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Should you work with JM Bullion?

You want to invest in gold, and it is a great decision. However gold is not something you can go out there and buy as you purchase your groceries.

There are fine details and specific considerations you need to pay close attention to. Where you buy your gold and how you buy it would make a big difference for your investment.

Today we are going to talk about the JM Bullion. A reputable company offers various precious metal investment options for those who want to grow their capital.

Contact Details

Address: PO Box 11088, Lancaster, PA 17605
Phone: (800) 276-6508
Fax: (872) 888-1220
Email: [email protected]

What is JM Bullion?

JM Bullion

JM Bullion is a precious metal retailer located in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in gold, silver, and other precious metals products and offers a convenient platform to its customers to make online purchases.

The company was founded by Jonathan Wanchalk and Michael Wittmeyer in the fall of 2011 and has held true to its objective, which is to support investors worldwide own physical bullions rather than own precious metals on screen.

The organization opened its doors in Lancaster, PA for the first time, where it would stay for the first 2 years of its existence. Michael and Jonathan began back when the weekly average gold price per Troy ounce was roughly $1,755.52.

Fast-forward 9 months later, and JM Bullion reached its first $100,000 sales a day, a substantial achievement in the company’s history, especially when you find it to be a two-person business. Jonathan and Michael recruited their first employee with it’s first-anniversary right around the corner.

Just a little over a year old, JM Bullion reached $1 M in sales and more than a hundred workers and profits shooting through the roof. JM Bullion, enjoying their surge of prosperity, took a strategic choice to sustain the development trajectory; they relocated to Dallas, Texas.

The step was targeted at increasing customer reach and helping the company obtain exposure to a far broader pool of talent. And the change paid off, as two months later, the business had expanded to more than 100,000 customers on its client list.

JM Bullion received its first historic attention with the profits flying through the roof, an increasingly rising client base and employees. The business gained the number one position in Dallas 100 in 2015, having recently expanded into Dallas.

The company issued the one-millionth order only a year after the relocation to Dallas, Texas, after its establishment back in 2011. This was a tribute to its continuing growth, influence and success.

Shortly after, the business made it to Inc. 500 and reached number 40 as one of the fastest-growing private enterprises in the US, competing with major names like Microsoft, Oracle, and so on.

The precious metal products JM Bullion offers are mainly in the shape of bullions, coins and bars. You may be wondering how they can provide good deals as opposed to most other gold dealers on the market. The answer is quite simple.

They work with precious metals mints and distributors directly to ensure providing the best quality for the most affordable price.    

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What products are offered by the company?

  • ​Bullion Bars
  • ​Bullion Coins
  • E-commerce
  • Numismatic Coins
  • ​Self-Directed IRA

How can you order gold from JM Bullion?

There are a few ways customers can order gold and other precious metals from JM Bullion. The option you will choose will depend on which option would feel the most convenient for you.

Through the online store

You probably ordered something from Amazon before. Ordering from JM Bullion online store is a very similar experience to that.

As a customer you can pick precious metals you want, add them to your cart and finalize the shopping with the checkout. The company made the ordering process very intuitive hence there will be no surprises.

You can read each and every detail about the specific metal product and decide if it is the right option for you. 

Filling out the lead form

You can fill out the lead form on the company website to be called by a sales representative. 

This option can be viable for those who prefer to contact a knowledgeable person before placing an order. It can be a good idea particularly for those unfamiliar with precious metal investment products.

A representative will call you to guide you to  answer your questions and help you to pick the right products to include in your portfolio.  

Call The Company

It is no surprise that a big majority of the people investing in the precious metals are primarily the older generation. I don’t why but that is the fact. That maybe due to their longer life experience led them to trust less to government issued money.

For whatever the reason you can directly call the company to talk to a sales representative instantly. You can even place an order on the phone if you really feel it is the most convenient option for you.

Once an order is placed using any of the above described methods, ordered items are delivered to the address defined during the checkout process. It is that simple and the same process applies pretty much to all major gold investment companies. 

Shipping Rates

JM Bullion provides free shipping and shipping insurance for any shipments above $99 and charges a $3.99 base processing fee for shipments under $99. This helps clients to optimize the worth of their purchases but on checkout they do have delivery choices.

It is worth remembering, though, that JM Bullion is only shipping to addresses in the US, and that involves shipment to P.O Boxes along with military addresses. They do offer a range of shipping carriers but UPS and USPS are the two most common ones.

Thanks to their base shipping carrier, they are able to ship at a relatively low price but they require customers to change their shipping carrier at checkout based on the order.

And since they recognize the importance of choice when transporting precious metals, they bundle the order tightly into a waterproof envelope before inserting a transporting box with wrapping material to keep it fully protected.

They also allow investors to monitor their shipment from the time they order it to their front door when their delivery arrives. They ship orders within one day of payment clearance, and give them an email update as soon as their order is shipped.

💳 Accepted Payment Methods

As an online dealer for physical gold, the company offers a number of payment choices. They also have a simple and direct payment process which makes checking out incredibly convenient for clients.

That being said, to streamline the entire procedure, they also put out some criteria for each payment type. When accepting credit or debit cards, without discounts they must have a minimum balance of $0 and an overall balance of no less than $5,000.

The company accepts the most mainstream online payment system, PayPal, but customers need a minimum zero balance with a limit of $10,000 and they don’t give any discounts at all. Then it is suggested to use a Paper check, BankWire, ACH or Bitcoin to get a discount on any order.

They give discounts of 4% on all orders paid by Paper Check, BankWire, and ACH. Nevertheless, customers are required to have a minimum balance of $0, and a maximum balance of $50,000 and $10,000, respectively, for Paper Check and ACH.

For Bank Wire transfers, customers are required to have a minimum account balance of $2,500 and a limit of $250,000. Customers need a minimum balance of $0 and a limit of $150,000 to pay in Bitcoin, but they get a 3% discount for all purchases.

Does JM Bullion Sell Gold and Silver Eagles?

JM Bullion has a collection of American Gold Eagle Coins eligible for sale at any point. Some of their most famous items are the classic gold eagle coin depicting lady liberty designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907.

It was created to be a realistic representation of the increasing growth of the world in the 20th century and to step in it. JM Bullion also offers American silver eagles which is one of the most famous choices for collectors and investors in the world.

What do I like about JM Bullion?

Wide variety of precious metal selection 

The wide variety of items sold at JM Bullion enables buyers to pick from. Silver, silver, copper bars and coins are among the products available which come in a variety of denominations.

The company applies no service charges

Another good attribute of this investment company is the absence of service charges that are imposed on top of the purchase price of the product. In this context, the actual amount to be charged is the one stated in the price specified, as well as any delivery costs that apply to it.

There are no commission service fees applied to the cost of the bought metals.

Most recent product price list

The costs of the sold items are up-to-date, as provided by a data feed from Xignite.com. Metal prices are often focused on a reasonable market price figure, which is given at the specific point of sale.

Moreover, the company’s official website has a lock in feature that keeps the gold price for 10 minutes (from the moment you start the checkout process).

What I don’t like about JM Bullion?

No Storage Services Offered

Having storage for the purchased product is a special ancillary service which investors are looking for in a company. Unfortunately, this capability is absent from JM Bullion which can be a concern for investors because they need to have their own storage.

It is not a listed dealer with U.S Mint

It’s another thing that is largely missing from JM Bullion which is also essential for investors.

When it comes to evaluating investment companies, it encourages to work with one who is not only a listed US Mint dealer, but also has a legitimate ICTA membership, which contributes to the prestige of a business.

Not TRUSTe Verified

If you pay a certain sum to purchase products, it is vital that the business is checked as being TRUSTe. This way, when you conduct your purchases online, you’ll have a sense of security.

JM Bullion – IRA Fees

Initial Setup FeesDepends on Custodian
Annual Admin FeesDepends on Custodian
Annual Storage FeesNot Disclosed
Required Minimum Purchase Not Disclosed
Preferred DepositoryInvestor Choice

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

BBB Accredited Business

Since 14 July 2014 the organization has been a BBB-accredited business. It is actually ranked A+ and has received several complaints on these things below:

  • Sales and advertising issues
  • Problems with product and service
  • Delivery issues
  • Complaints on billing and collection issues

The actual number of these issues are not provided here. 

While these problems have been fixed, certain customers aren’t comfortable in dealing with a business with a background of dissatisfaction with products and services provided (read more).

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

Business Consumer Alliance

The company has no current accreditation with BCA, and no new complaints have also been filed with BCA.



JM Bullion is listed with TrustLink but as of now, no current feedback or ratings are available.

Ripoff Report


There used to be problems with the company and JM Bullion is listed on Ripoff Report.com. However, the company has fixed those issues.

Final Verdict

👍 The GOOD

  • Wide variety of precious metal selection 
  • The company applies no service charges
  • Most recent product price list (Up-to-date pricing information)
  • Price Lock in Feature 

👎 The BAD

  • No Storage Services Offered
  • Problems with sales and advertising
  • It is not a listed dealer with U.S Mint
  • Not TRUSTe Verified

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