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Essentials To Know About Thinkific Labs Affiliate Program

thinkific labs

Thinkific is a software platform that allows entrepreneurs to develop, promote, sell, and deliver online courses of their own. Nothing less than revolutionizing the way people learn and earn online by giving them the tools they need to turn their knowledge into a sustainable business that benefits both them and their audience.

Their all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your expertise, expand your reach and scale up the business that you already love. You may be educating a few or many students, you can feel confident the company offers the easiest technology in the sector and the best support.

Online education is a rapidly growing niche. There are not many reliable companies that can offer quality services as Thinkific.

Hence, the Thinkific Affiliate Program is not difficult to promote since there is tremendous trust behind the company. You already know how online education can scale your business.

You can share Thinkific with your audience and they will love it! Thinkific’s Partner Program allows you earning more from your community of content creators, entrepreneurs, consultants, and subject matter experts.

They have 100 dedicated employees, around the 15+ countries represented 50% women on the leadership team 200,000+ customer questions answered.

Fortunately, you can promote the company's services as an affiliate. The company works with the ShareASale Affiliate Program and active since March 2015. You can create an account on ShareASale and request from Thinkific to be an affiliate of them.

According to Merchant information of Thinkific Lab, you can earn up to $675 for each new subscriber. You will make a 20% commission of the sale. It is not a one time commission but rather a recurring commission on all monthly paid plans.

If you can sell a yearly plan, in addition to your 20% commission you will get a reward of either $25, $75, or $150 bonus based on the plan you have sold (Basic, Pro, and Premier Plan subscription tiers).

You don't have to wait too long for Thinkific’s Partner Program to pay your earnings. They pay your previous month’s commissions on the 20th of every month, without fail.

Other Benefits of promoting this program:

  • Access to exclusive Thinkific Partner content and offers
  • Access to the Thinkific Partner Community
  • Bespoke landing pages
  • Co-hosted webinars with our expert team members to drive more signups

This program offers a 90-day cookie which is quite a decent cookie life. Thinkific Lab is ITP compliant and in the top 100 Power Rank of ShareASale Network. What that means you will not likely have a difficult time for this program makes money for you.

Also, note that affiliate programs change their agreements with the merchants periodically. By the time you read this post, the actual numbers referred above can be different than what I have outlined.

If you want to make high commissions from affiliate marketing, you need to promote high ticket affiliate programs.