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How Can You Index Your Backlinks?


Backlinks are still a very important part of Google's algorithm. However, if they are not indexed they will not help to boost your website's rankings.

Unless you build your links by using white hat SEO techniques, there are very high chances your links may not get indexed.

In recent years, the majority of SEO purchased backlinks from shady link vendors.

The links purchased by the link vendors came from orphan pages that are practically the dead-end of the web. No other websites nor any internal links pointing to those pages.

This is against the main working principle of the web.

The web is built on networking. Websites link each other naturally to reference the information on other sources.

Imagine a post with a 1000 backlinks pointing it. Also, no other pages pointing to any of the 1000 links created.

Would it look any natural to the search engines?

Obviously not!

Search engines by using only this single piece of evidence alone can penalize the websites.

I certainly don't recommend purchasing links from any other website. Since it is not a sustainable way of building links and trust with the search engines.

Let's say you have written a guest post for another blog and you acquired a backlink from that website to yours.

What should you do next?

The first thing I would do kindly asking the site owner publishes my guest post to manually index on the Google Webmasters.

This step would make Google notice our backlink faster.

I also recommend sharing the guest post on social media websites like Twitter or Tumblr right away.

The more visible the content gets faster, the quicker the results we can expect.

Can't Google pick up the new post by itself without needing you to do something?

That is also possible. However, I don't like that approach since it may take some time for the search engines to notice the new piece of content.

We have already discussed using Google webmasters and social media to index our link.

Tiered link building is still very important today as it is before.

We want other backlinks to point our backlinks to bring in link juice and authority to the page we want to rank.

What else we can do is to have a few backlinks by using pinging services like,

  • Ping Farm
  • 24/7 Pinger

Provided that you build your backlinks by using white hat SEO practices by guest posting, answering people's questions on Q&A websites, etc, your backlinks will get indexed for sure.

You don't need to waste your time by tracking if your links are indexed.

You can also benefit from a premium tool like the BacklinksIndexer to index your links even more efficiently.