Better Adsense Monetization with AdSense Benchmark Tool

By Altay Gursel | June 5, 2020
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SEMrush AdSense Benchmark Tool review

Before starting our AdSense Benchmark Tool review, I would highly recommend signing up SEMrush free trial to experience it yourself as well. You should also read my complete SEMrush review to see how this tool can boost your SEO.

Adsense is a primary monetization method still widely used by many site owners to convert their traffic to revenue.

It works quite simply.

You simply create ad space, the highest paying ads appear on your site and you get paid. The most beautiful part, Adsense is owned by Google and you can fully trust the information provided you.

You may be interested in creating a Google AdSense campaign if you’ve been looking for ways to increase traffic to your website or boost brand awareness.

Building a successful website requires a well-planned action and hard work. However, making money with a website is another skill.

Many site owners build their sites neglecting monetization aspects.

Whether you are a blog owner who wants to turn your hobby into an income-generating resource, or a publisher who already has enough traffic but wants to get more benefits from it, time spent on monetization efforts well worth its returns.

Because once you set a solid monetization strategy and take action accordingly, you are pretty much set for many upcoming years to earn a constant stream of revenue.

SEMrush offers a new feature that lets people estimate the monetization potential of any website with the latest AdSense Benchmark Tool.

In this tool, you can also access the Adsense profile of your competitors, home to a variety of modules and snapshots that provide you with a summary of your competitor’s involvement in the AdSense program.

Keep in mind that if SEMrush returns “nothing found” it doesn’t mean that your competitor doesn’t use Adsense. It may be due to low activity not detected by SEMrush.

Google Adsense program allows you to participate as a publisher as an advertiser or both. With the overview report, you will find a section dedicated to each area of participation.

For example, if you’re researching another advertiser’s ads, their report will be shown as publisher’s data. Because they are acting as publishers.

On the other hand, if the domain you are researching allows others to serve their ads, SEMrush will display the data as an advertiser. Because the domain is acting as an advertiser.

Tracking your competitor’s daily activity can tell you how much emphasis they place on their AdSense campaign.

A general growth or a steady number of publishers is a great way to deduce that AdSense works for your competitor.

If you track the same type of activity for a domain participating as a publisher, we can determine that their publishing ads can earn revenue.

Every AdSense report in SEMrush has its own video tutorial, so watch all of them.

Who can benefit from AdSense Benchmark Tool?

This new feature is a great solution for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and anyone looking for ways to discover their websites’ monetization potential.

You can use it for AdSense benchmarking (comparing the earning potential of your website to the Market Analysis of your competitors) as well.

How to use the tool

You can access the AdSense Benchmark Tool in Display Advertising’s summary section.

Once you find it simply type in a domain you’re interested in and click the Try it out button to see future ad revenue and potential for monetization. It’s as simple as that.

How does it work? 

Usually, any website’s potential for monetization is based on three components:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Traffic

Based on a niche, CPC and CTR can vary: two websites with the same volume of traffic may have very different earnings.

Adsense Benchmark Tool takes into account each element.

By integrating the approximate CPC, CTR, and traffic volume information from SEMrush, It shows you how much a website might have received if the owner were to incorporate AdSense banners.

The tool also tells you if your competitors are using Adsense. If they are using it, are they advertisers, publishers or both. You can monitor their activity level with 30-day trends.