Tolleson Wealth Management Review

tolleson wealth management

Company Background

Tolleson is a wealth management and private bank located in Dallas, Texas. It was formed as a family unit with intentions to oversee the investment needs of a single-family.

However, it was able to expand to a big company and serve other families. Like many wealth management companies, Tolleson Wealth Management‘s primary goal is to ensure that the existing wealth is grown in the long run.

Some of the direct services provided by the wealth management company include portfolio management, financial advisory, and analysis, including other services.

To ensure that your wealth keeps on growing, finding a good wealth manager is essential.

Tolleson Wealth Management has a team of experienced and capable advisors with knowledge in everything. Some of the areas they have experienced are financial and tax planning.

Among the factors that make Tolleson Wealth Management company, a leading company is that it has an integrated team with the well-being of both clients and one another.

Collaboration and innovation are critical elements to Tolleson's brand and approach.

As evidenced by one of the highest advisor-to-client ratios in the industry, Tolleson Wealth Management was built to serve. Tolleson Wealth Management's core values include client service, integrity, responsibility, curiosity, teamwork, and excellence.

The presence of trusted advisors has also made Tolleson successful in its wealth and financial journey. Having the required Experience is also a critical aspect that makes the company win.

Clients are served by understanding their needs. The firm has been staffed to provide a highly personal service that fosters strong and long-term relationships.

Tolleson Wealth Management and Tolleson Private Bank go the extra mile to ensure that clients have exceptional experience working with them. The following article will cover more about private banking and wealth management companies.

Tolleson Wealth Management was started as a single-family office built to serve the needs of the Tolleson family.

With time, the single-family office became a comprehensive solution to other families and developed their services to address growing needs better.

Some of the memorable years of happening are;

  • In 1997, to manage his family needs, John Tolleson opens a single-family office.
  • In 2000, Tolleson Wealth Management is founded to solve the necessities of other similar families.
  • In 2003, the Tolleson Private Bank was formed.
  • In 2006, the company activated its trust charter, which allowed for serving as corporate trustees for kinfolks.
  • In 2008, the launching of Tolleson Resources Administration Speaker Series.
  • In 2014, Tolleson Wealth Management started providing philanthropy services and foundation management.
  • In 2017, John T. became Executive Chairman; Carter Tolleson was nominated to be the CEO, and Richard Joyner was appointed as head of Tolleson Fortune Management.

Tolleson's Wealth Management history is deeply ingrained in how they operate every day. The Tolleson family office was constructed to address the unique needs and put their best interest in mind.

Today, it being a multi-family office, they carry that philosophy into their everyday work with clients.

To have the best services, the company starts by understanding your needs, values, and goals. The company's comprehensive resources and burning desire allow them to give objective and focused on your best welfares.

You get a chance to be done as a partner and treat exceptionally as an extension of the company's own family.

According to The CEO, Tolleson Wealth Management, J. Carter Tolleson, the company places an extremely high value on personal relationships and understands the exceptional needs of every family they serve.

Why work with Tolleson Wealth Management?

Tolleson Wealth Management is known to deliver a variety of services. The company has broadened its horizons and solved more problems in society.

Among the uniqueness of service provision, Tolleson Wealth Management Company offers to include;

1. Customization

Since Tolleson Wealth Management Company understand that your needs are unique, they use their in-depth discovery to drive their relationships.

2. Continuity

Building and managing the business has been done while all eyes are in the future. The company invests thoughtfully and carefully in its infrastructure, building tremendous depth of its senior and management leadership teams.

3. Team

A multidisciplinary team is created with a primary advisor and supporting advisory staff that allows seamless integrations, efficient coordination, and depth in knowledge.

The Tolleson Wealth Organization and Private Banking team is led by J. Carter Tolleson, the current CEO, John C. Tolleson, as the Executive Chairperson, and J. Richard Joyner as the president.

4. Service

Due to the company's focus on their goals rather than just selling, their advisors are not compensated with portfolio performance incentives or sales commission.

5. Shared Experience

Working with other families has allowed Tolleson Wealth Management to share their experience and knowledge with their clients. Due to their collaborative approach, they implement complex strategic planning with effectiveness.

6. Strategy

Tolleson Wealth Management strives to simplify the complexities of wealth to provide you a better and more holistic view of your overall monetary situation.

7. Deposit Insurance Coverage Notice

Since Tolleson Private Bank operates under federal law, funds deposited in a noninterest-bearing transaction account is no longer receiving unlimited deposit insurance coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Starting January 1, 2013, all of a depositor's accounts at a covered depository institution, including all noninterest-bearing operation accounts, were insured by the FDIC up to the average maximum deposit insurance amount ($250,000) for each deposit insurance ownership group.

Products & Services

Investment Management

According to Eric Bennett, the chief investment officer at Tolleson Wealth Management, successful investment strategies always start with your objectives. Tolleson Wealth Management Company manages for stable growth and hitch safety.

The company builds a portfolio that is true to your risk tolerance and customized to your family's lives and needs with you and for you

Tolleson Wealth Management helps in the following ways;

Portfolio Planning

The core of their wealth management strategy is investment management. Crafted in 1997, Tolleson Wealth Investment was explicitly designed for families of significant wealth to meet their unique needs.

You are served as a partner, provided with professional advice, access to the resources you may need, and access to knowledgeable investment managers.

Tolleson Wealth Management and Private Banking are made up of continuous learners who are purposeful and passionate. The team is made up of self-starters who enjoy a collaborative and engaging workplace.

The company believes in building relationships, seeking ways to innovate and create, and making a difference in other people's lives.

The company fosters a culture that embraces creativity, teamwork, fun, and excellence. The company's multi-family office design allows them to provide a wide range of wealth management services.

To support their people, one of the company's greatest assets boasts of competitive benefits and programs.

Customized investment plans

Tolleson Wealth Management customizes its investment approach by first recognizing your needs and creating a strategy based on your goals, risk tolerance, and other preferences.

The Tolleson Wealth Management team is inspired to serve the best interests of a client.

Private Banking solutions

Tolleson Wealth Management views banking as an art. Tolleson Bank works in recital with your mammon administration approach by providing outmoded amenities within a personalized and customized environment.

Tolleson Wealth Management is focused on delivering a rapt banking involvement that you and the whole family deserve. Tolleson Private Banking has its president as Rick Lafitte, who Elizabeth Grahsl deputizes. The executive vice president is Tracy Fulton.

Convenient Deposit Solutions

Tolleson Wealth Management quickly analyzes untraditional collateral, facilitates a loan, or cash a check.

Tolleson Wealth Management online banking with bill pay gives you complete access to your accounts, along with the ability to pay your bills online and deposit checks using their mobile device app.

Since Tolleson Wealth Management knows what nuisance bank fees can be, they have eliminated most of them from their banks.

Enhanced Account Protection

Using Tolleson Wealth Management, you are guaranteed 24/7 debit card fraud monitoring services.

To prevent any unwanted transactions, the debit card is enabled with a chip and a “lock and unlock” feature that allows you to use mobile or online banking to “lock” your debit card.

Customized Credit Solutions

Tolleson Private Banking offers numerous credit and lending solutions to help you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

With the realization that the borrowing needs of clients might fall outside the realm of traditional banks' underwriting guidelines, each loan is customized to meet the unique needs of an individual.

Tolleson Bank's financial strong point and home-grown leadership allow them to reply quickly and aid the customers with their loaning requests. Customers are still buying homes and making investments in these times. Their bank staff has modified to working tenuously, and we carry on to make credits at a record pace.

Much of our new commerce is coming through recommendations from clients who disseminate the news to their friends and associates about our responsiveness and competitive products.

The bank's deposit base is remaining to grow at a top score pace, too, as word blowouts about how devoted we are to client service. The bank remains so thankful for our clients' trust by spreading the Tolleson story to family and friends.


There are very many benefits you can enjoy from being part of the Tolleson Wealth Management family.

Among them is a generously paid time off, dental, medical, and visualization well-being benefits, employee wellness program, gym membership reimbursement, free lunch on Wednesdays, tenure recognition celebration, paid parental leave, paid breaks for each year, and matching 401(k) reserves plan with instant vesting.

You can join the team by applying and resume along with any other document you attach.

If the team determines your interests, skills, and expertise are fit for the open positions, they will give you an introductory phone call to learn more about you and answer any questions you might be having about them or the job.

Scheduling an interview at the main offices is done if the work is a mutual fit. To meet with a variety of team leaders and members, you might have more than one interview.

The interviews focus on job responsibilities, the team you will join, and your history, work, and skills. This part of the process aims to understand how you would approach the job and its expectations.

Before the company has made you an offer, they conduct background checks with people you have worked with before understanding your skills and work style better.

An extensive background check that includes civil and criminal history, credit history, and drug screening will be done mainly because the company upholds a high level of client and company confidentiality.

The interviewing procedure is likely to take three to four weeks, depending on how available you will be.

Although the whole process might seem complex, processes that intend to help find the right fit for working with Tolleson Wealth Management have been designed to aid in this.


When burdened with the everyday management of wealth, making the most of it can sometimes feel frustrating. To promote a family identity and character and sustain, manage and nurture wealth are among the wide range of services Tolleson provides.

Wealth management and investment banking focus on asset management and banking services and accounts for the bequest you desire to leave behind.

Although Tolleson Wealth Management differentiates its services independently, its true influence is found in combining the services.

To have the best private banking services or wealth and assets managed, you will appreciate yourself for making Tolleson group your choice for your financial freedom journey.

In summary, you are assured of growing your wealth to higher scales by choosing this wealth management company as your closest companion. Even when these services might seem to cost you money to acquire them, be sure that any decision is made for your best advantage.

However, before you have decided to place your trust in wealth management companies, you are required to do thorough research and find out the features the best companies are known for.

Failure to have adequate facts poses you at risk of losing money to incompetent service providers. When you have chosen a good Wealth Management company, you can be free to live the rest of your life without having to worry about money.