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How are Meijer and Walmart when compared each other?

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What are Meijer and Walmart?

Walmart is a retailer and wholesaler in the United States. Across the nation, the Company offers affordable prices in a wide range of items and services every day.

Meijer is a Midwest-based grocery store chain run by a family. The retailer is available in 204 locations, including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan.

The family-owned company deals with groceries, as well as fashion, automobiles, banking, home décor, electronics, pharmacy, health, and beauty care. The company has over a thousand employees in its 240 supercenters.


In 1962, Meijer launched the first “Thrifty Acres,” a food and general retail store, which gave customers the opportunity to buy everything they needed in one trip. The founder’s grandsons, Hank and Doug Meijer, now run the company.

The concept was born in the midst of the Great Depression when food was limited. In Greenville, Michigan, a humble neighborhood barber noticed a need and saw an opportunity in 1934.

Hendrik Meijer bought $328.76 worth of products on credit to take care of the customers who came to his barbershop. They opened North Side Grocery with Fred his son who was 14 years at the time.

Meijer continued to seek new opportunities among other ways of delivering better service to his clients.

He renamed his establishment Meijer's Grocery and started advertising in newspapers and used beautiful metal shopping trolleys to expand his business.

Hendrik devoted his company's support to the war effort as World War II raged, and women, like the Arsenal of Democracy, became an essential element of the war effort.

Meijer's expansion started in earnest after the war. The business opened its first store in Grand Rapids, Michigan's second-largest city, after acquiring an office in Greenville.

Meijer requested its customers to help name a new emblem as the company's client base grew. A client offered the name “Thrifty” for the Meijer little Dutch Boy mascot in a local contest, and it was chosen.

With the beginning of the baby boom and technological improvements, Meijer explored new ways to assist its clients.

He was among the first grocers in the region to use an automatic conveyor belt to help customers speed through the checkout line. When television became popular in the 1950s, Meijer quickly followed suit, airing commercials on the renowned Romper Room show.


Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, founded Walmart in 1962, with an early concentration on rural areas to avoid competing directly with retailing behemoths like Kmart and Sears.

In 1970, Walmart went public, with the first shares going for $16.50 per share. The company was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. The company made $78 million in sales with 51 locations.

In 1969, the company was founded as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and went national the following year. As it evolved, the company ventured into new formats of retailing, such as Wal-Mart Supercenters in 1988 and Sam's Club discount warehouses in 1983.

Wal-Mart has become one of the largest grocers in the United States ten years after it opened combined merchandise and grocery Supercenters.

Wal-Mart becomes the largest retailer in the United States by focusing on the attention of consumers such as direct mail advertising, cost controls like low-cost imports, and distribution network efficiencies that include regional storage.

It entered foreign markets one year later by launching a store in Mexico, and expansion proceeded in nations like Canada, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom, by establishing new stores or acquiring established merchants.

Following Walton's death in 1992, the company saw a drop in sales, but by introducing the company's house brand, sales revived.

How are Meijer and Walmart different?

Walmart and Meijer are both huge supermarkets with a vast range of things to offer their customers. While both stores are fantastic, it's crucial to understand how they differ.

Walmart typically outperforms Meijer in terms of pricing across a wide range of categories. Furthermore, Walmart has a greater store footprint and a larger product range.

However, Meijer looks to compensate its employees a little better than Walmart when it comes to wages and salaries. Walmart, on the other hand, has outlets in 44 more states than Meijer. Furthermore, Meijer doesn't have any sites outside of the United States. It only operates stores in the United States.

What are the similarities between Meijer and Walmart?

Walmart and Meijer are considered hypermarkets. That means they sell products that would normally be found at a grocery shop as well as items seen in a retail store. As a result, you can shop for fresh food, apparel, and other miscellaneous products at either of these locations.

Walmart completely outnumbers Meijer in terms of store location. The company has stores in not only every state in the United States (4,700+ in total) but also in 25 additional countries.

This enormous number of locations contributes significantly to their global reach.

Some of the states where both Walmart and Meijer are present includes:

  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Illinois

Which one is better for online shopping?

According to most people on various online platforms, Meijer is better for online shopping, unlike Walmart.

For customer convenience, Meijer has partnered with Instacart, one of the largest and most widely used grocery delivery services in the United States. As a result, you can rest certain that your shipment will arrive on time and in good condition.

While you may not have access to all of the products available in Meijer shops, you may still choose from a diverse range of products across all departments. Organic products, fresh vegetables, meats, deli foods, household goods, electronics, office supplies, flowers, and much more are among the items available.

Product range

Compared to Meijer, Walmart offers customers a wide range of products. Family wear, automobile products, home furnishings, health and beauty aids, and electronics, hardware, toys, lawn, sporting goods, pet items, garden items, jewelry, and housewares are all available in the stores.

In addition, the company provides on-demand digital video streaming services, as well as house brands or private-label booze. Meijer on the other hand sells electronics, groceries, style, and pharmacy.

Supply chain

In the logistics and supply chain industry, Walmart is no small fish. Walmart sells goods from 70 different nations, has over 11,000 locations, and handles a massive $32 billion in inventory.

As mentioned earlier, Walmart carries everything from home furnishings to fresh produce, and many experts believe their ability to cast such a wide net is due to their use of technology.

Since 1962, they've been innovating their supply chain operations and investing in the latest and greatest technology solutions to ensure they can provide their consumers with the best costs possible.

Meijer does not have a wide range of products like Walmart, the companies supply chain is therefore limited.


For three consecutive years, Walmart tops the ranking of the largest stores in the world. It collects 15.9% of the retail market, downs from 16.9% of the market share observed in the past.

The Shelby report states that Meijer has 54 stores and it grabs 25.2% of the market. Nowadays, Meijer is family-owned and is a large company in the USA.

According to Progressive Grocer, the largest trade publication in the industry, the supermarket’s supercenters average 150,000 to 250,000 square feet and they stock over 220,000 items.

Profit margins

Walmart has maintained a consistent gross profit margin. The retailer's global profit margin in the fiscal year 2021 was 24.3 percent. Meijer on the other hand has an annual income that exceeds $500 million.

Sales events

Both Meijer and Walmart have Black Friday sales events where customers buy products at a discounted price. From June 20th through June 22nd, Walmart hosts Deal Days, which are live on the retailer's website.

This year's event will go an entire day longer than prior years' sales events. For the first time, food and drinks are included in the discounts.

However, Meijer offers its customers a clearance event where goods go for between 30 to 50% off regular prices on clearance apparel.

Special discounts (for students veterans etc)

Despite the fact that there is no Walmart or Meijer military, students discount or any other form of specialized discount for that matter customers have lots of methods to save money.

However, Meijer offers its customers free coupons on its official website.

Available Payment Methods

Meijer accepts major credit and debit cards issued in the United States, including MasterCards and Visas that can be reloaded.

Customers who have an American Express card should use the three numbers on the back of the card rather than the four-digit number on the front.

However, the retailer does not accept gift cards, WIC, Cash App, or EBT. Walmart accepts almost all payment methods apart from purchase orders, cash on delivery, FSA Cards, and EBT.

Which company does generate more revenue?

Walmart's 0.1 percent reported revenue of $559 billion for the fiscal year 2020, up 6.7 percent from the previous year, maintaining its position as the largest United States retailer.

Walmart's U.S. division increased 8.6% year over year, owing to increasing spending per customer visit. The average value of each consumer transaction increased by 22 percent in the fourth quarter.

Except for Sam's Club, Walmart accounts for over 60% of discount store income in the United States and 6.5 percent of total retail revenue without including restaurants.

Between November and January or the fourth quarter, e-commerce sales in the United States increased by 69 percent, while non-store sales increased by 23%.

Meijer on the other hand generated around $18.1 billion in 2020. Since Walmart offers its customers a wide range of products and services, they are able to generate more revenue compared to Meijer.

Return policies

Returns must be made within 90 days under Walmart's regular return policy, although store managers have the discretion to accept returns after that period on a case-by-case basis.

If the retailer accepts your return, you'll normally get a Walmart gift card as a reimbursement. You can return things in-store, via mail for free, or by having them picked up from your home.

You must show a valid photo ID issued by the U.S government and one the hasn't been tampered with in any manner.

If the refund value of the returned goods is equal to or greater than $25, the merchandise will be returned and a Walmart shopping card or gift card will be issued.

However, there are products that Walmart does not accept when returned including, home cleaning supplies, food, pharmacy, paper goods, laundry soap, as well as health and beauty products.

Walmart’s return policy is almost similar to Meijer's. However, Meijer offers customers between 45 days of purchase, to return the items without a receipt.

Meijer's return policy allows customers to return any item for 90 days if they have the receipt. The company has the right to refuse a refund or exchange if you don't have a receipt if the item is damaged or open. Both stores are open and honest about their practices.

International shipping

All international clients are aware that Walmart's online store does not ship outside of the United States, and they are unable to obtain what they desire directly from Walmart, which is very disappointing.

Now that you have USGoBuy on your side, international shipping outside of the United States is no longer an issue or an expensive proposition.

However, Meijer ships products outside the United States but does not cover every country in the world. If Meijer does not ship to your country, one should have the shipment sent to a U.S. package forwarding provider, which will easily forward your order to you., is the most famous US shipping forwarder, since it is tax-free, has the best rates, and is extremely simple to use.

After you register with MyUS or any other shipping company of your choice, you will be given a USA address to which your things will be mailed. They will collect the products on your behalf, combine them, and transport them to you by courier overseas.

Free shipping

Walmart provides its customers with 3- to 5-day free shipping for orders above $35 or for products that do not qualify for free two-day delivery. The $35 includes marketplace and freight items, but shipping is determined on a case-by-case basis based on location.

Meijer on the other hand provides its customers free in-store pickup. Aside from that, customers have to part away with $4.95 as fee delivery per order.