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Does Princeton Review Affiliate worth it?

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a leader company in tutoring, test preparation, and college admission services. The company is already around more than 35 years old and helping students to get into their dream schools.

If you have a website about education more specifically exams and test preparation, this program is for you.

You can sign up for an account on ShareASale Affiliate Network, and ask for approval in order to start promoting this program. The Princeton Review Affiliate Program is listed on ShareASale since November 2017.

This program has a 45 days cookie life, which I consider quite long enough to earn affiliate commissions from the returning visitors. You get 8% commission per sale and their average Sale is $990.

They provide a wide variety of offerings for test prep, tutoring, on-demand homework help, and admissions counseling. Affiliates can choose from flexible text links and banner ads, whatever what works best for their needs.

Their programs convert very well provided niche relevant traffic brought on their platform. The best way to promote this program is obviously a niche blog or Youtube Channel providing useful information, and consultation to the students about tests, and admissions.

The company is so confident with the quality of their products, they offer a money-back guarantee if you cannot achieve a high test score from the test students are getting prepared.

Princeton review offers live online classroom designed to maximize the success rate of their students.

If you want to promote this program, here are some program keywords for you to leverage your SEO campaigns.

Program Keywords:
MCAT, test prep, ap test, homework help, ACT, GRE, business school, law school, tutoring, SAT, grad school, GMAT, medical school, LSAT.

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