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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to virtually share and access new interests through the posting of images or videos to their boards. The posting is referred to as a Pinterest pin.

Pinterest focuses on a person’s lifestyle through the use of visual orientation. It allows you to share your tastes and interest with others; at the same time, you will have access to others who are of the same mind.

Pinterest is interested in connecting you with other people in the world through what you and others find interesting. You can either upload images from your personal computer or pin things that you find online using the Pinterest bookmark.

While you connect with others, you are allowed to follow the boards of your friends just as we do on other social networks. You can also comment, and like other pins, you can re-pin content to other boards, and even share your pins on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Pinterest lets you embed other’s pins on their websites or blogs. As of 2013, Pinterest has outperformed Facebook. It is currently the fastest growing online platform where you can share content.

How does Pinterest work?

We are expected to wonder how Pinterest works. Until March 2010, Pinterest was a dream in the mind of digital marketers.

However, that dream is now worth $12.3 billion and has over 175 million users. It’s an online “Scrapbook” that gives you permission to browse your image boards and discover inspirations for your next project, hobby, or event.

If you find what you like, you’re allowed to like it, or you might want to re-pin it, and you might want to comment. It works by selecting content from different niches like including Architecture, Sports, Science, and Arts.

This allows Pinterest to satisfy other users’ interests. It has a bougie interface, creating ways for all users to connect.

The possibilities involve the unconscious conversion of shoppers from seekers to customers who will stay forever. When you follow the numbers, you will discover the following about Pinterest:

  • 81% of Pinterest users are female
  • There are over five million users of Pinterest who explore over 75billion ideas, and they save 2 billion shopping pins on boards daily.
  • Half of the Pinners on Pinterest earns an average of 50000 dollars or more annually. 10% of pinners makeover 125000 dollars annually.

The fascinating part of all these income moving about on Pinterest is that more than 80% of Pinners have obtained a product via Pinterest’s promotional interest.

At the same time, 72% of Pinners make use of Pinterest to make a decision on what they want to buy offline. The most amazing one is the claim of over 90% active Pinners who claimed that they use Pinterest to plan for their purchases.

The processes of planning for purchase on Pinterest include the following:

Step 1: Create your Profile

You need to create a Pinterest profile as you build your resume. It has a 160-character frame that lets you describe who you are and what you do.

Just as a search engine, you need to lay emphasis on the keywords for at least four times. Before you finish the profile creation, you should upload a beautiful picture of yourself. The picture should work in line with your target market.

Step 2: Create your boards.

The next step is the creation of your board. Make sure there are at least ten pins on each board. You can save an unwanted image or content by switching on the secret button.

Make sure that the pins on your boards do not just contain “calls to action” that will direct people to buy your product. Show little interest in your customers by posting visual information that will resonate positively on their minds.

When you create a positive interaction with your prospective customers, it will give your brand a positive brand image.

You can borrow pins or re-pin relevant pins you come across when you do not have enough ideas for your boards. You need to create different boards so that you can differentiate the themes that relate to your market. You are free to explore the limit.

For instance, if your product is diapers, and you are after nursing mothers between the age of 27 and 35 years of age, it might be great to create a board that speaks about women’s fashion, homey butternut, yoga practices in all of your diapers adverts.

Step 3. Growing and maintaining your account

You need to build your account at the start and maintain it. Organically generating followers will be quite difficult. You can increase your follower base by following pinners that match your target market profile.

Make sure that the pinners have at least 200 or 350 pins before you follow them so that you can avoid non-active pinners.

If you follow people, make sure they follow in return. If it’s not reciprocated, unfollow them. To gain an increase in your follower’s rate, you need to get at least three followers for each person that follows you.

The last thing you need to do is to be consistent with posting on your boards and creating new boards to increase your value proposition for existing followers and attract new followers.

The zenith for all your social media activities will take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

You can use the Pin Scheduling tool to post at the right time. You should also invest your time to chat with your followers.

What do people use Pinterest for?

Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin or corkboard allowing users to find and curate videos and images. It allows you to use pictures and infographics as a form of social currency.

You can use Pinterest for your business. All you need to do is join it as a business, and it will give you the metrics to identify the content on your website that is the most mainstream on Pinterest.

The usage of Pinterest includes the following:

For personal use

Pinterest gives you an incredible experience of therapy. You’re going to be able to discover stunning images. It gives you the chance to find and share beautiful content with others while you improve your networking.

You can pin pictures of your homemade meals or the places you visit for your personal use. It allows you to learn and gain inspiration from others.

Get Inspired

Pinterest is a great platform to get inspired. If you don’t know what to cook, or maybe the best color for your new office, you just need to switch to Pinterest.

There are always items that you have never come across before. From the items, you will get inspiration.

Access to Tutorials

People use Pinterest to access how-to-tutorials. If there’s anything you want to know, maybe it’s sewing, or how to plan a party, just type in the search bar, and you’ll find your interest.

For your Business

If you’re a business owner, you can use Pinterest for various purposes. One such purpose is Trend-hunting, with Pinterest you can easily get what’s trendy.

You will find many pins hat has a date stamp in their descriptions or captions.

For instance, you may see something like, “What is cold in 2019.” It helps to determine the best items you can go for.

Also, you may trend-hunt for personal purposes. It is also used for Self-promotion. Many users who are business owners utilize the platform for their business by maintaining their Pinterest boards.

The board is like a business card that says, “that is my style; just look at me.” Pinterest can be used to help you increase your brand awareness, attract many customers, communicate your marketing offers, and increase your conversion rate.

For sharing content

People share content on Pinterest. There are lots of boards that have many Pinners that share interests.

To create a private directory: there is a secret board option. It prevents other users from seeing your content. It is great for saving information, ideas, and other stuff that you do not want people to see.

To gather

People use Pinterest to gather information, ideas, pictures of what they don’t have or know about. It could be the image of a place you’ve never been, a building that’s celebrated, short videos as long as the item is dear to you, or you’re interested in it.

To get free items

There are lots of free things on Pinterest that people lay their hands on. People also put different items on their boards like pictures, wallpapers, coupons, etc. to get on their mailing list.

For research

It is an effective machine for searching. For whatever information you need to gather, different types of cars, different types of food, you will always have more than enough to see. People are sharing items always, regardless of the topic you’re investigating.

Is there any difference between a personal and a Business account?

Yes, there is a slight difference. When you open a personal account, it is designed for you to share your hobbies, interests, ideas, with your friends, family, and followers.

Your account helps you to keep yourself busy by browsing the internet and discovering man things that interest as much as you post what interests others too.

A business account, on the other hand, though similar to a personal Pinterest, it follows certain terms that are set by Pinterest.

The terms help businesses to use Pinterest tools to promote their businesses. It also helps them to direct traffic to their websites and blogs.

With the business account, you can verify your website on Pinterest and add buttons and widgets to your website that will make it easy for people to pin your content.

Also, there is a Pinterest for the business page set up by Pinterest. The page contains instructions on the process of setting up your account.

What should my pins on my Pinterest business account be?

That is, am I supposed to share pins about my products only or other things.

There is no specific rule that stipulates the kind of pins you share on your Pinterest business account.

However, there is a general rule; and the general rule is that whatever content you share on your Pinterest account must be engaging, helpful, and interesting to your followers and audience.

Otherwise, you will jeopardize the purpose of your business account by only talking about yourself all the time and not making a move to understand your customers and their needs.

It is important for you to promote your business and product. However, you need to do more. Give your audience more.

For example, if your product is chocolate, you can do more by providing helpful recipes information, local businesses in your area, sampling events on local farmers’ markets, details on the raw materials you used for your chocolate, and perhaps talk about the region from which you get your raw material.

What to pay attention pinning other peoples’ content?

You can pin the contents of other people. It’s allowed. However, you are not allowed to present the pin as your work. You must credit the content creator to the description of the pin.

If the content you are re-pinning is a picture of a book cover, it is quite better for you to link the image to the website of the content creator.

If you want to share others’ contents, there two possible methods; the first method is to re-pin another person’s pin to one of your boards.

This is the commonest approach that people use on Pinterest to share content. It is safe to claim that 80% of pins from other people are re-pinned.

In a situation where you are selling a product and need to share the cover or face of the product (such as book covers), you can place the images of the products on your account irrespective of where you have found the images.

Since you are selling the products on behalf of the creator, who will be a writer in the case of books, he or she will get paid at the end of the day. So, in such instance, when you pin the products, it is a way of informing your followers on Pinterest the kinds of inventory you have.

You are simply extending your activities on your website to cover more ground.

Is Pinterest made only for Retailers that sell products?

No, the Pinterest account is not specifically created for retailers who sell physical products. Even companies that render services can open and utilize it for their businesses.

The purpose of the business account on Pinterest is to get a business public awareness and make the company gain more ground by building many followers that will follow the company or business shared pins.

Regardless of your form of business, you can open the Pinterest business account and improve your business.

How to maximize the benefits of Pinterest?

You only need to pin well-developed contents such as images that are fascinating and attractive enough, infographics, digital instruments such as eBooks, videos on your board.

Make sure that the contents depict your employees, customers, tips, information about your industry, researches, and possibly blog posts that will attract your followers.

All you need to do is to find unparalleled visuals to give a detailed story of your company, customers, and services.

How can nonprofit organizations utilize Pinterest?

As a non-profit organization, the organization should have interesting visual content that shows what they do, the people who do the work, who they serve, and how they do what they do.

One such content can be a video of testimonials they get from their volunteers or those who benefit from their activities. The organization can share photos of their past events, or probably the behind-the-scenes videos, and photos of the organization.

As a nonprofit organization, you should look out for inspirational quotes from leaders and respect professionals that show the importance of your work.

For example, there is a Pinterest board for The Girl Scout. The board often shows the success stories of members, it gives tips for Girl Scout projects, it shares recipes, and also, it provides information on how supporters can donate by pinning information they encounter about Girl Scout cookies.

What are the secret boards on Pinterest?

Secret boards are the hidden boards on your Pinterest account. The boards offer you a lot; either your account is a personal account or a business account. Just as the name implies, they are secret.

The boards only permit you to see whatever information you pin on it except if you invite anyone to view it and make them add more to the pins.

The Pinner you invite can =not just read and pin, but they can also re-pin and like pins on the board. Whatever they do on your secret board will not link back to their secret boards. You can also make the board open to the public whenever you wish.

How do I use a Secret board?

Yes, it is your secret board, and it is just so normal and expected of you to know how best you can use it. You can use your secret boards to share visual contents such as graphics, photos that you create, or the ideas you gathered from different sources.

You can also gather information through your secret boards. The information can be tips from your team or reviews. It will help you to capture the opinions of others in the marketplace and learn from them.

You can use it to pin fascinating and attractive content such as tips, information, ideas, photos, videos, etc. It serves as a secret board for storing the contents, which you would later share over a period of time.

You can use it to gather ideas for a new project. The project can be personal or for others, such as ideas to renovate your home, ideas for new products, planning your wedding, etc.

You can use the secret board to plan a surprise party, or keep a record of upcoming events and pin your contributions at the event on it. If you are presenting an award at an event for an instant, you may pin the names of the awardees on your secret boards, and after the event, you will make it go public.

How does Pinterest Secret Boards work?

The boards work by your activities. That is, you decide what happens and does not happen on your secret board. The secret board in a way that you are the only one who has access to the board, except if you decide to collaborate with others by inviting them to come into your secret board.

You are the only one who can make your secret board go public; even the people you invite do not have access to make your secret board go public.

Whatever contents you add to your secret board will not show on any other place on Pinterest, including the search results of others, category sections, the home feeds of your followers, your home feed, or on the activity pages on your profile.

As the creator of your secret board, you have access to lock and unlock it any time of the day by making it go public or secret.

When you make your secret board go public, all the pins, likes, comments, repining on it will be made public also, and your followers and others searching will have access to them.

When you delete pins from your board, it is gone, and you cannot retrieve them. You can only have access to pins you got from other people’s boards if the person has not deleted it.

If you want to invite others to your secret board, you can only do that by sending them an invitation through email. If there is an invitation to collaborate with someone else that is not the creator of the secret board, such an invitation must be approved by the creator.

How many secret boards I can create or join?

There is no limitation to the number of secret boards you or anyone else can create.

You are permitted to have unlimited secret boards on your Pinterest profile. You may create it in the form of one secret board for each of the customers you are working with.

Also, there is no limitation to the number of secret boards a person can participate in. *

How can I create a Pinterest Secret Board?

Creating a secret board for yourself on your Pinterest account is not difficult. You only need to follow the following steps.

You need to login to Pinterest form your laptop or desktop.

Then, click on your name/profile picture, so you go to your profile page.

Identify the board link and click on it. It will appear as one of the tabs below your main/bigger profile picture.

Click on the create board link at the left side corner of all your created boards.

Create a name for your board, turn on, and click the secret link before you click the create link. Then, you have your secret board. You need to take some steps more to get your secret boards working effectively.

There is a pencil icon that shows above your secret board name, click on it.

There will be a pop up after you click on the pencil icon. The pop up will request you to do the following:

  • Input your Pinterest Board Description
  • Choose a Category for your board
  • Enter the email addresses of Collaborators that you would like to have access to your secret board.
  • With these steps above, you have your secret board created successfully.

Is it a must for Pinterest Secret Board collaborators to have a Pinterest Account?

Of course, the collaborator must have a Pinterest account. You are only permitted to add those who have a Pinterest account as collaborators to your secret boards.

However, they are not expected to follow you, and you do not need to follow them.

If you want someone you like to collaborate with you on your secret board, you would have to invite the person to sign up on Pinterest to qualify for collaboration. They need to either sign up with their emails or Facebook to sign up on Pinterest.

Can I only add my followers as collaborators to my Secret Boards?

Must I follow someone else for me to be a collaborator on his or her Secret Board?

No, you do not have to add your followers. You can add anyone as long as he or she has an account on Pinterest. Also, you don’t have to follow a person before you can collaborate with him or her. The other person only needs to add you for you to be a collaborator.

How can I invite a collaborator to my secret board?

It is not difficult to invite someone to be a collaborator to your secret board. There are a few approaches you can follow to make it happen.

Log in to your Pinterest account and open your secret board. Click on the word invite that will appear close to your profile picture.

You may click on the secret board’s edit link. To identify the edit link, there are two ways: you can hover over your secret board on the board’s page, and if your board is opened, you can look for the pencil icon that is above the secret board name, and click on it.

You can also look at the collaborator’s field in the edit your board pop up window. There will be a name or email gild; you need to fill the field. You can type the name or email address of the person you want to invite for collaboration on the page.

If you type a name, different people with account names that fit what you are typing will pop up.

Remember, they do not need to be your follower; they only need to have an account with Pinterest. After you typed the name, you should click on invite

When the person you invited accepts your invitation, the person’s name will reflect along with other collaborators’ names at the right of the secret board name when you open the board.

Can I send content to someone from my Secret board?

Yes, you can send pins and contents to others from the secret board; however, you will need to make the secret board go public either temporarily or permanently.

How can I send Content to Someone from my Secret Board?

You cannot use the Pinterest Send function on your secret board. It is not made available. Hence, to make use of it, you need to make your secret board go public temporarily or permanently.

You should change the board set to the public. Having made the board public, you should go to the pin or content you want to share and share it the normal way you use to share.

After sharing, you are left with the decision on whether to leave the board open or close.

How do I open and close my Secret Board?

You can make your secret board public, and you can also close it. You only need to do the following. To open your secret board, go to your secret board.

Click on the pencil icon that appears above the board name. Edit your board will pop up as a window; move your toggle from right to left and make your secret board public.

If you want to close it, go back to the edit your board window and move the toggle to the right.

How can I deal with the trouble I am having with my Pinterest Secret Board Invitation?

If you are experiencing challenges with sending an invitation to a person to collaborate with you, check if the person has a Pinterest account. If not, invite him or her.

But in case the person has a Pinterest account, then make sure you are following the person, and the person is following you in return.

Typically, you do not need to follow each other; however, if you are having trouble collaborating, it is advisable that you follow each other. That may solve the issue.

My organization – a Chamber of Commerce is interested in sharing its members’ contents. How would it do that?

Pinterest is an awesome platform for you to help your clients, supporters, and workers display their talents and skills.

You only need to create boards for them and pin their services or products on the boards. You can also make it easier by allowing your supporters to select what will appear on the boards you create by adding them as guest pinners.

When they become guest pinners, it will be easier for them to post what they do and sell on the boards for people to see.

How do I add a guest Pinner to my Board?

Adding a guest pinner is what you can do. Go to your board and click the edit board button at the top of your board. Enter the account name or email address of the pinner you want to add and click the invite button.

How do I measure my Pinterest activity, and know my progress?

There is analytics that works with Pinterest. However, to utilize the analytics, you need to be sure that your account is verified and linked to your website.

Otherwise, Pinterest has specific guidelines on the process of verifying your account on its business page.

The verification will help you gain access to the content people are pinning from your website, and you will be able to know the kind of engagement your site is getting.

You will gather a=many data. However, there are a few important ones that you need to pay attention to:

Impression: this shows the number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the news feed, on boards, or in search results.

Reach: this will reflect the number of unique people who come across your pins.

Clicks: this refers to the total amount of clicks that came to your website from Pinterest.

Visitors: This indicates the total number of people that came to your website from Pinterest.

I am New on Pinterest; how do I get followers?

When you see zero as the number of your followers on your Pinterest board, there is a tendency that you will be intimidated. It is like a norm you get exposed to once you join Pinterest.

However, you do not have to be intimidated. There are quite a lot of people out there that can be your followers. It requires a lot of effort if you want to build your reach on social networks, such as Pinterest.

However, if you are able to achieve it, you would change the course of your business by the rate of the traffic you tend to get.

There are two options for people to connect with you on Pinterest – by following your board, or your account as a whole. Also, there are some approaches you can take to make people follow you.

One of such is to add a Pinterest follow button to your website; you may also pin content throughout a whole day, make your email subscribers and leads aware that you are on Pinterest, and you can follow other people; it is quite expected that they return the favor.

What should I be Pinning on Pinterest?

Ok, there are quite a lot of things you can pin on Pinterest. However, before you start pinning, you need to consider your personal strategy for visual content.

If you are a marketer, for instance, you should give yourself to visual content as part of your overall marketing strategy; however, when it is about Pinterest, some factors will help to guide you in your decisions on what you ought to pin.

Aside from regular images, as a marketer, you can post articles, pin videos, and experiment with infographics. You only need to be sure that you have a specific Pinterest board goal laid out first.

What is the difference between a pin, a re-pin, and a favorite?

Pinterest has certain lingo that is specifically for it, just like every other social network. You need to understand the lingo to be able to navigate the site.

A pin is a bookmark; when you find something interesting on the web that you wish to keep or check later, you can pin it to one of your boards.

However, a re-pin occurs when you take someone else’s content, such as an image from the person’s board, and you post it to one of your boards. When you repin, the person whose content you repined will receive a notification.

Similarly, whatever you like, you only need to press the heart button, and it will send a notification to the person who posted the content that you liked his or her pin.

Will Pinterest continue for long, or is it just a fad?

Of course, people will obviously keep using it. I have mentioned earlier that the site has millions of users who are devoted to it.

Regardless of the time of the day, Pinterest is popular. For instance, 4.8% of American users of Pinterest check out Pinterest at the office during work hours.

And if you would ask me, what are people doing on Pinterest? Well, I would give you the factual response, which is that they are pinning pins, they also repin, at least 80% of pins are repined, they are creating boards, and they are following other boards that interest them.

Based on the evidence available, Pinterest is not reducing in popularity anytime soon.

Is Pinterest only for women?

Not at all. Although women make up 80% of its registered users, there are also a large number of men who are active users as well.

It is your role to post content to the site, and identify your audience, both men and women, young people, adults or the older generation, students or professionals, etc.

Nonetheless, when you use Pinterest for business, it will help you drive traffic to your site; it will bring leads in, and even boost your sales.

There are lots more you can gain. Pinterest is not just for women but for both genders.

How to decide if Pinterest is good for my business?

That is quite smart of you! It shows you know the right step to take; you do not jump into a social network all because you want to create an account.

Every smart marketer understands the fact that they need to evaluate the social network if it is worth their business time or not. You can start this way: start gathering information about your buyers.

Are your buyers likely to frequent the site? Look out for the activities of your competitors on the site.

The result you get from these questions will reflect how equipped you are to decide if Pinterest is perfect for your business or not.

Is it really possible for a business to be successful with its Pinterest marketing? If yes, can I have an example?

Yes. A business can be successful with its Pinterest marketing strategy. In fact, the marketing strategy on Pinterest is designed for your business to grow.

Regardless of your kind of business, whether you are a B2C company that sells cars, or you are a B2B company that sells software. A good example of such a business is Staples.

Also, Chobani, Yes, a company that sells yogurt; the company is using the Pinterest platform to let people know more about their brand and lifestyle through various boards and relevant images.

Are there Analytics, Metrics, and Data on Pinterest?

Yes, there are all of these on Pinterest. Pinterest creates a way for you to measure your success and progress on the site.

When you think about the success of your marketing on the site, you need to consider two things: the first one is how your account is functioning and performing on Pinterest, while the second is the what is the return on investment you get by using Pinterest as a marketing channel.

To achieve these, you need to make use of Analytics, metrics, and data, and all these are included in Pinterest.

What are the most important rules of Pinterest?

There are definitely certain rules on Pinterest. However, the rules are not hard nor fast. Pinterest sets its rules based on the normal and appropriate marketing etiquette that you need to follow.

And this is the same thing you will get from other social media outlets. One of such etiquette is that you should avoid being too self-promotional.

It is a common temptation for most companies or businesses that are trying to drive traffic to its site.

There is a webpage designed by Pinterest to discuss their etiquette. On the page, you will see something like: we think authenticity- expressing who you really are, and what you are really like are more important than gathering many followers.

This is the one important rule you must adhere to if you do not want to face being banned from the site.

If I don’t link my audience to my Pinterest, is there any other way for me to show my pins?

Yes, there is a couple of ways. You do not always have to link your audience. Just as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many other social networks, you can display your account on other accounts you have.

One way to achieve this is to embed one of your boards to your website. That is just a method, though.

There are certain buttons that Pinterest uses they include, Pin it button, Follow button, Profile widget, and a Board widget. All these are easy to integrate into your website. They are social sharing buttons.

Pinterest also has a “Pin it” button, a “Follow” button, a “Profile” widget, and a “Board” widget that are all easy to integrate with your website. And the best part? We’ve got a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use all of these social sharing buttons.

How can I get people to share my website on Pinterest?

Well, that is not really a difficult task. It is quite easy for people to pin content from your website to their personal Pinterest boards.

There is a page that shows you how to make a Pin it buttons that you can place on your website. This button helps your visitors to easily and quickly share your content on their Pinterest boards.

Should a business need to use a Pinterest business account?

It is a requirement and stated in terms of service. Every business must use a business account.

When you convert to a business account, you will obtain access to Pinterest’s features, such as analytics that are only available to business users. You will also get a fancy interface for your account too.

There have been questions from people bothering on if they should convert their existing personal account and start all over. Well, to convert your account, I always ask, would your audience in the existing account show interest in your new content?

If they would, then you can go ahead and convert. However, if they would not cope, then create a new account.

If you want to convert your existing account, you need to clean your Pinterest boards. The need to understand this better will lead to the next question.

Do I need to delete my old boards?

No. You do not have to delete them. Pinterest has created a way for you to archive or lace those boards in secret. While you are creating your boards, make sure they reflect the needs of your audience.

Ask yourself this question: does the board I am creating reflect the type of content I want to create? For instance, if you are creating a craft board, ask yourself if it reflects your wedding photography business.

If you find out that it does not, then you have a few options. You may decide that you don’t want pin on the board anymore. Therefore, you may either archive the board.

However, if you still have an interest in crafting, you can make the board a secret one. This way, you will be able to pin on the board while you make use of the platform, but it is away from the public.

Do I need to delete my old pins?

It is not a good idea for you to delete your old pins. Your old pins can go viral anytime, regardless of how old it is.

Perhaps, you don’t like the way your old pins look, don’t fuss over it; your new pins will overtime overshadow it.

Just give yourself to creating novel pins that will reflect your present style and branding.

How many Pins am I expected to pin daily?

This is one of the most common questions people ask. Prior to now, Pinterest gave a recommendation that at least 5 to 10 pins are enough for a day.

If you just opened your account, this will be a good foundation for you to start with.

However, if you want to expand your business and make it grow, I believe you should go between 15 and 25 if your account is new; but if your account already beams with a lot of content, you can go for 30 to 40 pins daily.

To achieve consistency in your pinning habit, I would recommend Tailwind. You need always to be online; however, the demands of your business will always be a limiting factor.

Hence, you can make use of an automating system such as Tailwind.

Should I have a blog to be successful with Pinterest?

This question has two responses. Both yes and no. You see, blogging is not inactive, and it is crucial for growing your business. When you blog, you will establish yourself as an expert and grow in like, know, and trust.

It will also aid your understanding of SEO. Pinterest is actually interested in new content, and this is what blogging will teach you to know. Blogging makes it realizable for you to create new URLs that will lead back to your website.

However, I still recommend that you should have an organic strategy. If you only have the capacity to blog two times in a month, you need to create multiple pins per post you place on your blog to get more attention to single blog content.

Do Pinterest followers matter?

Your followers only represent a fragment part of the total population of people that you reach. They are important.

However, you should not focus on your followers, but on the number of members, you are able to engage every month.

Does your pattern of pinning matter?

No, the way you pin does not matter. However, there is a specific time that your followers engage with you more; identify such a moment.

Place your focus on the first five pins you pin every day and based on the engagement of those five pins, you can have access to more distribution.

Is it possible to pin too much?

No, you cannot pin too much. However, you need to be consistent. When you achieve consistency, over time, it will be more rewarding than high volume all at once.

For instance, it is better you pin a single content daily than pinning everything you want to pin on weekends. Nonetheless, you still need to pay attention to quality over quantity.

How will people find me on Pinterest?

People will locate you through your good SEO. Pinterest will feed your content to your followers first and identify the ones that they engage with more.

Those ones will be distributed to a larger audience than your followers only. This is the reason I mentioned earlier that you should pay apt attention to your first five pins daily.

The more engagement your pins get, the better chance you have to stay on the front page. It depends on that content that is getting a lot of repins and does not stop creating relevant content.

Are there any benefits pinning other people’s content?

Well, it not that important. No one will penalize you if you do not pin other people’s content.

However, if you are unable to create your own content consistently, you can pin other’s content that is relevant to your board. Remember that you need to be consistent. Start creating your pins, and start focusing on other people’s pins later.

Is it advisable to use group boards to show my content on Pinterest?

Yes, group boards are good for you to pin your content. The content you pin there will only get a lot of views from different audiences.

However, note that the group members will only have access to what you post on the group board, but they do not have access to other pins except they follow you.

Is there any difference between Monthly viewers/ reach and monthly engaged?

Yes, there is a difference. The Viewers will see your pins, while the Engaged are those who will interact with your pins. The interaction occurs in the form of repining or clicking.

Where can I use Keywords best on Pinterest?

The best place to include your keywords is in your pin description. This is the most important place for you to get enough engagement from others.

In your description, you need to include items about the pin or anything that relates to it. You can also add keywords to your board titles, board descriptions, and also on to your bio.

What should I include in my pin description?

You need to add a very strong call to action in order to have the best click-through rate that you can get. Make it longer and impactful; the more you do this, the better it will yield great results.

Do keywords in boards affect pins positively?

Yes, they do. If you want to save pins to multiple boards, pin them to the boards that are relevant first. How your pins will succeed is highly dependent on the description of your boards.

How can I find keywords to target on Pinterest?

You can have access to keywords by looking out for what people are searching for in the search bar. To do that, you need to type your topic in the search bar.

When you type it, many words will pop up, and they will be related to your topic. All these words are generated from what other people are searching for.

How important is my image file name?

Your image file name is not important. However, you should ascertain that your pin description matches your pin content.

What will make my content eligible to be displayed in the smart feed?

There are certain qualifications you must attain if you want your content to appear in the smart feed. The requirements are:

  • You must have a business account
  • You must have a claimed website
  • You should be saving content regularly

When my pins are pinned from my website, uploaded, or repined by others, is it beneficial?

Yes, it is beneficial. The towing process is great for you. If others pin from your website, that shows they are not just viewers, but that has just engaged with it.

It shows that the pin is good. Always be the first person to pin from your website; this is because whoever has the websites gets prioritized.

Do I get penalized for using organic pinning or scheduled pinning?

No, you do not get penalized for using any third-party tools. The site sees you as an active user if you are saving content regularly; it doesn’t have to be organic pinning.

You can use Tailwind to schedule your pins.

How important is board covers?

Board covers are not important. You need to have good SEO on your pins; that is more important.

Is it very important to create my pins with warm colors and faces?

You do not have to create your pins with warm colors and faces. The category of contents you want to save determines whether it should have warm colors and faces or not. If your pins look good, it will be repinned.

Is lifestyle images better than images on a white background?

Yes, lifestyle images reflect the context and the method of how something is used, which is what people want to see.

What is tasteful branding?

It is an important element of growing your account and business. Make sure that you include your website in all of your pins so that people will know where the pins come from.

When you brand your content, you are building trust with your readers; this is because they are aware of the content to get from you always. Always place your logo at the bottom center or top center of your pin. Do no place it in any corner because it can be cut off.

What kind of text is perfect for an image?

The best text you can give an image should be one that will explain the image or contextualize it. The image is not enough to tell the full story; hence, do well to support it with information.

And be prudent in your choice of word. Make sure every single word you choose is useful.

What are the best Pin sizes to use?

The best pin size should be in the ratio 2:3. It should be 600×900, which is perfect or 600×1260, the maximum. Once it is larger than 600×1260, it will most likely be cut off.

What are Hashtags, and how do they work?

Hashtags help you to have access to new content. You do not have to go back and put a hashtag on previous content.

They are used to show the trend. It shows how recent or immediate content is. If you want to come across fresh content, you can just search for hashtags.

When you add a hashtag, you will get more distribution on the first day that you pinned. Also, you are free to add up to twenty hashtags.

However, you need to understand that it is not all about the quantity but the quality. This knowledge should guide you as you add a hashtag to your content.

Does the location you place your hashtag in your description matter?

No, the location does not matter. You only need to add them there.

What does the Following tab do?

The following is a newly added feature that allows you to see the content of those you follow only.

How can an Online store owner use Pinterest effectively without having a blog?

It is possible for an online store owner to use Pinterest effectively without blogging. He or she only needs to follow certain steps. You can use lifestyle images in your store if you have them.

Also, you need to focus your attention on the dimensions of the pins so that it can show up in a better position. You can also make use of text overlays and descriptions that will make people click through to your store.

How can my business make use of visual search results?

You have to use typical SEO practice and include a physical pin code. Visual search results are a method of searching for more things that match the image you are looking at visually.

Each time you click on an image on Pinterest, a square icon will pop up at the bottom right-hand corner.

If you press the icon, it will bring you all other images on Pinterest that have made use of the same image in their pins.

For example, if you are selling dresses, it will show more images of your dress, and that of other dresses that are similar; it will help those who want to shop to match and compare easily.

Do I need to edit descriptions from my old pins?

No, you do not need to delete them. Rather, create new pins and add new descriptions to them. There can be no penalty for old pins.

Should I add hashtags to older pins?

You do not need to do that because they are not new pins.

How busy is my profile pages?

Most of the activities going on happens on your search page, not really your profile page. This is the reason you need to be more deliberate about your reach than your followers.

What happens to a stolen pin?

Pinterest is presently working on it. They are developing the technique they can use to combat such a scenario.

They are interested in matching content to make sure that the content that is displayed on the pins match the content in the post. The plan is to make sure that every owner enjoys the benefit of his or her work.

What should I do if my pin is stolen?

You should report such by flagging it. While you are reporting it, report that the link is not working but do not mark it as spam; if you mark it as spam, it will trigger a review.

Is it advisable for a person to pin the same image on the same board?

Yes, someone can do that. However, make sure that each of the pins has a special description that will tell the readers its importance and relevance. Avoid looping without a purpose. Usually, there is no SEO value when you repin.