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All To Know About Netflix Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate Program

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services today. It is the undisputed monster when it comes to movies, TV serials, and anything related to streaming online.

Were there any Netflix affiliate program?

Yes, there used to be a Netflix affiliate program which was very profitable from 2010 – 2014.

Many people made good commissions of it while Netflix was earning a lot of new subscribers every day.

So what happened to the Netflix affiliate program?

Back in 2007, Netflix was not as famous as today. People were subscribing to Netflix to use their DVD-by-mail service. There was no online streaming service, and they were struggling to get new subscribers on a consistent basis.

On January 15th, 2007 Netflix announced that it would launch a streaming video service. At that time they have had only a few million subscribers to their DVD-by-mail service. However, Netflix wanted to promote its online video streaming service aggressively.

Therefore they made a strategical move by starting an affiliate program. They offered affiliates a cut from the subscription price if they would refer Netflix to their friends or audience.

Such a brilliant move!

Allowing affiliates to promote Netflix exploded its growth. Because just after the launch of its affiliate program, thousands of people started to promote their free trial offering.

You have guessed it, people love free stuff. Everyone subscribed to their streaming service. Netflix's affiliate program was paying $10 commission if you would refer people to use their free trial.

The affiliate program helped Netflix to expand its services into multiple markets.

Netflix stopped its affiliate program once there was no more need to promote its brand to acquire new customers.

Why pay an extra $10 referral commission to an affiliate while the company can acquire the same customer for free?

FlexOffers affiliate network used to list Netflix affiliate program in 2012, but they no more offering this program since their page stating that they “are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system” anymore.

The company already built its brand, and now they are reinvesting that money on the content to further expand its business.

Can Netflix affiliate program start again?

It doesn't seem possible at this moment. Because Netflix doesn't have anything new to offer to reach a new group of audience. They have already reached almost a maximum number of potential clients through various marketing channels.

If the company starts to offer new services, they may reinitiate its affiliate program.

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Netflix has strong competitors like Disney+ and Amazon Prime. They are really challenging Netflix to hold on to their market share. Both of its competitors have affiliate programs, Netflix may start its affiliate program again to compete with these companies.

I guess even if they start an affiliate program they would work high traffic volume affiliates this time. The company really may not want to lose time with smaller affiliates that may risk the company's reputation at this point.

They may choose to work with a more reputable affiliate network this time and create even smarter affiliate terms for their benefit.

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