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Pinterest, unlike every other social platform, has more shoppers. 93% of the total 250 million users of Pinterest utilize the platform to purchase, while 78% believe that content from brands is useful to their decision-making.

The Pinterest tools for marketers are utilized to make the Pinterest marketing strategy stay on point. They are used to drive more traffic into a particular Pinterest account and grow the account.

They function in different aspects, including schedulers, image enhancers, content curators, and many more. The tools help a person to make use of the potentials of Pinterest toward achieving tremendous success. I will take you through 23 of such tools that you can use and how they function.


Viraltag comprises of a wide collection of essential Pinterest tools. It helps to schedule pins to multiple boards and also on Pinterest accounts. It has a bulk upload feature. This feature permits you to upload many pins at once.

It has a browser extension that enables you to pin directly from any website. Viraltag is great for posting images on Pinterest. It is designed with a built-in photo editor that enables it to create quality images that you can post to Pinterest.

In its collection of tools for Pinterest, it includes an analytics tool that you can deploy to carry out a measurement of the performance of your Pinterest account.


It is a one-in-all Pinterest tool that helps to serve numerous purposes. The tailwind can be used to discover contents, to schedule pins, to expand your reach, and to monitor your conversation.

Through its built-in analytics tool, it allows you to track and carry out a measurement of its performance. Tailwind will help you to identify the best time to post and the best time to sync your post with another platform such as Instagram, and through the analytics tool, I will show the engagement level of your audience.


The PinGroupie is a Pinterest tool that helps you to identify relevant boards easily. If you are in search of a board, there are varieties of filters that will assist you in finding the exact kind of board Need. The PinGroupie tool can be integrated with broader and multifunctional Pinterest tools.


It belongs to the family of Pinterest tools. It focuses on just one aspect, which is content creation. If you are in need of great content that will make you stand out, you can make use of this tool.

Your content can be branded and made to stand out, all by using the loop88 tool. It also helps to connect Pinterest influencers to the people with large followers, and who interact with their audiences.

It results in increased exposure, re-pins, and you will gain more followers once an influencer shares your pin.


This tool has a PinPage bookmarklet, which enables a user to take a snapshot of any browser page, and the user can easily share it as a pin on Pinterest.

There are certain pairs of bookmarklets you can install. To install the bookmarklets, you need to click and drag the links to your bookmarks bar, which is a bookmarklet that will add directly to Pinterest, while the other takes on the page as the image downloads.

It is an easy tool that makes it easier for you to create and share pins immediately.


It helps to serve a specific purpose. The PinFollow tool enables you to identify those who do not follow you in return, and you can easily unfollow them.

The tools are designed to help you carry out your justice on those who are not contributing to your account growth. If you have the plan to unfollow those who do not reciprocate by following you back, you can just do that with a single click.

Sprout Social

It is one of the most popular Pinterest tools you can rely on for developing your account. It will give you different solutions to grow your account; it often helps through Pinterest campaigns, from creating pins, to the measurement of your performance.

It is the best tool for anyone who has a brand, or a marketer that needs to execute a full-fledged Pinterest campaign.

Pinterest Analytics

It is a built-in analytics tool designed for Pinterest. This is one of the best Pinterest tools you can ever get. It is great for measuring your account growth and performance.

It will give you accurate knowledge about the current performance of your account, and it will assist you in creating a better Pinterest profile.

The Pinterest Analytics tool helps to reveal how people engage with your content and the types of pins that work great for you.


It is a website plugin. It will help you to grow your Pinterest follower base, and you would get traffic to your Pinterest account.

It often shows pop-ups to your website viewers; this way, it will show your content to others and request them to follow your Pinterest account.


It is a multi-functional Pinterest tool that presents numerous features that will aid your account.

It can be used to create pins and schedule them. You can also use it to pin content from your website, gather additional followers, and direct your content to the right places and audience ho need to see it.


The Socinator tool is automated-oriented. It will help you to automate myriads of Pinterest tasks varying from the posting to the boards that follow you in a specific niche.

It also helps you to manage many Pinterest accounts quickly effectively.


It is an innovative tool that makes it possible to create a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page.

With the Woobox, it becomes easier for you to increase your reach and extend your Pinterest account to others who are your Facebook followers.

The tool is targeted at providing you with more followers because it provides the option for Facebook followers to follow you on Pinterest.


The TrafficWonker helps to add and post needed pins for you. It helps you gain more traffic to your Pinterest account. It has a FastFill feature that helps to automatically add an average 50 pins to your account in a second.

Ninja Pinner

It is another automated Pinterest tool. It makes it possible for you to have followers automatically, and also unfollow automatically.

You can re-pin, comment, and post automatically without you being actively involved in every activity. You can also filter and direct your content toward a specific audience.


This is one of the most popular Pinterest tools you can use for scheduling pins. It also helps to measure the performance of your pins and helps to show you the most popular pins based on the likes, re-pins, and comments it get.

You can also access images you can pin from any website and add it to your Pinterest schedule using the Buffer browser extension.

Pin Blaster

It is one of the best Pinterest tools that are used for automatic routine, including Pinterest tasks such as posting, commenting, following, unfollowing, etc.

You can also post your Pinterest images on WordPress. This tool makes it possible for you to manage many Pinterest accounts from a single place.

Auto-post to Pinterest

This tool enables a person to post pins automatically. You are only required to enter a web page or feed or provide keywords that it will automatically source images from.

It also helps to schedule your pins, by ensuring that pins are posted at the right time of the day that will enable you to have optimal exposure.


It is a Pinterest tool designed for you to schedule your pins and gain access to great exposure. More than the scheduling of pins, the tool also helps to get more traffic, and it gives analytics on your Pinterest content’s performance.

It was previously known as Pinwoot, and it also offers a few advertising features.


With this tool, you can create quality visual content for your Pinterest account. It has many ready-made design elements that you can make use of to create pins that are appealing visually and grab your audience’s attention.


It is a Pinterest tool designed specifically for creating pins through the use of various design features and resources. With this tool, you can easily make a picture collage.

You may also obtain a snippet from a web page and convert it into a pin, or probably pin a text or quote, etc. You can also share music on Pinterest through the tool.


This is a popular social media marketing tool. It gives you access to create Pinterest boards and post pins directly. It gives room for you to schedule easily and post pins directly from its dashboard.

It empowers a great team collaboration and the management of many Pinterest accounts from one integrated platform.


It is a helpful tool that makes it easier to schedule and post pins on your Pinterest boards. It makes it easier for you to share pins directly from the app.


The IFTTT comprised of small applets that enable you to carry out a lot of tasks and actions on Pinterest. It allows you to post Instagram pictures automatically to Pinterest; you may also pin new WordPress blog posts on Pinterest.