🚂Instacart Express: Is the Premium Membership Worth It?

By Altay Gursel | January 12, 2021

Should you have Instacart Express Premium Membership?

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Instacart Express

Is the Instacart Express Premium Membership worth the 99$ annual price tag? To answer this question let’s have a look at what it is first.

What is Instacart Express?

Instacart Express is the online grocery ordering delivery service, making driving to the market, waiting in line, and running into people you really don’t want to run into, (ugh, my mother-in-law in isle 7 again…) a thing of the past.

grocery line
This is definitely not fun.

But is it too good to be true?

Let’s have a look and breakdown the service to see if it is truly worth it?

The cost of the service

A lot of these reviews cover the cost last. In this case, we’re going to look at first and foremost, and then discuss what you get to justify spending a crisp and new Benjamin Franklin on it.

Instacart Express pricing

Instacart Express costs $99 for an annual membership. If an annual commitment isn’t your thing, consider $9.99 for the monthly membership. If you go the monthly route, however, you will wind up paying $20 more each year. You will save a good deal of cash if you opt for the $99 annual fee though.


Personally, while trying it out, the monthly fee would be the recommended way to go. Once you find out if this service is for you, upgrading is available.

It’s best to only be out a few bucks and trial and cancel something you don’t like, vs paying that hundred right off the bat and regretting it every day afterward.

Also, consider how often you would use the service. If it’s something you think you will use often, obviously the annual plan is the best choice.

But is it all really worth it? Well, that’s what we’re here for right?

What are the benefits?

The Express program is much better than the standard for one main reason, the service and delivery fees will eventually eat you alive if you use the service often under the standard membership.

By becoming an Instacart Express Member, any order over 35$ is free.

This is unlimited, so it’s not like its just the first 10 orders or has some other weird catch. Also, at no extra charge, you can easily and enjoyably order from multiple different stores at once without expecting any type of an additional charge.

Oh, and you’ll never find yourself having to worry about price inflation during periods of high demand. I would assume this holds true unless the manufacturer’s price goes up of course.

One of my favorite benefits or perks, if you will, of Instacart Express is that you don’t ever have to worry about placing orders during rush time.

The premium membership grants you the ability to place orders whenever you want, even during popular delivery times.

What if its 5:00 p.m. on a Friday night?

Well, rest assured knowing that you won’t be required to pay anything extra in terms of busy pricing.

As I mentioned, as an Instacart Express member, you will be able to shop from many different local stores and add them all to one order.

This is at no extra cost.

Basically, if you have yourself a very specific list of items that can only be purchased at select stores, you can still go ahead and place your order worry-free and for actual free. No added cost what-so-ever.

So imagine that you have several specific items that you need and they are currently at Walmart.

While most Walmart’s sell groceries nowadays as well, for sake of the example let’s say there some things you need from your local grocery store like GIANT (or whatever is near you), you can go ahead and purchase what you need from both stores, and it won’t cost you a penny extra!

Some Extra Benefits

There are a lot of people out there that are on the coupon train. And honestly, there’s no reason not to be. By strategically matching and pairing coupons, the savings you could amass could be rather impressive.

grocery coupons

If you yourself are an extreme couponer or even a casual couponer, you would do well to know you can practice your couponing skills here as well.

You can save yourself a few bucks here and thereby taking advantage of a bunch of different promo codes and coupon codes that are floating around from time to time.

Some of these promo codes allow you to sign up for Instacart and receive a certain amount of cash off of your first order. You have to admit, this is a fantastic way to end up scoring an extra 10 bucks when ordering from Instacart your first time.

After you sign-up and redeem your $10, you are then able to refer friends and family in order to receive up to $50 in free groceries.

Can’t be mad about that right?

Instacart express saves money

Groceries on your shelves and money in your pocket.

Instacart coupon codes are available via the Instacart app. You’re able to peruse through all of the current coupons whenever and where ever you want, at your leisure, for all of your favorite stores.

You can also save the coupons, allowing you to easily organize the ones that you’re planning on using.

Is Instacart Express Financially Worth It?

Since you’ll be throwing down a $99 yearly fee if you decide that signing up for the annual membership is the route that you want to take.

To break it down a bit, if you start by at least placing an order from Instacart once every week, you’ll most likely end up breaking even within at least a month’s time, if not sooner. In this regard, the service would, in a way, pay for itself.

Think of it like this. I’ll do my best to show you a comparison of the two services. Express vs standard, and show you how finically “worth it” it is.

Let’s assume that you place an order for the minimum delivery amount of $35 every week.

As we elaborated on this earlier, this will, in fact, score you free delivery with Express.

With the Express membership, you are waived of having to dish out any extra cash to pay any hidden delivery fees or service fees.

In just over a quarter of a year of using the standard service in this same method, you already spent more in fees than you would have if you would have just bought the Express package in the first place.

Not to mention the extra fees that you will endure of ordering during busy periods, and selecting faster delivery options.

I can safely say that when it comes to Instacart, the Express membership clearly and easily outweighs the standard.

If you’re still unsure of the whole thing and don’t want to drop that crisp Benjamin Franklin just yet, then read on to the next point. The FREE trial!

The Instacart Express 14-Day FREE Trial

If you’re still not convinced which way you want to go or if you even want to try this service out at all. Consider this. Instacart offers up a totally no-risk, 14-Day free trial.

This allows even the most skeptical consumer to jump into the driver seat and give it a test ride by signing up for the trial period. You’ll be able to enjoy all the Express benefits without dropping even a penny on the service.

If you are still on the fence, consider this to help make up your mind.

Simply head on over to the Instacart Express sign up page, enter all of your information, press submit, and be on your way to hopefully enjoy your 2 weeks of free service.

After the trial is up, if you’d like to keep on using the service, your credit card with simply be charged the fee afterward, and you’ll be set to go.

As for how it is with pretty much every free trial out there, if you’re not pleased, make sure that you cancel the subscription before the 2-week period ends or you will be charged.

I should also add that the Instacart Express trial period is only valid one time per household. So think of it more like a family trial then a personal one.

What’s the Verdict?

Instacart Express is absolutely 100% worth the premium fee if you find yourself placing orders weekly or bi-weekly.

As covered above, the money you will save from service fees and delivery fees alone is very substantial.

If you live in a crowded or congested city or area where Instacart Express can work for you, and you find yourself needing weekly or bi-weekly groceries, this service could be a game-changer for you.

Try out the trial first, and see if you agree!