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Quillbot Review: Is It The Ultimate Paraphrasing Solution?

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What Is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that aims to advance the state of natural language processing. It eventually wants to reach the goal of producing human written quality content.

Quillbot doesn’t have a set up require you to install on your computer. It works in your browser. It is extremely lightweight and processes the data quickly.

What Are The Quill Modes?

Quillbot has 4 different modes. They all have a different approach by rewriting the sentences and changing the order of the words.

Fluency Mode

Fluency mode improves fluency and fixes grammatical mistakes of a given text. This mode makes minor improvements without changing the sentences or words.

In my opinion, it can be used to fix the problems of already unique content. It is a poor choice to create unique content from a given text. When I have tested this mode I have found that it keeps a large block of text without any change but fixes only 1-2 words and punctuation in a given paragraph.

If you plugin a text from the web in fluency mode of Quillbot it is not likely to pass the Copyscape.

quillbot interface

Standard Mode

Standard mode is a middle ground between changing the input and keeping the meaning. It should be the most used mode of Quillbot since it rewrites unique text from a given input while trying to keep the meaning as much as possible.

I regularly use standard mode to understand if I could write my content any better than I have already wrote.

Can it be used to create brand new content by using previously published content? Absolutely yes, however, you will need to proofread if the things are aligned meaningfully intact.

Suggestive Mode

Suggestive mode is going to change the meaning of your input more than the standard mode. It benefits by changing more words in the content and creates more a unique copy of the content.

I don’t use it much since I have found it’s changing the meaning of the sentence more than it is necessary.

Creative Mode

This mode creates a real “churn and burn” piece of content from your given input. It is likely to give the most unique copy of content by changing the sentence structure and wording almost completely.

This mode may be utilized for brainstorming purposes. I have found out that the output provided by this mode is usually related to almost something else.

Concision Mode

This is one of my most used mode of Quillbot. It prioritizes shortening the sentences. It improves the readability of a given text better than anything else. Readability is not important to improve user experience, but also an important ranking factor.

I have had issues in the past writing content not very readable. If you use WordPress as me your SEO plugin should score the readability of your content. I use the Yoast plugin, and it assigns a readability score for every piece of content I am writing.

I used to get poor readability scores from the Yoast. I have employed Quillbot’s concision mode to rewrite my content again. It gave incredible results. The readability score Yoast assigns jumps every time % 5-10 immediately.

However, you cannot only use the tool and leave it without proofreading. You still need to read the output the Quillbot provides.

You will also notice a “word flipper” option at the bottom of Quill modes. I personally never changed it from its default. Changing the Quill mode by itself already sets a different level of word replacement on your output.

Free version vs Premium version

If you are using the free version you can only rewrite a few sentences at once. I have purchased a paid version that lets me rewrite larger block of texts in a matter of seconds. They have a yearly subscription plan which was not expensive at all.

Quillbot Extensions

Quillbot currently has Google Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word extensions. If you are using Google docs as me you can rewrite your sentences in there without visiting your browser again.

API Acess

Quilbott has the API access feature to be purchased from the platform.

Management Team

Quillbot management team consists of is Anil Jason (Chief Executive Officer), Rohan Gupta (Chief Operating Officer), Dave Silin (Chief Technology Officer).

I have not heard these guys before. However, it seems they work hard since they constantly update the program to make it a superior AI that can write like a real human.

They are definitely on the right track and not far from what they want to achieve.

I have noticed they even included a UK English option to provide further customization for their clients.

What features Quillbot should implement in the future?

Quillbot at the moment only can paraphrase the text you have provided as the input.

Although it makes a decent job, it lacks a web crawling feature. Many AI content writing programs can grab information from multiple resources to write a unique piece of content.

I have contacted their support and recommended it as a feature to improve their product. They were kind of to respond and say they are working to make it even more powerful in the near future.

Can Quillbot let you create content to publish on your blog?

Quillbot can rewrite unique content that passes Copyscape while keeping the meaning considerably good. However, I wouldn’t use it to spin other people’s content to write unique articles.

No AI yet reached a level to write like a human. However, Quillbot can be an awesome solution to rewrite a piece of content to fix the grammar and punctuation issues and most importantly to improve the readability.

Quillbot has launched a blog

They have recently launched a blog publishing regular content to inform the users. There is also a Facebook page that they update their community about what they are working on regularly.

All in all, it is a solid article rewriter program that is affordable. I am not affiliated with them and they paid me nothing to write this review.

Please share this content with the others if you find it valuable. It really helps the growth of this blog. Have a great day!

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