Your 44 Top Reasons To Do SEO

Doing SEO

There are so many reasons why you would want to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We are living in a digital era that almost everything around us computerized. People are having answers to their questions in a matter of seconds by making a simple Google search.

Search engines quickly turned out to be a very essential part of our lives. Optimizing online visibility became the top priority for many businesses.

Today, millions of businesses investing large amounts of money to increase their reach with the goal of obtaining more customers for their businesses. The #1 way to ignite the visibility of a business is by optimizing its online presence with the use of the right SEO strategies.

The main reason companies are becoming more interested in implementing SEO practices in their businesses it simply works.

Traffic coming from search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo is by far the highest quality traffic possibly lands on a website.

Let's discuss why SEO can be the best bet for your business to maximize your profits while keeping the efforts at the minimum possible.

1. There are more people using search engines today than ever

We are living in a digital era that people finding the answers for their questions in a matter of seconds simply making a Google search.

Search engines are hammered with billions of searches that have never been done before. That's right 15% of searches have never been searched before.

What it means people are looking to obtain information from search engines for every kind of problem they have and more frequently than ever. Over 2 billion users actively using search engines and making more than 4 billion searches every day.

2. Drives High-Quality Traffic

Search engine traffic is by far the highest quality web traffic ever. People type their search query in Google to find relevant products or services they need.

Prime positions on the SERP page receive the majority of views and clicks, so ranking in these first ten results will result in a significant increase in traffic for your website.

SEO works locally as well as nationally dominating your local market or reaching customers nationwide. It can help you expand your brand beyond your expectations.

When you rank higher in search results, the more people will click on your page, which will result in more traffic to your site. More traffic means more leads, which helps the website to generate more revenue.

Other types of traffic (Social Media Traffic, Referral traffic, etc) is not as profitable as the search traffic since it is not a targeted type of traffic.

3. SEO traffic converts well

SEO traffic refers to the traffic acquired from the search engines organically by implementing the right SEO practices.

It converts far better than other traffic sources. Search traffic has the highest conversion rates for most websites. By prioritizing search engine traffic for your business you increase the chances of conversion for your business.

4. Increases number of leads and conversions

conversion optimization

SEO's not a myth. It increases the leads and sales if you do it right. However, you should target implementing the right SEO strategies in your SEO campaigns. With a successful SEO campaign, any company is geared for higher profits.

5. It decreases the cost per acquisition

Lifetime return for the money you spend to acquire a customer is a very important consideration.

Acquiring customers is much cheaper than advertising. SEO's only expense is for you to learn it or hiring a professional SEO agency.

If you plan to do SEO by yourself you will go through a learning process for sure. Knowing that time is money, outsourcing your SEO may be a viable option for your business.

6. Does not require any paid advertising

The main advantage of doing SEO is not paying for PPC or other forms of online advertising. Although companies run SEO campaigns find it beneficial saving a budget for advertising, it is definitely not a must, if your site is organically listed in search results.

However, if you are just starting for SEO campaigns, you may benefit from PPC advertising to drive traffic from search engines until your SEO campaigns gain traction.

7. Top SEO rankings provide 24/7 promotion

SEO works around the clock. Once you use the right SEO strategies and start having organic traffic from the search engines, it continues 24/7. Unless you don't try shady blackhat SEO strategies to fool Google's algorithm your traffic will continue forever.

Of course, if you don't make any optimization for your content that is published a long time ago, at some point your competitors will create higher quality content and outrank your site in search results.

However, this doesn't happen overnight. It is safe to assume that once you start having a certain amount of organic traffic from Google it tends to continue.

The main challenge for the website for owners is pushing through the Google Sandbox period by publishing high-quality content consistently.

Here you can read the best ways to create great content that ranks on Google.

8. It builds credibility and trust

Anytime we need information we make a Google search. Google filters millions of search results for us to serve the most relevant information that matches our search query.

We trust Google's pick of websites for the reason it simply deserves our trust. Multibillion-dollar tech giant Google has not built its reputation overnight. Also, I do not intend to explaining here why you should trust Google. But, the majority of people trust Google's search results.

If you have a barbershop in LA and Google serves your business as the best result for “barbershop in LA” you will automatically build a lot of trust and credibility. People will assume you are doing such a great job so that Google lists your business before every other barbershop in the city.

9. It is a long-term plan

SEO is a long term game for those who want to play to reap its full benefits. There is a minimum of 6-12 months of time for Google to warm up your website.

This grace period is called as Google Sandbox. Many people planning to implement SEO for their businesses are discouraged once they have learned they need to wait for SEO to work.

It is what it is. There is no shortcut for SEO to make work overnight.

People so often used to spam the web to manipulated search results. Eventually, Google came developed a protection mechanism to test new websites before assigning them a significant ranking position.

Once websites gain a sufficient amount of trust by Google, they usually have a hockey stick move in their search traffic. What it means having almost zero traffic to having a large amount of traffic suddenly.

10. SEO efforts help to make your customers more informed

Customers use search engines for research. They use their results to make informed decisions about available options.

High SEO rankings let you educate new potential customers. It builds trust implicitly, but most importantly helps them make informed decisions.

11. It affects purchasing decisions

SEO dramatically influences buying decisions. This is due to the aforementioned confidence and reputation built.

Using SEO will increase your sales significantly affecting the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

12. SEO improves brand awareness and equity

Besides sales, SEO will also create brand equity. In other words, SEO should help people understand your brand. Awareness is critical as your website visitors may not always be ready to buy.

Nonetheless, being aware of your deals, they can purchase in the near future.

13. It improves customer attribution or “touches”

Increasing your visibility, SEO can also increase your customer attribution points. Attribution is how often the audience sees your name. The more they see your business, the more probably they would buy from your company. High SEO rankings without any doubt boost your touchpoints with your potential buyers.

14. Organic results receive much more attention than PPC Ads

Organic search results on average receive 90% of clicks. Receiving organic search traffic is only possible by using proven to work SEO techniques in your SEO campaigns.

Many times search engine users ignore paid advertisements. That's most likely due to their confidence in Google's algorithm. By investing in SEO, you'll likely gain more traffic on the same keywords than advertisers.

15. Increase referrals for your website

One of the most significant advantages of doing SEO is to increase website referrals. If your website organically ranks on Google search, it will receive backlinks from the other websites.

This is due to the “E-A-T” (Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) you built.

Visitors of your website will refer you in return to bring you referral traffic. A good SEO presence generates referrals, literally and figuratively!

16. SEO is measurable

SEO can be measured by following the math behind. It lets you know the metrics like the number of clicks and impressions, click-through rate (CTR), conversion/acquisition, average position, lifetime value.

The success of your website rankings and organic traffic can be measured very easily by using a simple tracking program. Most of the times Google Analytics is well enough for this goal.

You can also analyze the search keywords that are the most important to your business to further improve your SEO campaigns.

17. It drives offline sales

That is right, Online SEO campaigns can bring Offline traffic to your business.

Your visitors may be more interested in making a purchase from your retail store, after making product research on your website. What it means doing SEO can be a major contributor to drive offline sales.

18. More cost-effective than paid ads

It's no-brainer paid advertising is not sustainable as a long term web traffic strategy. Although paid ads drive instant traffic which is the only plus, it is not affordable for many businesses.

SEO is definitely cheaper than paid advertising. Because once your website ranks at some good place in search results, it will keep bringing organic traffic all the time.

Why spend money to bring traffic to your website while it can be done almost for free.

You really don't have to pay for search engines for each click you receive. It unbelievable they charge you for each visitor the bring.

Stop your PPC campaigns and work for your SEO rankings to drive results that are sustainable for long years ahead.

19. Your competitors doing SEO but you don't

What is better, to kill or get murdered?

Your competition already knows the importance of SEO to sustain long term success of their business. Based on a recent survey, 61% of these marketers said optimizing their website is their top priority.

You maybe skip starting your SEO campaign because you can afford PPC. Maybe you can still be profitable even with the paid advertising. But why not paying for advertising and grabbing the larger share of clicks from the search traffic by placing your business to a better place on Google.

20. SEO provides small businesses a significant edge over larger businesses

When you run a small business, you don't have much backup as larger businesses do. Each cent you spend counts for the long term sustainability of your business.

You definitely can not compete with larger corporations betting on PPC ads. They have a system in place to convert the maximum percentage from the traffic they receive.

An active SEO strategy, however, maybe your ticket to higher rankings. While larger companies rely on ads, you could rely on a clever SEO plan to get customers in the front door.

21. It helps you gain market share

If you're the first choice, your consumers will never know about the hundreds of alternatives, until they scroll to Google's page 10.

Yet we know that won't happen. Why? Since 75 percent of users never scroll past the first search results page.

22. SEO will push you to get into the new markets

SEO lets you expand into new markets. When optimized, you can start expanding your website to include other keywords.

Keywords can be new products or services you may sell. You can rely on search engines to push your new offers with eligible traffic, helping you enter new markets.

23. Increase the brand value of your business

A successful business is a long and continuous cycle of building and operating. SEO experts suggest that you should expect growth of your SEO success only over time. Only then can you win your loyal customers' trust. That's how you're getting your brand on the market.

Another big benefit of SEO is that your company becomes more valuable as a brand once its SEO rankings grow. If you sell your business on the market, many buyers will find strong SEO rankings as valuable intangible assets. This is likely because SEO rankings tend to maintain value over the years.

24. SEO integrates all of your online marketing activities

SEO is online marketing. In a way, all online marketing activities can attribute to your SEO rankings. Web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising influence SEO. When all activities are integrated, your SEO rankings will rise automatically.

25. SEO enhances overall marketing ROI

As stated earlier, an integrated marketing campaign will influence SEO rankings. This not only affects your SEO rankings but higher the overall ROI from all of your marketing activities.

Recent studies show that organic traffic can result in more than 40 percent of business revenue. Furthermore, local searches have over 18 percent of that day's purchase. This will be discussed in the next points below.

26. SEO increases the number of social media followers

SEO adds more social media followers. When your visitors check your page, they're likely to click your social media icons to connect.

An active SEO strategy produces thousands of website visitors, which can be expected to turn into a smaller percentage of followers.

27. More email newsletter subscribers

One of SEO's advantages you likely want to achieve is helping you to build a larger list.

If you have a newsletter on your website, you can expect more subscribers as the rankings grow. This is because the website gets more traffic and more coverage.

Provide an opportunity on your website for people who subscribe to your email newsletter.

28. SEO increases your blog traffic

SEO increases blog traffic. As the reputation of your website increases with search engines, many things happen.

Google's individual blog ranking will rise. Google's more likely to find blog content. Finally, you'll probably gain more referral traffic from your website by promoting your blog on your website.

29. Improved CTR (click-through-rate)

High SEO rankings will improve your website’s click-through-rate. Or, vice versa. You must have a high click-through-rate to improve your SEO.

Click-through-rate is the number of people who click your website divided by the number of people you reached.

30. Improved engagement with your website

When the click-through-rate increases, your website's time-on-site is likely to rise. That's how long the visitors stay on your page.

The longer the website visitors stay, the more likely they would buy. This will also improve SEO rankings.

31. Improved safety and security for your website

SEO makes the website safe and secure. This will protect visitors from viruses and fraud. It will also boost your rankings as safe websites will significantly affect your SEO rankings.

32. Improved site performance

When you increase your website's SEO, you would boost your site's speed. A high-speed website will help you by providing your visitors with the best user experience. High SEO rankings will also match higher-speed websites.

33. Improved UX for your website

As you can tell from recent points, SEO can boost the website's overall user experience.

It's important to remember that Google's goal is to make its users satisfied with the results Google provided.

Your website must be providing the best user experience to rank on Google.

34. SEO is a growing industry

SEO is an industry likely to raise to $80 billion market cap by 2020. Money spent on SEO is expected to exceed the money spent on advertising.

Your business should get on the SEO bandwagon before it gets too saturated.

35. SEO is mobile

Mobile's digital future. Plus, 50% of Internet users are on mobile devices. This is likely to continue to grow.

36. SEO helps your site to stand out

The internet has over 250 million websites. Higher SEO rankings will help you emerge from the millions of other websites.

37. SEO is laser-targeted

SEO's keyword focused. It means listings appear based on search keywords. The benefit here is that you meet people who seek just what your business offers. SEO's keyword targeting will brings the most eligible traffic to your website.

38. Organic traffic is the real deal

Organic traffic from search engines is the real deal. People visiting your website don't come for fun. They've got real issues. They're looking for answers, and they've clicked on your website because they think your business can find it.

And that's one of SEO's rewards. As long as you add value and know your clients, you'll be successful with SEO.

39. SEO rankings are evergreen

Okay, not really.

Yet frankly, screwing up SEO rankings is extremely hard. You can stay in top positions unless you use black-hat SEO practices.

Black-hat SEO strategies consist of frowned-up techniques to deceive the website's search engines. You won't have to worry about this though.


Because you use a trusted SEO agency. Once you get top placement, it's time to celebrate! Alternatively, extend to other keywords.

40. It eliminates cold-calling

Tired of distributing flyers? Tired of newspaper ads, and not seeing results? Tired of cold calling and bothering people who never want to buy from you? If the answer is yes, invest in SEO.

41. SEO can multiple folds the revenues of your business

SEO can double, triple, or quadruple your business. SEO opens you to the entire person search market. With an active SEO plan, you can reach in more cities, countries, nations, or other parts of the world. With an active SEO strategy, the planet is your marketplace.

42. It helps you attract talent

SEO can help attract talent. Work-seeking people often start their journey on Google. You can customize your website to rate Google for your positions. When investing in SEO strategies, reduce recruitment fees and acquisition costs.

43. SEO is quite affordable for everyone

SEO is more efficient to raise sales than ads. SEO agencies generally charge prices between $800-$2000 per month.

However, returning is invaluable. Once you rank # 1, your website receives thousands of free hits from Google.

44. The smartest marketing investment for your business

SEO's benefits are endless. SEO is your smartest marketing investment. It's your business' long-term investment. It generates traffic, leads, sales. Without paying for ads. Your customers are now searching.

And, one of your competitors is growing your business significantly. If you want to grow your business without cold calling, networking, or other “pressure” ads, start making SEO today.