SEMrush Domain Overview: Unburden your SEO rankings

By Altay Gursel | June 5, 2020
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SEMrush Domain Overview Module

SEMrush domain overview

We have already made a comprehensive review of SEMrush earlier. I would recommend visiting that post if you want to know all the functionalities of SEMrush that may help to take your SEO campaigns to the next level.

Today we will talk about a specific tool of SEMrush called Domain Overview.

Before we start talking about this great tool, I would highly recommend signing up SEMrush free trial to experience all the great features of it by yourself.

Keywords by Country & Traffic Trend

keywords by country & traffic trend SEMRush

The domain overview tool shows you from what countries your website gets traffic. This information can be particularly important if you have country-specific SEO campaigns.

Even if you don’t run a country-specific SEO campaign, having traffic from Tier 1 countries is much more valuable for many reasons.

Tier 1 countries are those who have the highest purchasing power. They are more likely to be converted into buying customers.

The tool provides you a visually satisfying chart represents the distribution of your traffic from the world countries.

This data can be further segmented for organic and paid search separately.

Organic Research

You can see the top organic keywords that bring traffic to your site.

SEMrush organic research

Here are some other information tool provides you about your organic keywords,

  • Keyword position
  • Search volume
  • CPC bid estimate
  • Percentage of traffic

Organic position distribution illustrates how your keywords are positioned in SERP.

Main Organic Competitors

Here is a screenshot from Domain Overview that shows the main organic competitors. These are the websites that are targeting the same group of keywords competing with each other.

main organic competitors

If you click on the “view full report” you can have a more comprehensive list rather than a summary of a few competitor sites.

Competitive Positioning Map

The competitive positioning map feature is a really smart feature SEMrush presents.

It gives an estimation of the number of organic keywords with the amount of traffic they bring.

SERP positioning map

If you look at the above image, Amazon ranks relatively more organic keywords than Pinterest. However, the amount of traffic Amazon receives from those organic keywords is much higher.

This data may be particularly useful to understand if our ranking keywords on SERP performing well enough to bring a good amount of traffic to our site.

Branded vs Non-branded Traffic

The tool further segments organic traffic coming from either branded or non-branded searches.

branded vs Non-branded traffic

It plots the data as a line chart representing the change percentage of branded traffic trends over time.

Advertising Research

The advertising research section focuses on paid traffic but provides the same type of information provided in the “organic research” section.

top paid keywords

Main paid competitors

The main paid competitors section provides information about competing websites for paid traffic. It has a competitive positioning map chart as in the organic research section representing the amount of keyword ranking in accordance with the traffic site receives.

main paid competitors

Sample Text Ads

Domain overview provides you the text ads for any domain you type in. However, if the tool cannot find any ads, it doesn’t mean the website is running no ads.

Sample text ads

Sometimes ad volume if not much may not trigger the tool to provide you accurate measuring. However, it works most of the time quite accurately.


The domain overview shows you the backlink profile of your selected domain. The type of backlinks (text links/frame links/form links/image links) and (dofollow/nofollow) information is also provided.

backlink type

Top Anchor Text

Other than the backlinks by itself, the information of anchor text that backlinks use is also provided.

top anchor text

Indexed Pages

Another great information tool provides the number of indexed pages together with the number of backlinks pointing to each page.

indexed pages

Display Advertising

You can also find the display advertising competitors in your niche together with the number of ads they currently run on various networks.

Display advertising

Sample Display Ads

Sample ads as its name suggest a collection of sample display ads running for your selected domain.

Sample display ads

SEMrush is capable of offering many more functionalities. I would recommend you try out yourself to see how it can help your SEO.