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Are GSA Backlinks Good For Your Site?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for educational purposes only, building automated links is very likely to end up with a Google penalty or removal of your website from the Google index permanently.

What are GSA Backlinks?

GSA Backlinks is the name used for the links generated by an automated backlink builder program called the GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker). The software was very popular in recent years that it named the backlinks it was generating.

Using this software requires a certain level of technical skills. Executed wrong it may provide undesirable results like errors and very low-quality backlinks.

What are the types of links that can be created with GSA SER?

Here is a list of the types of links that can be created with GSA SER.

  • Blog comment links
  • Web 2.0 Contextual links
  • Social profile links
  • Guestbook links
  • Article directory links
  • Forum posting links
  • Microblog links
  • Wikis

GSA is still widely used to create tiered link-building campaigns. Because it allows creating Tier 2 & Tier 3 links that will provide link juice to strengthen the Tier 1 backlinks.

Capabilities that GSA SER Software Can Perform

I have summarized below the most important capabilities GSA SER can do.

It runs multiple simulations at once, allowing you to compare your website with your competitors in real-time. The software will show you how your site compares to other sites in your niche. However, it is up to you to apply optimization recommendations.

Although building links with GSA generally is not a smart idea, it may help you with your links. It can help to repair broken links, removing useless ones, etc.

GSA can create content, however, it is low-quality content that cannot be used as a permanent source of any content marketing campaign.

I don't mean GSA is bad as an automated content-generating tool. What I mean no article spinner or automated tool today can produce human-written-like content.

However, if you want to use this feature, you can read and rectify the issues on the generated content that the program delivers.

GSA is equipped with features like proxy scrapers, captcha service integration, indexing, automated drip feeding, and backlink filtering.

The program comes with a lifetime subscription. You buy it once and you don't need to make a payment anymore.

Should You Have GSA SER Backlinks?

There is no simple Yes or No answer to give this question. However, I want to let you know that building links by using any type of tool is against Google's term of services.

In fact, building any type of links either automated or manual to get a higher search engine position is against Google's term of services.

Google in recent years penalized many websites that build massive amounts of links by using these types of tools.

The real problem with this tool comes from the number of links built at once. GSA backlinks are usually built as thousands at once. No matter what type of link it is, if built excessive amount in a short period of time, it will be processed by Google as webspam.

If you build GSA links like everyone else does a Google penalty is almost guaranteed. There is no way building tons of links at once and get along well with that.

Even if you build considerably less risky types of backlinks like guest posting links, if you do it too fast, you will simply burn up your website.

Another problem with GSA links, the list of websites that links are created is used by everyone else in the market. If everyone else builds automated links from the same resource, it is almost certain to get caught by Google.

Is there a safe way to build them?

In my opinion, there is almost no safe way to build GSA links. Because automated tools tend to leave footprints that may be noticed by search engines easily.

However, if you want to build a handful of links I don't believe it would do any harm. Also, I am not sure if it would make any good for your website.

In my research, I have found people using GSA links considerably safely only with the below method.

Here is a better use of these links.

Once you publish a post on a very high authority website that has already established reputation and trust with Google, you may point GSA backlinks to that website.

I don't want to name any specific website here. You know those websites Google will never penalize. You can post your content in there and create some GSA backlinks to help your website.

Make sure your content has multiple outbound links instead of having only your site's link inside.

Are Fiverr GSA Links Safe To Buy?

Fiverr is good to outsource certain tasks, while it is terrible for other groups of tasks. Link building on Fiverr is generally not recommended.

However, for Social signals, local citations, or indexing a new website it may be an OK choice.

When you search on Fiverr the GSA backlinks you will notice right away the links are sold in bulk amounts. Most sellers will warn buyers not to point those links directly to a money site.

Most of the time people use GSA links to strengthen their Tier 2 & Tier 3 links.

This may help to reduce the risks associated with the GSA links since no links are directly pointing to the money site. However, if you build a million of them there will be some anomaly anyways.

GSA links from Fiverr

Here what I have found by looking at several Fiverr seller's gig descriptions recommending how to use GSA links:

  • YouTube videos
  • Web 2.0s (Like WordPress/Blogger)
  • Tier 2/3 Links
  • URL Shorteners/Redirects
  • Facebook, Twitter, other social media
  • Amazon Pages & eBay Pages
  • 301 Redirecting Sites

These links found by any affiliate network will cause your account immediately get suspended. Hence it is not a good idea to point them to any affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

We have already discussed GSA links are blackhat links that are extremely risky for any website.

However, if you still want to have them either for your money site or as a part of your multi-tier link building campaign, take it really slow.

Usually, a few links built are well enough.

Try using different anchor text variations as below:

  • brand anchor
  • exact/phrase/partial match anchor
  • naked link anchor
  • LSI anchor
  • primary/secondary/generic anchor
  • image link

Do not use a single anchor to create more than a single link.

Have a natural mixture of nofollow/dofollow links. Having all dofollow links is very suspicious for the search engines.

Do not have more than one link from a single root domain.

GSA links are in general low-quality links than guest posting links. The only reason you may want to have them to create a versatile backlink profile.

In reality, we don't know if they really work. What we know, it may do more damage than any good for your website.

All in all, I don't build these links for my sites or recommend them to anyone. Google is getting smarter every day and it is very likely to figure out those links either today or sometime in the future.

Instead, I would recommend following white hat SEO practices that may help your site to achieve a more sustainable growth that lasts many years.