Lexi Capital Review

Lexi Capital

Company Background

Lexi Capital was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs who were working on a business plan for a UCLA class project. They turned that first-prize winning idea into Lexi Capital, which assists retirement investors in navigating fluctuating gold and silver markets.

To accomplish this, the company employs a variety of strategies and tools, which we will discuss further later. Aside from investments, it also provides deep insights for “would-be” investors into assets that are recession-resistant.

From its inception to date, it has helped numerous private and corporate entities invest and accrue meaningful returns on their inputs.

They simply do not rake in a consistent flow of returns and are also prone to negative economic externalities.

Even if they bring in some returns, the same is not as high as should naturally be the case. Its business model is largely targeted to the individual rather than the corporate investor.

Throughout its life and operations, the company aims at aiding small-scale retailers and investors to make the most of their investments in precious metals. Specifically, it targets much of its resources and focuses on the retirees who lack the vibrancy that is needed for the common forms of investments.

Lexi Capital Pricing & Fees

Lexi Capital, like any other company, charges fees and charges for all of the services it provides. This, of course, is to make a profit in addition to covering administrative costs.

Its fees and pricing are, however, more affordable when compared to the competition.

Here now is a breakdown of the charges and the fees it levies:

  • $80 initial setup fee
  • $95 annual administration fee
  • $100 annual storage fee
  • $275 total annual fee

Lexi Capital Gold Ira Investment Fees

Aside from the administrative costs described above, Lexi Capital does levy some costs associated with the gold. Below is the breakdown of those costs:

  • $1,500 minimum investment
  • Zero new account fees for investments worth no less than $15,000
  • $45 market loss policy cancelation fees

Lexi Capital Storage

The company has two storage options for its clients. For one, the client may request that the precious metal be delivered to his doorstep. In this instance, the client concerned will have to store the metal on his own and on his own premises.

This option is risky, for obvious reasons.

Next, the buyer may prefer that the metal be held in escrow by Lexi Capital. In this sense, the company makes use of one of its numerous storage depots that are strewn all over.

The most outstanding of these is the Delaware Depository that is located in Wilmington, Delaware. This option is safer and more preferred by many clients.

Investing with Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital deals primarily in gold and silver. It aids small-scale investors to purchase, store and resell these items for a profit. While at this, the firm endeavors to enable its clients to accrue the highest returns on their investments.

Other than that, the firm also deals in other forms of investments.

Below now is a breakdown of those alternative forms:

  • Establishing gold and silver IRA rollovers
  • Deeds, trusts, and real estate
  • Tax liens, mortgages, and IRS-approved precious metals
  • Real investment trusts, closely-held stocks, and promissory notes
  • Limited liability and private limited partnership companies

Have you now decided to invest your money in precious metals? We want to advise you now on how to do so. Follow the steps below to actualize this:

Step 1: Open your account

Start with opening an account. You will have to fill out an online application form to do so. You will find this form on the official website. At the site, you will also access a link that is located at the top of the page. The link grants access to the Express IRA Application.

The opening process entails furnishing information about your name, unique identifiers, contact details, bank account, and other investments. Specify also how you plan to rollover your funds to the scheme.

Step 2: Fund your account

Next, you have to fund your account. This simply means depositing cash into your account.

The company accepts many payment options like checks, cash, existing retirement accounts, and online payment platforms. You have to check out first and foremost before determining the preferred option for your convenience.

Step 3: Speak to an adviser

The company has many advisers who are stationed at the back end. These are people who act to guide clients to start out with matters of investments.

You will be assigned a personal adviser who will take you from scratch through to the finish. Do not hesitate to speak to this person whenever you are confused.

Step 4: Purchase your metals

At this stage, you have to purchase your metal now. Determine which one between gold and silver, you prefer. While at it, familiarize yourself with the prevailing IRA rules about that metal.

This helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts and confusions that potentially arise in the course of handling the metals.

Step 5: Ship your metals

Depending on what you want, you may either wish to ship in your metals and keep them at your home or have the company keep them for you in its repository. The latter option is by far the better as it is safer and more reliable. Opt for the first one only if your home is strong and secure.

NB: All factors considered, opening and operationalizing an account with Lexi Capital takes roughly 10 days, on average.

Customer Service

Lexi Capital places a premium on the satisfaction of the clients. That is why it has a robust customer care regime in place to handle and oversee the affairs of the clients it serves.

To do this, it employs a variety of tools and outlets. Among these are emails, webchats, contact us, links, and the website customer services.

In most cases, the customer care executives do respond within 24-48 hours. Thanks to this fast turnaround, customers have reported reduced downtimes and waiting times.

Over and above faster turnaround times, the company also accepts requests for the cancelation of orders.

Why choose Lexi Capital?

Of course, Lexi Capital is not the only IRA investment company in existence. It does have some advantages nonetheless that make it stand out from the rest. In this segment of our conversations, we take a look into these factors that make it stand out.

Stronger portfolio

This firm has a somewhat stronger portfolio when weighed against those of its competitors. On the basis of this arrangement, the portfolio of the company does evoke stronger returns.

At the same time, they maintain higher demands on both international and domestic markets. Need we add that their investments are more reliable in the long run?

Gold assurance plan

It runs the distinct gold assurance plan. This is a 6-month re-pricing policy that aims to empower your investments principally by aiding the mitigation of the adverse short-term effects.

The assurance provides protection to investments that are valued at $500 per ounce on the higher side.

Client education

The company does value the well-being of its clients. That is why it also strives to enrich the knowledge base of the clients it works with.

In pursuance of this, the firm endeavors to educate and enlighten the clients on the matters of precious metals and their performances in investments.

Effective and seamless communications

Throughout the engagement with the clients, the company upholds an effective and seamless communication regime.

It communicates the eligibility of the portfolio of the client during the purchase period. In this way, it offers the guidance needed by the clients to make more informed investment decisions.

Limited controls

Unlike other like-minded firms, this one adopts a more limited control of the investment process.

It grants each client plenty of leeway to determine the direction in which his investment ought to go. Put differently, the firm merely advises the client and leaves it to him to take the necessary actions.

Strategic investments

For maximum returns on investments, the firm does invest strategically in areas and portfolios that are likely to rake in higher returns.

Through this arrangement, the firm ensures that the investments of each client bring in the highest possible profit levels manageable. This is evidenced by its generally higher rates of returns compared to those of other firms.

PROs & CONs working with Lexi Capital


Here now are the leading pros of Lexi Capital investment portfolio:

  • A 6-month price buyback program
  • Free shipping on the first orders
  • $1,000 new account bonus
  • Gold Assurance Plan six-month return policy
  • Exceptional attention to silver and gold investments
  • Express IRA application
  • Leeway to incorporate other assets in your investment schemes


We wrap it up with some of the cons of its investment plan:

  • The company is still in its infancy
  • Its website is not detailed enough for newbies
  • Some clients have decried poor phone call responses


Let us now answer some of the persistently asked questions about the subject matter:

Q1. Is it possible for me to establish a limited liability company with Lexi Capital?

A. NOT really! This company deals almost exclusively in precious metals. You will hence have to look up to other investment firms to have your way in this. Get online and use the search engines to find out about these firms in your area.

Q2. What is the minimum investment amount of Lexi Capital?

A. $1,500, it is! This amount is significantly lower than that of many alternative investment firms that deal in precious metals.

You hence have this firm for your consideration if you are cash-strapped or would still want to try and see how things are likely to turn out before venturing full-throttle.

Q3. Are the coins of Lexi Capital graded and certified?

A. YES, they are! The company ensures that its coins are graded and certified by the prevailing accreditation firms. This step sees to it that the coins are trustworthy and less likely to lead to losses and other issues that may imperil the safety of the investments.

Q4. Is it possible for me to return the precious metals to the firms?

A. YES, but strictly within a span of 3 days. All coins of the company are tracked by a unique tracking number.

The company is able to tell where exactly its coins are at any given time hence. This ensures the minimal likelihood of any wastes, pilferage, or losses while the same is in transit.

Q5. Can I cancel an order?

A. YES, you can! A $45 cancelation order applies to any cancelation. On top of this, the cancelation has to meet the requirements spelled out by the company policy. You have to check and ascertain whether indeed your order is eligible or not before placing a cancelation request.

Is Lexi Capital Legit?

YES, it is legit. The company has helped countless scores of retirees to tap into the lucrative precious metal investments.

Many have hailed its higher rates of returns and the overall reliability of the firm insofar as the matters of facilitating such investments are concerned.


There you have it! If you are desirous of accruing the highest and the most reliable revenue inflows, this is the firm to partner with.

A combination of its lower minimum investments, higher rates of returns, and exceptional customer service is to explain this. Go for it with the utmost confidence hence!