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RC Bullion: All You Need To Know About

RC Bullion

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Address: 9663 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 499, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (213)-465-4835

How to protect yourself, your family, and wealth from future financial uncertainties must be a significant thought you often have.

Who doesn’t think about that? But, do you know that watching every day go by without taking steps is putting your retirement at risk?

Your portfolio shouldn’t keep lacking that one thing that can give you a hedge and protection under all circumstances.

That one thing is investing in precious metals. In other words, transferring a portion of your IRA to gold can help save your retirement from the highly fluctuating trends of the stock market.

Hey, this claim isn’t an exaggeration. Financial experts know that gold is a safe investment against inflation. 

However, you can’t just invest a fortune without doing proper homework. You need to be sure that you have got the best information – about the right precious metal dealer to help you get started.

Have you heard of RC Bullion before now?

Don’t worry, sit back, and read on. RC Bullion might just be the company to turn to.

Company Background

RC Bullion has proven itself as one of the national leaders in adding precious metals to individual retirement accounts. They are a limited liability company that specializes in the conversion of your existing IRA into precious metals.

They can also help you convert your former 401K into a gold IRA. You will find with them a wide range of physical products which they deliver safely and securely to any location of your choice. 

Experience and Expertise

Ever since they started in 2013, RC Bullion has amassed such experience and expertise to help you identify the exact precious metal product you want. They work with experts that can differentiate numismatics from standard bullion products.

If you are looking for a place with all available products, you’ve been hoping to work with RC Bullion. They offer a full spectrum of all available gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coin and bar products. They ensure these are delivered quickly and safely.

IRA Customer Service

You will also find at RC Bullion a dedicated IRA department customer service. And this is where you will find helpful experts who make sure your transactions give you complete satisfaction.

So, if you are considering buying precious metals for direct delivery or an IRA, find RC Bullionyour stand-ready precious metal dealer.


Having presented a summary of what the business RC Bullion stands for and where you can find them, let’s go on to check some of their ratings.

BBB Rating: A+

Trust Link Reviews: 5.0

BCA Rating: C

With these ratings of A+, 5.0, and C (which is also an acceptable rating), you’ve got no reason not to do business with RC Bullion. 

Why don’t we go on and see the services currently being offered at RC Bullion in full detail?

Offered Services

When coming forward to do business with a company, you can save time by being fully aware beforehand of what they offer. Therefore, shares about the current services at RC Bullion will benefit you greatly.  

Now, what would you do if you could start an investment that has a record of outperforming the stock market by 400%?

I’m sure you would want to put a call directly to a company that can help you start such an investment.

Well, if you had purchased gold a decade ago, you would be over 500% wealthier. And you know what? Many analysts believe that gold is still undervalued today. And with a probability, it will still rise even more in value!

If you get this, then you know how secure your future will be by investing in a Gold IRA. This is where RC Bullion comes in. RC Bullion prides itself on the transfer of your existing IRA (or 401k) plans into one that invests in precious metals.

By putting a call across to RC Bullion, you can have them help you with the following:

Setting Up a Self-Directed IRA

A regular IRA account has restrictions on the types of investment you may use. In contrast, a self-directed IRA allows you to choose the type of assets you wish to hold. And this is the IRA you need to invest in precious metals.

RC Bullion works with experts who can help you start up a self-directed IRA account. You can open an account with them and start investing in gold today.

IRA Rollovers

If you have an existing IRA and wish to start investing in gold, RC Bullion has made this quite easy to accomplish. RC Bullion will work with your IRA administrator, obtain all necessary paperwork, and even obtain precious metals for your new Gold IRA. 

You can also roll over your 401k from a former employer into a Gold IRA. RC Bullion makes sure this goes on seamlessly without incurring penalties.

Buying Precious Metals for Your Gold IRA

You can speak to an account executive at RC Bullion to discuss the metal you wish to purchase. Once you clear the payment, your precious metal gets shipped to an insured and secure depository under your name. 

The products you can currently get from RC Bullion include Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Pallidum.

Gold IRA Storage Service

RC Bullion uses the Delaware depository for all their clients’ accounts. They always insist that clients’ funds are in segregated accounts- that hold assets separately from other people’s assets. You also have free access to visit your gold anytime at the depository.

Buying Precious Metals for Personal Collection

You can also contact RC Bullion to purchase precious metals for your collection. 

Not only can you get bullion bars and coins, but they also offer numismatic and semi-numismatic bars and coins.

Investing Guide

As humans, we sometimes don’t like being ignorant of the procedures that our assets go through. Knowing this, RC Bullion provides clients with a guide book and informative articles on gold and silver investment.

Payments and Deliveries

I’m sure you are also interested in RC Bullion’s fees and their delivery system. Relax – that’s what comes up next.

Purchase Price

I’m sure you already know you won’t get these precious metals at the spot prices you see online. The sale price at RC Bullion also always includes an operating margin on each transaction. RC Bullion defines the operating margin of each transaction.

However, this is open to negotiation, and it varies depending on the market time and class of precious metals.

RC Bullion’s typical operating margin on different products are listed below.

ProductExampleTypical Operating Margin
Common Billion ProductCanadian Maple Leaf10%
Numismatic, Semi-numismatic, and rare coinsMorgan Dollars25%

However, don’t forget – these values keep changing. Always confirm the actual operating margin from an account specialist at RC Bullion before placing an order.

The total cost of the order will also include the shipping and insurance fee. And your payments can be made via wire transfer, personal check, or cashiers’ check. 

Deliveries at RC Bullion

After the verification of your payment, RC Bullion then delivers your assets to the location specified in the order. Confirming of payment made by personal checks may take up to 10 business days. And RC Bullion makes use of delivery services such as FedEx, UPS, among others, to deliver your assets.

Why to work with RC Bullion?

You are probably being disturbed by this question. I’m sure you want to know what makes RC Bullion different from others in the same field. As I’ve always done, you can find below the qualities that make RC Bullion stand out in the market.

Their Tenacity at Educating the Public

I believe the first thing you will notice when you visit RC Bullion’s website is their list of informative articles. They have compiled quite a lot to better educate the public about investing in precious metals.

They also put up a free guide book to introduce you to the world of investing in precious metals.

Acquisition of Numismatics

Unlike some in the field, RC Bullion increases your investment opportunities by helping you acquire rare and collectible coins. So if you are not only interested in bullion products, RC Bullion gives you the chance to get other precious metals of interest.

Transfers and Rollovers Without Penalties

It is rare to carry out a transaction today without incurring various tax rates. However, RC Bullion has made sure they are fully aware of all regulations that regulate transfers and rollovers.

They supply the appropriate paperwork for rollovers promptly, ensuring all funds transfer goes smoothly without a hitch. RC Bullion also makes sure your purchase complies with all tax rules and government regulations so that the transfer is tax-free. 

Does RC Bullion have Cons?

Come on! Is there a perfect dealer out there? Have there been complaints about RC Bullion? Yes! You just have to be sure you are working with the best you can get.

The main issue you might have with RC Bullion involves trust. Let’s go through some reasons you might not want to trust RC Bullion.

While RC Bullion takes time to upload informative content on their website, the same is not the case about company details. 

Their website lacks the necessary information that proves the legitimacy of companies.

You won’t know anything about who started the company, their partners, or their staff by checking the website. Most information about the company is from reviews. Thus, it becomes hard to work with them as you have no information about who the dealer is.

The lack of information on company operatives isn’t the only thing that is lacking. According to a review on BBB, there was an issue with the purchase of precious metals from a client.

These precious metals were from another dealer, and this transaction was considered an exception for the client. This transaction eventually led to a complaint about the lack of clear company policies.

Well, reports prove that a company that goes back and forth on its policies and standards isn’t one to trust. 


RC Bullion offers a 100% tax-free conversion on transfers. It is, however, essential that you get a dealer you can trust with your fortune. So make sure to tread carefully. 

I also know just how important it is to get a trustworthy dealer. That led me to check up a few other alternatives to RC Bullion. 

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