fax: (806) 655-2490
Business Hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 7 am – 5 pm CST
Friday: 7 am – 4 pm CST


Similar to most other IRA (Individual Retirement Account) companies, GoldStar provides a wide variety of investment options that are also provided by several other businesses. 

These spectrum from self-directed IRAs, Precious Metals IRAs, Offshore Investments and even Church Bond Trustee. The level of diversification empowers investors to partake in alternative investments, alongside precious metals.

Below are the list of services mentioned on their company website.

Church Bonds

Church bonds are an attractive return investment for churches to procure funding, especially in today's volatile market. Thousands of American churches have been able to grow and expand their ministries because they were funded by church bond investments.

This has proven a favorable alternative option for some Americans looking at the rates offered on other more traditional types of debt financing loans from banks or credit unions.


Crowdfunding is more than just a group of small-time dreamers looking for startup capital. A self-directed IRA can be used to invest in crowdfunding projects.
Investment crowdfunding, also known as equity crowdfunding, is a method for individuals (the crowd) to invest in private companies in exchange for shares.

In contrast to reward and donation-based crowdfunding, where supporters typically receive only t-shirts or the occasional product prototype in exchange for their financial contributions, equity-based crowdfunding provides a return on investment if a company is successful. In a self-directed IRA, GoldStar holds both equity and debt-structured crowdfunding investments.

Non-US Bank IRAs

It's never been easier to invest in foreign markets with a GoldStar Self-Directed IRA. There are many benefits, including the ability to deposit through bank accounts and CDs as well as bonds, mutual funds, or securities.

GoldStar can set up a non-US bank account for your benefit and manage it alongside any US investments you may have. If there are provisions in the foreign country that allow them to do so, they will be able to invest on your behalf or delegate their management of this investment portfolio to another party.

You may need a minimum investment of $100,000 to $500,000 depending on the asset manager or foreign bank. The account and its investments will be held in currencies other than US dollars. Margin investments are not permitted as well as futures contracts and writing options.

GoldStar is your IRA custodian when it comes to investments. They will work with you in opening an account and answering any questions that may arise, but they are not involved in helping make investment decisions or providing tax advice.

Precious Metals

There are always some people who want to keep part of their assets in precious metals, and now regulations allow a wide range of bullion and coins as IRA investments.

Investing in precious metals is not as simple as other investments. There are specific steps you must take if you want to invest in this type of investment, which includes choosing a custodian that specializes with these types of assets.

GoldStar Trust Company is the perfect partner for those looking to include precious metals in their retirement portfolios. The company helps clients diversify with ease while also reducing risk through such assets as gold or silver coins or bullion bars that are held securely at one of many vaults across North America.

Privately Offered Investments

Certain privately offered investments are permitted to be held in self-directed IRAs under IRS regulations.

As long as a market value is readily available from an approved valuation agent, you can hold any number of private investment opportunities in your GoldStar Self-Directed IRA without fear of tax consequences.

Publicly Traded Securities

GoldStar makes it simple to buy and sell stocks within an IRA. Clients only have to complete the IRA Investment Direction for Stock/Mutual Funds form and inform Goldstar of their intentions.

If the company receives the client's stock trade request by 2:00 PM CST, the trade can be executed the same day.

The company charges the following fees to stock trades conducted through GoldStar's omnibus account: Brokerage fees (at cost), plus a $25 transaction fee per trade. You can contact GoldStar if you want to learn more about trading securities within your GoldStar Self-Directed IRA.

Real Estate IRAs

Many investors are familiar with real estate. They understand how to make money in it, and they want to put that knowledge into use by opening a self-directed IRA which invests in the sector.

A GoldStar Self-Directed Real Estate IRA allows the account owner to choose how they want to invest in real estate through their IRA.

The investor makes all investment decisions, and GoldStar acts only as a custodian handling all administrative issues for the customer's retirement property investments. This helps customers to focus on maximizing their returns while minimizing distractions like paperwork.

A GoldStar real estate IRA is the perfect way for any investor to diversify their portfolio. Customers can invest in two different ways: as a direct owner or through an LLC and LP, which offer great tax benefits while still maintaining the security of the customers' investment.

The IRA can invest in any property that is directly attached to the land as well as investments such as rental properties or a business with re-sale potential. In order for this type of investment, the holder must be named on the title, and all expenses are routed through their account.

For example, GoldStar requires a third-party property manager if there is income production from these types of assets; furthermore one cannot contribute sweat equity (doing it yourself).

A real estate IRA may own shares of a real estate-owning LLC or LP. With this structure, the LLC or LP must pass GoldStar Trust Company's approval to be held as a privately offered investment and they prefer not single member LPs because each investor will have their money in one account.

A real estate IRA can invest in the most common types of investment properties including homes, apartments, rental properties, condominiums and commercial buildings. The other option is for farmland or undeveloped land which have always been an attractive real estate option due to their sustainability factor since it will not depreciate over time as well as a low overhead cost.

The investor may choose to buy any property they so desire, but the offering documents must be titled GoldStar Trust Co. FBO (IRA Owner Name). Using personal funds to pay the earnest money will result in the IRA becoming disqualified.


A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that buys and sells income-producing properties. A shopping mall, apartment complex, data center, healthcare facility, or hotel can all be examples of what they own.

In the last decade, their assets have grown to include infrastructures like fiber cables for utilities as well as cell towers or energy pipelines; office buildings are also popular investments among REITs today due to increased demand for space in urban areas.

In the United States, there are 225 publicly-traded REITs. Unlike other types of real estate companies, a REIT company does not develop properties for resale purposes; instead it acquires and develops property primarily to operate them as part of its portfolio investment strategy.

GoldStar Self-Directed REIT IRAs can be a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. They allow you to invest in real estate by purchasing shares of publicly or non publicly traded companies.


Don't be fooled by the company's Yelp rating of 1.5/5 based on 14 customer reviews. GoldStar Trust has a whopping 4.4/5 TrustPilot rating, made up of 50 customers' words and thoughts about their experience with this company.


GoldStar is selective about who they work with within the screening phase. The company carefully considers dealers and brokers from all over their country before deciding to move forward or not.

The company is the best at making sure customers are protected. They will inform their clients of anything going on that they may not be aware of, and provide them with recommendations for how to handle it.

GoldStar Trust Company is a company that stands out from the competition because it tells you everything up front.

The website clearly displays rates, and rather than hiding fees or simplifying them to just cost per transaction as most competitors do, GoldStar gives its customers an easy way of comparing different offers with one another.

The GoldStar Trust Company is one of the lesser-known financial institutions in America. It has a much smaller customer base than others, as there are few public reviews with either positive or negative feedback on this company.

However, over at Better Business Bureau site, they have an A+ rating and seem to be doing well based on their latest report card.

GoldStar Trust Company is a company that offers an array of financial services to people who have invested in their IRA.

One aspect they offer which makes them stand out from other companies is the fact that GoldStar also promotes church loans and annuities for those interested in investing their money into something unique like this.

I think it would be wise if anyone looking at IRAs took some time researching what Goldstar has on offer before making any final decisions as well!

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