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All To Know About Swiss America

swiss america

Company Background

Swiss America is a private, family-owned precious metal brokerage company founded by Craig R. Smith in Phoenix, AZ in 1982. According to the company's website, the initial capital used by Craig to set up the company was only $50.

With its 50 experienced account managers, the company has been serving its customers to build strong precious metals portfolios. Although Swiss America’s headquarters are located in Phoenix, the company serves clients from all over the world.

Contact Details

15018 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032-4806
Phone: (602) 788-4653
Fax: (602) 788-4655

Management Team

  • Mr. Craig R Smith, Director
  • Mr. Dean Heskin, President/CEO
  • Ms. Bronwin Barilla, Director of Administration
  • Ms. Holly J Betz, Secretary

Website Experience 

I have a few observations about Swiss America’s website. Firstly, their design really looks outdated. Most investment companies nowadays use more modern-looking sites to attract investors’ attention.

You may be thinking why does even the design matter. It can give important clues about the quality of the business. If you have landed on a website with broken links and works really slow, that may sign inadequacy in some other areas of the business.

That said, this is not a concern with Swiss America. The reason they are holding to their old design should be tied with the marketing objectives of the company. In general, the navigation works fine, and I didn’t have any issues finding what I was looking for.

It is very positive that there are no pushy ads or popups used on their site. Users can access the social media profiles of Swiss America directly from the sidebar. This is also the place they publish gold and silver price charts to keep an eye on.  

You can follow Swiss Ameria on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They also have Google Play and iTunes apps.

The information on their website is also clearly categorized. Learning materials are comprehensive and accessible under the header ‘Information' or ‘News & Views'. Overall I find their website user-friendly despite its outdated feel.

Offered Products & Services

Swiss America mainly offers two services. They are physical precious metals and precious metal IRAs. 

Investors can buy gold as well as other precious metals with cash. They can also roll their retirement accounts or 401k accounts to precious metals. We know IRS allows storing certain bullion and coins in an IRA.

You can talk to a Swiss America representative or find out here which metals can be included in an IRA.

Range of Products

  • Precious metal bullion coins
  • Rare gold coins
  • Precious metal IRAs

Value-Added Services

  • Live precious metal spot prices.
  • Getting in touch with NCA (Numismatic Consumer Alliance) in favor of their clients.
  • Solid customer support. (Direct email & phone support)

Educational Resources

  • Pretty educational blog.
  • Video materials explaining the current state of the economy.
  • Detailed interviews with the founder.
  • Articles about precious metal investment and scam prevention.
  • Newsletters, reports, and other recorded digital multimedia.


Here are the most important sites that you should want to check reviews about the company. Swiss America Trading Corp is accredited by BBB since May 28th, 2009.

There area few negative feedback about the company. Mos specifically about the pricing of the products.

Some clients complained they have overpaid about their coin purchases. Also, when they want to sell back, they couldn’t retain the worth of their assets effectively.

This is very probably due to the large bid/ask spread utilized by Swiss America.  

Pros and Cons To Know About

The final stage of our review is focused on pros and cons of Swiss America as well as consumer sentiment. While no business can appease all of its clients, review trends combined can print out a map for the consumers.

👍 Pros

  • Great educational materials for the clients.
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Buyback guarantee

👎 Cons

  • There is no engagement on the TrustLink website.
  • High spread on bid/ask prices.


Swiss America has been on the market for some time. However, they do not have a wide range of products to offer. Researching a bit you will quickly notice the company isn't that popular in the industry.

This is very likely due to the company's marketing strategy to focus on a quite limited niche.

The customer service and the information provided to retail investors are decent. The founder of the company still seems to be heavily involved in its daily operations.

Looking at his books and interviews, he clearly believes in the value of investing in precious metals and remains committed to his mission.

Finally, the company is legit and can be an option for precious metal investors. However, you are advised to look at other options since it may not be the best option to follow.