Outcompete your competitor with SEO Content Template

SEMrush has announced the launch of a new great tool that will make the company even more competitive in the SEO tools market.

The company has named this new tool as “SEO Content Template”.

The new tool helps content marketers to create semantically rich, and SEO-optimized content that has a significantly more advantage to rank in a high position on Google.

What type of edge the new tool provides?

SEO Content Template scientifically researches the competitor's content in various aspects. By using this data it provides statistical information about Google's page 1 content.

This information can be used to replicate the best results already ranking or creating an even better version that Google wants to see.

How Does SEO Content Template May Help You?

SEO content template has a very brilliant idea behind it.

It simply evaluates the content of your competitors and helps you create a much better content that is likely to rank on Google.

Let's check step by step how does it really work.

Once you type your target keywords, SEO Content Template will find the top 10 ranking sites for the keywords you have typed.

SEMrush seo friendly content

Obviously, you can manually make the same search on Google without needing this tool.

However, it would take you forever to gather the data SEMrush collects in seconds that we will discuss soon.

SEMrush lists the top 10 ranking sites together with the important information you will use to develop your content.

It evaluates the content and provides you suggestions on how to create SEO-friendly content.

Here are some of the information provided by the tool:

The length of content you need to create

If your competitors on the first page have on average 3000 words of content, you cannot expect to rank with 1500 words of content.

SEO Content Template Tool recommends you for how long your content should be for a specific search query to have higher chances of ranking on Google.

I personally write about %10 longer than the tool recommends.

Where did I get this magic number?

It is my best practice and works fine as a part of my content development strategy.

Semantic terms or LSI keywords you need to include

The tool recommends you semantically related keywords or LSI keywords you should include in your content.

Using LSI keywords is one of the best ways to make our content to be more understandable for search engines.

Websites you have to work to get backlinks from

SEO Content template uses an advanced algorithm to evaluate SERP results to tell you how many backlinks you would need to rank for certain keywords.

This is not even all. It also recommends the domains you need to be targeting to get those backlinks.

Having high-quality backlinks is one of the toughest challenges in SEO.

By taking the advice content template recommends, you can have a better insight on how many links you would need to reach your goal.

The data tool recommends are estimations only. Because no one exactly knows the exact algorithm Google has.

Being said that, the information provided by the tool is very useful.


It is no surprise that readability is an important Google ranking factor.

People's attention span nowadays is very low. If they don't understand a piece of content at one glance they usually bounce.

At all costs, we definitely want to keep our readability good.

How much readability is good enough?

SEO content template helps us at this point. It provides a readability score that we should target and go beyond that ideally.

Keyword placement reminders

You may be using your keyword but not consistent enough in your content. Keyword consistency is an important factor to maximize our chances to rank for our keyword.

The tool provides us if we include our keyword in the title tag, meta description, headings sufficient enough. It also warns us if we utilize our keyword more than necessary by looking at the results on Google.

The information provided by the tool is incredibly valuable in this respect.

Once the tool provides you the information we have already discussed you can create better content that holds more chances to rank on Google.

semrush top-10 results

Please note that the SEO Content template is available after you have purchased a subscription, or you can request a free SEMrush trial.

SEO Content Template Add Ons

The tool can be used with both Google Docs and WordPress add-ons. Both add-ons are paid and don't come with the tool for free.

Results provided by SEO Content Template can be exported by clicking on the ‘Export to DOC' button.

Do not forget to set up a project and use the SEO Ideas tool after your article is published. It allows you additional ideas on how to make your article better, and the tool will not let you miss a single detail.

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