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Should you invest with SchiffGold?


Loeb was right to say that the desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race. Well, that means you’re smart enough to consider investing in gold.

But you don’t want to leap over the fence and find yourself in a murky pool. You would want to be sure about the prospect of the company where you are putting your assets – fertile or sterile?

Therefore, one crucial question to ask here is: what gold investment companies around are the best to invest in?

Hey, don’t sweat it. SchiffGold might just be the deal. Here is all you should know about it.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 (888) 465-3160
Address: 152 Madison Ave, Suite 1003 New York, NY 10016
E-Mail: [email protected]

Company Background

SchiffGold is a precious metal dealer that was known as Euro Pacific Precious Metals up until 2014. They specialize in investment-grade gold and silver bullion. And they offer a couple of related services, ranging from physical gold IRAs to secure storage services.

However, their services are limited compared to other dealers. And this is because they focus solely on the value of the precious metal. They only encourage the purchase of the most popular bullion products in the world.


Peter Schiff, a renowned investor, founded SchiffGold in 2010. He is an economist who specialized in foreign equity, currency, and the gold market. Peter started SchiffGold in the bid to provide his brokerage clients with a trustworthy source of bullion.

He made this move to give a solution to his concerns about his clients having to choose between low-price products and high-quality ones.

The Executive Team of SchiffGold

Peter is not alone at the helms of affairs in SchiffGold. He’s got an executive team that comprises brilliant and strategic leaders who have consistently helped in directing the firm. These leaders include:

  • Matt Malleo – Executive Director & Sen. Precious Metals Specialist,
  • Jonathan Sosnay – Executive Director & Sen. Precious Metals Specialist,
  • Fabian Gambino – Dir. of Technology & Sen. Precious Metals Specialist,
  • Joel Bauman – Senior Precious Metals Specialist,
  • River Allen – Senior Precious Metals Specialist,
  • Valerie Alikakos – Staff Accountant

Services Offered

SchiffGold operates as a full-service precious metal dealer. They offer all services you most likely would need from a precious metal dealer. These services generally include acquiring precious metals and finding ways of keeping them safe. Below are the services currently being offered by SchiffGold.

➡️Selling & Buying Precious Metals

You can always approach SchiffGold to help you buy your precious metals. They also purchase precious metals back from clients, even if it was not gotten from them in the first place. However, they strongly recommend against the acquisition of numismatics. They advise against getting these due to its high risk of illiquidity.

➡️Retirement Plans with Gold IRAs

You can prepare for retirement by having them add your precious metals to your IRA account with allowance for IRA rollovers. For example, they can help you with converting a 401 (k) plan to an IRA that allows investment in physical gold and silver. I am sure you loved that!

➡️Secure Vault Storage

At times, you might prefer to store your metals in a vault. SchiffGold offers vault storage partner services in the United States and abroad.

➡️Home Safe Storage

At other times, you might prefer having your metal close to you. You can work with SchiffGold to acquire home safes that suit your needs.

➡️Research and Analysis

SchiffGold also releases content online about the current market analysis in this field. You can find on their social platforms different materials which include:

  • Live Price Charts for precious metals
  • SchiffGold’s archives of original commentaries
  • Their answers to the frequently asked questions

Accepted Payment Methods

SchiffGold provides up-to-the-minute precious metal pricings. However, you can only confirm the buying price at the point of purchase after contacting a SchiffGold specialist.

After this, the specialist will send you an email containing the details of the purchase, including the cost, shipping, and insurance. 

SchiffGold accepts payment made through bank wire transfer and checks. Presently, you can also pay in bitcoins using BitPay. But they do not have any window for online purchases.


SchiffGold ships either by:

  • The U.S. postal service
  • United Parcel Service, UPS
  • FedEx

The processing of orders takes 1-2 days. Shipping itself usually takes 2-4 days, and they ship to overseas locations too. An important note here is that orders paid for by wire transfer get shipped quicker than orders paid for by check. 

What You Need to Know Before Working with SchiffGold

It is a safe measure to check all the positive and negative sides of an establishment as with many establishments. Doing this is an essential pre-requisite to entrusting any establishment with your fortune. And below are a couple of reasons you might want to work- or not work with SchiffGold.


There isn’t much to be found on their ratings. SchiffGold attributes this to Peter’s reputation as a no-nonsense straight shooter, who brings to light the wrongdoings of review companies.

Why to work with SchiffGold?

The first thing you might want to consider is what makes SchiffGold stand out from others in the same field. SchiffGold is unique in that they refuse to sell overpriced collectible and numismatic coins.

They recommend against these coins because they are often sold at high prices even with their high chance of illiquidity.

Another reason to consider would be their team of “trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors who understand and share Peter Schiff’s investment philosophies.” Thus, making cooperation easy since all have a single interest and goal. 

Then, there are other reasons to consider, and these include:

  • Their claim of selling at one of the lowest market prices
  • Their fast means of delivering physical products to customers
  • All orders from them are insured against loss
  • They offer a full service including,
  • Buying and Selling precious metals 
  • Helping clients invest in Gold IRAs
  • Helping with IRA rollovers
  • Safe-keeping of metals
  • Provision of the latest market analysis.

Why not to work with SchiffGold?

What seems to be their uniqueness in the market also has a risk of putting you at a disadvantage. SchiffGold currently has limited investment opportunities due to their strong opposition to the acquisition of collectible and numismatic coins.

Also, they have a team that sticks to strict philosophies. Most of these philosophies came from a limited view of predictions about an economic disaster that could occur – which is yet to happen. Working with this team can lead to a closed-mind interaction. And this quality is not suitable for business growth and long-term sustainability. 

Then, there is the issue of their ratings. Having unfavorable reviews brings up questions about their credibility about being a legit company. However, while I cannot say much about their legitimacy, their little count of reviews shows poor public relations.

And these reviews had several complaints. But as a safety measure, reading enough positive views from members of the public is necessary when choosing whom to trust. And these views aren’t something SchiffGold currently has.

Another issue is the absence of an e-commerce option on the website, which leaves out the ease at which customers can choose a product to buy. 


Choosing a company to entrust your funds involves choosing one that best suits your needs. And if what you need requires the corporate strictness in SchiffGold, then you can reach out to them. However, if you are not comfortable with their philosophies, you should go for a better alternative, one of which is mentioned below.

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Here is why you should work with Regal Assets:

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