How to check your Staples gift card balance?

By Altay Gursel | January 12, 2021

Remaining balance on a Staples gift card

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Staples is a fantastic office supplies retailer with a broad range of items on their inventory. You can literally everything from pens to iPad accessories. If you have a Staples gift card that you didn’t use while, you may want to know how much money left in your card.

Here is how you can verify the usable balance left in your Staples gift card easily. 

Check Staples Gift Card Balance online

You can verify your staples gift card balance visiting this page. Once you are on the page you will be asked for your “Card Number” (Card# on the back) and “Security Code” (Pin# on the back).


Provide your details and click on the “Check Balance” button. Voila, you know now how much money is available in your Staples gift card.

Call Customer Support

Another option is calling the customer support from the number 1-888-609-6963

Gift card merchant Staples

Any questions about your Staples gift card or its final balance should be answered to the company that provided the gift card and/or Staples to you.

How can you redeem your card?

If you have picked all the items and ready to checkout, you can redeem your gift card balance from your total.  Simply click “Gift Cards & More” under “Payment & Billing” on the Checkout page and follow the instructions.

You will be asked your “Card Number” and “Security Code”. Fill in the required information and proceed further. It is that simple.


How can you buy a Staples gift card?

Staples plastic gift cards can be purchased online or directly from Staples retail stores. They come up with $25, $50, $75 & $100 denominations. Plastic gift cards ordered online are charged a $1.99 secure shipping fee and will be delivered straight to you. Within 24 hours, eGift cards will be sent right to your email inbox.

How can you use your gift card?

You can use the Staples gift card on and in all Staples chain stores in the United States. Gift cards can not be redeemed on mobile devices at present. There is no expiry date and no service fee will be charged to you.

After each purchase, the balance remaining on the card will appear on your receipt. You can transfer funds to your card in any Staples retail store.

Gift cards can not be utilized to pay for credit cards or to buy other gift cards (including gift cards from Staples) or wireless cards. No more than 5 cards can be used for any single transaction. Cards are not allowed to be consolidated.

What to know about eGift Cards?

For an eGift Card, you can pick a $25, $50, $75, or $100 denomination, and have the eGift sent within 24 hours to your email address.

You don’t need to color-print your eGift Card. Only please ensure the card number is clear. If it is not, a new ink cartridge may be required. You can print the eGift Card as many times as you will need; the cost of the eGift Card is connected to the gift card size, not the printout. When using that number the purchase amount is deducted from the eGift Card. 

For your own security, you should keep your eGift Card number protected. If someone duplicates and redeems your eGift Card for the entire amount, then your copy would have no value.

What should you do if you lose your Staples gift card?

If you believe you have lost your Staples gift card or printed copy of your eGift card contact customer support immediately. Provided card balance is not used or at least has some funds left Staples can issue you a new card of the same value.  

What are the Gift Card Programs?

There are 2 types of Staples gift card programs available.

Gift Cards for BusinessIt offers volume discounts for all types of incentive and loyalty programs, on Staples gift cards.

Gift Cards for EducationThis gives organizations a discount for students by purchasing Staples gift cards in bulk to help teachers access the funds they need for classroom materials.

Staples Gift & Cash Card Refunds

If you have had your Staples gift card or cash card to reimburse for a transaction and now plan to refund it, a new Staples gift card will be sent to you. You should expect your new gift card within 10 business days of going to the shop or demanding a refund. 

Upon request, the new gift card will be delivered to the same billing address. There’s no way to speed up the gift card processing times.

When you cancel a gift or cash card order, the assets will be transferred back to your account within 10 working days. Nevertheless, it could take up to a month for certain issuing banks to delete the pending authorization. There is no way back to the gift card to speed up the release of the funds.

If you don’t have the original gift or cash card any longer, Staples will issue you a new one. You will get your new card by post within 2 weeks at the original billing address.

Did you know Staples sells gift cards of about 810 retailers you can buy to use or gift to a friend? If you visit their company site you can find many retailers’ gift cards from Netflix to the Banana Republic.