Publix gift card balance: How much left?

By Altay Gursel | February 22, 2021
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How to check the balance on Publix gift card?

Publix gift card

Buying a gift for someone is a challenge. It is hardly possible to make someone happy by picking the right gift for the person. Publix gift cards can be handy at these times.

Publix has grown to be an integral part of the American home from a single store in 1930 to the largest employee-owned grocery store in the US, offering all kinds of home needs food and beverages, basic home supplies, and all kinds of grocery products that are a necessity for daily living.

Publix has gift cards available for different occasions and purposes. These cards can be used in any Publix store to purchase products. One exception these gift cards can’t be used to purchase alcohol and cigarettes as well as lottery tickets. Also, wire transfers and money orders are not allowed to do by using them.

Buying someone one of these cards gives them freedom of choice to pick for themselves whatever they want. More importantly, saves you from the hustle of thinking about what can be a good gift.

With that said, if you have one of these cards sitting somewhere in your wallet and you are not sure how much money left, you can check its balance following one of these links below:

Visit one of these pages:

Publix Home Page –

Publix Gift Card Page –

I guess I don’t need to say you should have your card available with you. You will need your card number and your security code in order to verify your card balance.

Go to your nearest Publix store & Ask cashier to help

If you feel lazy to pull your card from your wallet to check how much money left to spend you have one more option that is pretty universal. Go to your nearest Publix store and ask a cashier to check your remaining balance on your Publix gift card.

Cashiers are usually very busy. They may not help you immediately if they are dealing with other customers. Better make your shopping list, visit Publix store, do your shopping and once you are at the checkout kindly ask the cashier to verify your card balance.



Check Your Most Recent Receipt

After you make your shopping if you have used your gift card the remaining amount will be on your receipt every time you use your gift card.

Let’s say you don’t have the most recent receipt, and you don’t want to make shopping.

Go to the Customer service (In-store)

Go to the customer service in the store and they will tell you how much usable balance is left on your card.

Bonus Tip: Call Customer Support

You can call customer service from 1-800-242-1227 and ask them to verify your card balance. Once you have reached customer support carefully follow the instructions. Select the right helpline extension that takes you to the balance inquiry.

When you access the operator provide them your gift card number. The operator should be able to provide you the card balance information within a short time.

Could any card be replaced if lost or stolen or damaged?

Sadly, if your Publix gift card is lost or damaged or stolen, the company does not currently provide a replacement. Hence, keep your card secure since it is pretty much like cash if it is gone it is gone forever.

Does the gift card has an expiration date?

Publix gift cards don’t have expiration dates. They also don’t bring any kind of annual charges or maintenance fees.