Shipt vs Doordash: A Detailed Comparison

By Altay Gursel | July 11, 2020
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Should you choose Shipt or Doordash?

shipt vs doordash comparison

When it comes to grocery shopping, most of us are very lazy to do it.

You have to make a shopping list, drive to the store, waste your gas, and wait in line to buy your groceries.

Wouldn’t it be any good if your groceries delivered to your home?

Fortunately, it is entirely possible today.

There are many companies in the US work delivering grocery to homes.

However, you need to work with the right company. It may not always be easy to find the company that best suits your budget and personal criteria.

In addition to grocery shopping, you may need an assistant when you do not want to prepare food.


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With this article, we want to make your job a little easier. We are sure that you have heard of Shipt and Doordash in the past if you have ordered food online.

To help your grocery shopping easier we will review these two big companies with their pros and cons. So you can have a better idea of these companies when ordering your food online.

Shipt is a grocery delivery company while Doordash is the one you can order food online. Hence these companies are not completely in the same niche.

Let’s get to know these two companies in detail to know all their features.

What Is Shipt?


Shipt is one of the most famous grocery delivery service companies in the US. Here is why the company is so famous and how it really works.

Shipt is founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 2014. It grew really fast from that time. It increased both its customer base and service area covering more regions in the US.

Shipt is working with the largest retailers in the US. Working with such large retail chains Shipt can offer many advantages for its customers.

If you think Shipt is delivering groceries only, you are mistaken. They also deliver household items to your door.

Also, alcoholic beverages are not shipped to each region.

Ordering from shipt

Ordering from Shipt is quite easy.

Visit Shipt’s official website and create an account which takes a few minutes only. After creating your account, you can start adding your grocery items to your cart.

If you want you can download Shipt App from the Apple Store or Play Store to order your groceries from your phone.

Shipt provides flexible alternatives when it comes to the delivery method and the delivery time.

You may not want your grocery shopping delivered to home. No problem. You can grab your delivery from your desired store around you.

In this case, all you have to do is tick the box informing you that you will receive your order yourself before completing your order via Shipt. But be careful to write the time you plan to receive your delivery correctly.

In this way, grocery staff can prepare your products for you on time and expect you to receive them.

Shipt works 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about the delivery time. By placing your order at any time during the day, you can have your grocery shopping brought to your door within an hour.

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Membership Fees

You have to create an account with Shipt in order to use it. There are 2 types of membership alternatives you can choose from. They are monthly and annual memberships.

If you want to benefit from monthly membership, you will be paying $14 per month. The annual fee costs $99 you may save a little bit if you choose the annual membership plan.

If you haven’t use Shipt before you can give a try with the monthly membership. If you feel it worths it then you can buy always buy a yearly membership anytime.

Using Shipt there is another type of fee you will be paying. It is the delivery fee. If your order is under $ 35, you will pay a $ 7 delivery fee. Orders over $ 35 are shipped for free.

If you live in one of the limited regions where Shipt also sells alcohol, you must also pay an additional $ 7. That’s all the extra charges will add up.

Shipt doesn’t charge any extra for the peak hours. So you can order any time without worrying if you will have a demand response charge. No other fees you are required to pay than the above-mentioned charges.

Don’t be a jerk, and pay a tip to delivery guy. Those people work for the minimum wage and they really need and expect tips. You can pay a tip as cash once you receive your delivery or when you order online with your credit card.

Shipt gives all the tips collected directly to its employees. Hence you can be sure your tips reached to the people who deserve it.

What Is Doordash?


Doordash is an online shopping company as popular as Shipt. Surprisingly there are people who know Doordash that never heard Shipt.

Well, there is a good reason for that.

The company applies coupon codes special discounts more than Shipt does.

Here is short summary of the company.

Doordash was founded in 2013, just a year before Shipt. The place of establishment in San Francisco. It was founded by joint ventures of 4 friends who are students at Standford University.

Doordash and Shipt are not directly competing companies. Doordash is an online food delivery company. Unlike Shipt, Doordash also works with restaurants and provides food delivery services to its customers.

We also have another important knowledge of Doordash. Doordash does not only serve in the US. It serves certain parts of Canada as well.

Ordering food from Doordash is very easy. You can place an order by entering the website on your computer. This is also possible if you want to handle all these processes on your phone. Just download the Doordash app to your phone via Apple Store or Play Store.

Create an account yourself and complete your address information, either on the website or through the app. If you are going to pay online, be sure to save your credit card information.

After creating an account for yourself, your job is very easy. All you have to do is find whatever your meal is like and order it from one of the restaurants near you. It’s that practical and easy.

How Are Drivers and How Is Food Quality?

Let’s first talk to the drivers.

No matter how quality your food is, the time it takes to reach you is also very important. A very high quality and delicious meal, unfortunately, maybe wasted or lost its main taste due to the delivery conditions. It is precisely at this point that the quality of the drivers who bring your food orders comes into play.

To be honest, almost all customers complained of drivers in the years when Doordash was first established and started operating.

Because either the food was arriving late or it was a problem that the food arrived badly. Doordash quickly tackled this issue and tried to find solutions to the problem.

Delays in ordering food can always happen, customers need to know this. Because we think that you all know about the traffic in the city. It can be terrible especially at certain hours.

However, it is unacceptable that food arrives in a bad way. For this reason, drivers are also extra cautious and always respectful as they think about the tips they will receive.

We would like to warn you once again. If it is very important to you that your food is really fast and hot, please do not order during the busy hours. Because at this point, drivers don’t get anything.

Let’s talk a little bit about the quality of the food.

Here we come to the most important point. The only reason to order food from outside is not to hang around at home, right? When everyone says to eat from outside, they really want to eat quality and delicious food.

There is only one point to consider when ordering food through Doordash. If you pay attention to this point, you will be unlikely to be dissatisfied with the food order you place. Customer reviews and customer reviews.

Indeed, please do not order from restaurants that are not very good or have not heard from anyone before. Then you become the one who regrets. We just warn you.

If you heard from a friend or family that a restaurant is really good, go for it. Of course, you can give it a chance. Even if the score is low. After all, recommendations are important.

After you place your order and eat your meal, make a comment about the restaurant. In this way, you give ideas to other customers who will order food online in the future.

This is the way you can get maximum efficiency from the application. It would be wise to carefully review the comments and reviews made, and then choose your restaurant.

In the developing technology age, it is very easy to place your grocery shopping and food orders online. You can reach the most efficient result by using the right applications in the right way.

In this article, you read our most objective comments about the two big companies. In addition, information was given about pricing and what you should pay attention to. Now you can make your grocery shopping and order from your favorite restaurant without getting tired. Moreover in minutes and quickly.

Do you feel very lazy about cooking with what you buy at online grocery shopping? Don’t worry, you now know how to order food online with Doordash.   

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