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How to beat your competitor without backlinks?

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beat your competitor

Can you outrank your competitor without building links? The answer to this question, it depends.

A lot of people only know their niche and don’t know who their competitors are. I have this SEO blog, then who are my competitors?

Are Brian Dean or Neil Patel my competitors? Absolutely not! They are a million steps far ahead of me in blogging and content marketing.

In reality, there is no competitor for anyone unless the person creates a piece of content about a particular topic. Let’s assume I create content about “Reverse Proxies” and Ricky Kesler from Income School has no content about the topic. He will not compete with me although he may have an SEO blog.

Once I create content about “keyword research” I create the pool of competition that I am willing to be in.

Do Backlinks work?

Links work no question.

However, there are many different approaches when it comes to link building in content marketing. Some experts believe that building links is a must.

I was watching one of Neil Patel’s videos he mentioned it is very important promoting our content by outreaching other people in our niche. He also recommends spending a good amount of time to promote our content as aggressively as possible.

On the other side, another authority “Income School” in creating niche sites for passive income, recommends solely focusing on creating great content and not worrying about the backlinks.

These guys (Jim Harmer & Ricky Kesler from “Income School”) could achieve building a ton of niche websites that produce online income around the clock. They claim to build no backlinks for their websites and this works fine for them.

I like their approach, that simplifies things very much. Outreaching for guest posts is a pain in the neck for many people.

Also, as they recommend, Google is constantly updating its algorithm and links that are considered “white hat backlinks” today, may not be taken as legitimate links by Google in the future.

Another great influencer in the SEO niche is Nathan Gotch that I really love his content and especially his approach when it comes to link building. He said:

“I’ve been preaching this for a long time, but the best way to build links to your site is by creating linkable assets. ALL of Page One Power’s placements do exactly that. In fact: It’s a requirement.”

This is pure genius. Instead of forcing other people to link our website, by outreaching, begging and maybe even paying for the links, we should create linkable assets that inevitably acquire backlinks on autopilot.

I was reading another great piece of content from Matthew Woodward he said:

“If you ignore social media links you’re ignoring a large portion of your potential audience.”

That is I would agree with him definitely. Social media links are probably the most natural and easy to obtain links.

I like sharing my content on various social media platforms just after I publish it. I don’t know how effective it is, but it feels to me like watering the seed right after I place it in the soil.

What can be more natural than a website is shared on Twitter or Facebook?

If you have a new website and you want to receive search traffic the best way to do it is to focus on low competition keywords. It is very obvious but common sense is not common practice.

Although low competition keywords generally have a low search volume, it is still the best way to attract organic visitors to our website.

The very first post I published in this blog is about Google ranking factors. It is a pillar post about 9000+ words long. The keyword I targeted has a low search volume but too much competition. Obviously it is not a good choice to write content about very competitive topics without having a good amount of domain authority.

Although I have followed good on-page SEO practices, it is still very difficult to rank without having backlinks.

What I am planning to do? I am not going to go and buy a bunch of cheap links from Fiverr. It didn’t do any good for me in the past.

Also, I am not planning to write long posts 5000+ since it takes a lot of time and research.

In my opinion, the easiest way to receive organic search traffic for new websites is by writing a Q&A type of posts about 1500 words long.

Writing a very long form of content can be a good SEO practice today. However, at some point, Google likely to change its idea since the long form of content is not sustainable for the web. It is very difficult to navigate let alone it doesn’t provide a good user experience.

I notice even many authority websites are writing a really long form of content since it works fine today. However, breaking content into smaller fractions and serving it with a good site architecture offers a much better user experience.

Using the KGR “Keyword Golden Ratio” can be a good practice to find those long-tail keywords no one is targeting. It is a keyword research technique developed by Doug Cunnington.

Although I don’t like to create content about a keyword and optimizing around it, I will definitely give a try.

Many times I don’t even have a keyword in my mind before I start writing my content. Once I want to write a post about “link building” I write it.

Next, I use to implement my own strategy that I utilize all the time:

RKD (Richest Keyword Density)

If I am writing content about “list building” I will visit 30+ autoresponder companies websites, and open 10 most important pages provide information about their services. Note down all terminology and keywords they used to describe their services.

Then I will visit the top list building plugins websites to note all keywords and terminology they use to explain their products.

Next thing I will visit all Solo Ads providers websites to note additional keywords to include in my content.

I use no SEO tool for this goal, the entire process is manual since tools have limited ability to serve our goal.

I will write my content by using as many possible keywords from the list I have made. This type of content is super rich in so many different keywords and will rank for different keyword combinations.

We don’t necessarily write very long content although we can write if we have many keywords to cover. However, we want to include different terms that people are potentially searching for that keyword tools are not showing if they exist.

This is my strategy to rank on Google without building backlinks.

Thank you very much for reading my content, if you find it valuable please share with the others to help this blog grow.

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