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Keyword freshness is the term used to describe how recently a keyword introduced to the web. Either someone for the first time mentioned it or used it in a piece of content.

Let’s start with an example right away.

The term “hodling” is an acronym for holding a cryptocurrency with the expectation of its value to rise in the future.

In a cryptocurrency forum, a guy was basically drunk-posting, made a typo when he meant to type “hold”. The new keyword quickly spread across the web.

Until someone introduces the new term to the web, there is no such keyword. Shortly after the crypto community started to use this term in their content frequently. Today it is a common keyword targeted by cryptocurrency content marketers.

New keywords can provide massive web traffic opportunities since they don’t have a built-up competition yet. They are also out of the radar of many content marketers for a quite long period of time.

I personally like to hunt for fresh keyword opportunities recently hitting to the market. Because the demand for those keywords is high, but the supply of good content not much.

Fresh keyword opportunities can be especially beneficial for new websites. Because it can drive traffic really fast without needing to build backlinks.

I find them similar to long-tail keywords in terms of keyword supply-demand ratio they have. As we know long-tail keywords usually have a low search volume with low competition.

Fresh keywords have the same feature with a twist. These keywords have search volume that tends to increase over time. The beautiful part of following fresh keyword opportunities, they may spread across the web virally. You can hit the jackpot while your competitors have no idea about the keyword that drives you traffic.

Because until the keyword research tools collect information such as monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, etc you already made a bank.

Google also likes the content mentioning the terms that are not seen anywhere before. It assigns a novelty score for each piece of content. This score is an input of Google’s algorithm.

Every new keyword goes through a keyword consolidation period before it becomes widely targeted by the content developers.

In the beginning, search volume for a fresh keyword increases geometrically. Until it hits a certain plateau, it will have wild volatility for the number of monthly searches it has.

Then competition kicks in, and more and more people target the same keyword. As a result, it gradually declines in profitability.

How to find untapped keywords no one else is targeting?

In my opinion, the best way to find new keywords that no one else is targeting is to visit Q&A sites. Quora can be a good place to start with. Find the latest questions in your niche, and search for the brand new keyword ideas that are untapped.

Reddit is another great website since the Reddit community actively shares almost everything. You can dive into subreddits to find virgin keywords that may offer immense ROI for your business.

I would also recommend checking out the post explaining how to rank for unknown keywords.

The biggest advantage of targeting fresh keywords, they improve the authority of our website over time.

More of our content gets visitors faster, Google likely to improve our SERP position faster. Better we rank we can acquire more backlinks naturally.

It works like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once a chain reaction of the right things starts, it grows like an avalanche.

Websites that sit on the first page of Google are likely to keep their position for a longer period of time.

It is really though to outrank a website who has the #1 Google position for a competitive keyword.

Why do I think so?

Because more people backlink to them their authority grows and they rank better. The better they rank more backlinks they will acquire naturally.

Once you write a piece of content you want to add a few outbound links. You write your keyword on Google and usually link to the first few results that Google recommends you.

I almost never backlink to my competitor unless I have a personal relationship with it.

To sum up, targeting fresh keywords can provide massive opportunities quickly.

Do I recommend only targeting those but nothing else?

Absolutely not, but use them to diversify your content marketing efforts. Diversification has great benefits in many businesses.

The sweetest part, if you target brand new low competition keywords you don’t need to create long-form content. Usually, a 1000 word of copy more than enough.