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Teachable Affiliate Program Review


Teachable is an important leader in the online education industry. It reached over 10 million people since it is founded. If you want to learn anything teachable can help.

Are you the expert on any subject matter?

Again, Teachable can help you monetizing that expertise easily. It is the platform of knowledge exchange brings students and educators together.

How to join to Teachable Affiliate Program?

Joining the Teachable affiliate program is quite simple. Head over to page, and you will see the signup button.

Teachable affiliate signup page

Once you click on that you will see the application form asking you several questions like your name & last name, country, PayPal email address, your website, method of promotion, etc. Fill that up and submit your application.

If you have a decent website, not necessarily targeting educational matters you will likely get accepted by this program.

Commission Structure

Promoting Teachable Affiliate program you will make 30% recurring commissions. Here is some other essential information about the program. Pricing ranges from $39 to $499 monthly. Hence, you can expect to make $12 to $150 monthly.

How much can you make?

This is the most important part of this post. Because everyone wants to know how much they can potentially make from a single sale.

The above image shows how much Teachable plans cost and how much you can earn referring people to those plans. Once you have referred someone to Teachable you will make money if the person upgrades its plan.

How to Promote Teachable Online?

If you want to promote Teachable you need to have a content marketing plan in place. If you have a website about a certain topic you can refer people to relevant courses.

Say you have a coding site, you can refer people courses teaching how to code, etc. Relevancy is key to promoting this program as in everything related to other online marketing.

Make sure you have informative content on your site that people trust so that they can take your recommendation to go and buy the courses you promote.

Teachable allows affiliates deep-link to internal pages on the Teachable platform. What that means you can freely choose the page you want on the teachable site.

You can also use the following materials for your affiliate campaign:

  • Teachable funnels,
  • Email swipes,
  • Whitepapers,
  • Detailed reports,
  • Teachable bonus offers

You can benefit from teachable funnels to build your email list. Then you can send email swipes to communicate with your list. Having swipes ready can save you time and money. Because you can be sure their swipes convert better than any other random email you will create.

You can email teachable bonus offers and detailed reports to your list to build rapport with your subscribers. In short, there are many different marketing tools provided for affiliates who want to promote this great program.

Teachable Affiliate Program Rules

Teachable affiliate program set certain rules promoting its courses and educational products. Affiliates are not allowed to grab a referral link and blast it anywhere they want to make commissions.

Here are a few important points you need to pay attention to as a Teachable affiliate.

  • No spamming (Through any platform)
  • You cannot purchase through your own referral link
  • You cannot use bots, proxies or any type of automated system.
  • Purchase lockdown period of 31 days.

You can visit the affiliate terms of service agreement to know the entire list of rules that applies to this program.

Pros & Cons

Every affiliate program its own pros and cons. Here is my opinion about this program.

👍 Pros:

  • A well-known and effective platform
  • High commission opportunity of 30%
  • Easy membership and advantageous membership fees
  • The convenience of teaching in a free environment
  • 90 days of cookie length

👎 Cons:

  • Advertising and marketing challenges
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to analyze the demands of the target audience.
  • If the student returns the course within 30 days, you cannot receive a fee.

Should You Become a Teachable Affiliate?

If you have the relevant audience Teachable can be the program you want to promote. As I have mentioned earlier relevance is the key. If your content is aligned with the course you refer then it should work.

The good thing people don't change their courseware platforms once they are accustomed. This may mean making a passive income that recurs month after month for you.

Finally, this program is likely to give the best results promoted by enthusiastic Teachable knowledgeable marketers.