Neil Patel's Ubersuggest SEO Tool Review

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest (also formerly known as is a browser-based keyword research tool owned by Neil Patel.

Since Neil purchased it in 2017, he worked on it to add additional functionalities to make it a market standard of the keyword research niche.

What Information Can Ubersuggest Provide?

Keyword Search

The most primary function expected from every keyword tool is the keyword search. You simply plugin your keyword into Ubersuggest's search bar and the tool automatically brings in the keyword metrics we will discuss later.

Keyword Ideas

Every keyword research process starts with a seed keyword. Ubersuggest generates keyword ideas by using the seed keyword provided. For this goal, it uses Google's API to extract the information.

Content Ideas

Ubersuggest may help to find content ideas while this feature is not very viable yet. Because what it provides is nothing but a list of competitors pages.

Search Volume

This feature should not surprise you since it is expected from every keyword tool. Ubersuggest drives data from Google. However, there are some issues I have noticed displaying the right monthly search volumes.

Keyword Competition Rate

Almost all keyword tools provide this metric but with different names such as keyword competition rate, keyword competition score, keyword SEO difficulty score, etc.

SERP Analysis

Search engine result page analysis is important to know the competition for a keyword. Ubersuggest provides the ranking pages and their page-level & domain-level metrics together with the number of social shares they have.

Paid Keyword Competition Rate

Paid keyword competition rate information is used to define if your advertising campaigns would be viable to follow a certain keyword.

CPC (Pay Per Click) Analysis

Cost per click information provides an estimation for PPC campaigns. Although the actual CPC values usually are very different than recommended by tools, it is still nice to have it.

Site Audit

Ubersuggest side audit feature informs users with a basic health check of their websites. The health check help responding to the following questions.

  • Are there any critical issues (critical errors, warnings, recommendations) with the website to be handled?
  • What is the site speed of the selected domain both for mobile and desktop devices?
  • When was the first and last time a link is seen?
  • What is the type of links found? (follow/nofollow)?
  • What anchor texts are used for the links?

Competitor's domain keyword ideas

This one is recently added as a new feature. It provides a certain amount of insight into the competitor domains. Some of the information provided about the competitor website,

  • Top pages by country
  • Estimated visits
  • Backlinks
  • SEO keywords

Ubersuggest provides information about various keyword metrics like volume, CPC and SD(SEO Difficulty).

Summary Of The Features Provided

  • Estimation based on the ranking of a website.
  • Estimated number of visitors can also be reviewed based on the keyword's rank.
  • How many times a URL is shared on social media and the domain authority score.
  • Assigns a ranking score in between of 1-100 with the domain authority feature. (The higher the ranking, the harder it will be to outrank your competitors for that keyword)
  • The filter in the upper left lets the users make the search as it is searched in Google AdWords.
  • With the free SERP Analysis feature, Ubersuggest shows you 100 different competitors in your search term. In this section, the average number of visitors, the share of social media and domain authority can be compared.
Competitor's visits-backlinks-social shares.

How Does It Work?

Ubersuggest's working principle is very simple. It takes the target keyword and plugs into the Google search bar. Then it adds different letters and numbers to it.

As a result, Google autocomplete generates various keyword ideas, Ubersuggest grabs them and presents for you.

Is Ubersuggest absolutely Free?

It is free for now. However, Neil didn't promise the community it will be here and free forever.

I want to remind you Keywordseverywhere tool. It started as a free keyword research tool but later turned out to be a paid tool after gaining a certain amount of market exposure.

Who knows Neil may later decide to make a paid tool. It may be either like “pay as you go” you buy a certain amount of credits to make keyword research or with a monthly subscription plan like SEMrush.

What are the pros & cons of It?

Ubersuggest is a valuable keyword research tool considering you have to pay nothing to use it.

While free to use, in my experience search volumes recommended by Ubersuggest are usually incorrect. I guess the tool has certain backend errors.

Another important feature Ubersuggest lacks is providing a keyword performance for multiple device types, location targets, down to the ZIP code level.

If you are doing local SEO, Ubersuggest cannot help you much.

No mobile app yet in the year 2019. It is something definitely needs to be handled.

Neil Patel is a great online marketer that inspires a lot of people in the SEO community.

However, Ubersuggest really doesn't represent the name brand of him.

If I was in his place, I would either work on to make it flawlessly better or withdraw it from the market entirely. Even better, making it a premium tool to finance the enhancements Ubersuggest needs.

There are other Ubersuggest alternative free keyword tools that produce better results, have more features, and additional functionalities.

What are some good Ubersuggest Alternatives?

If you cannot afford a paid tool Keyword Planner is just enough for the keyword research.

However, free tools like Ubersuggest usually have limited capabilities to provide an in-depth keyword analysis compared with tools like SEMrush.

Because it lets you taking advantage of advanced features like comparing domains side by side to find keyword gaps.

Let me give you a big secret, the easiest way of keyword research is using the keywords that your competitor ranks and gets traffic. It is not possible to do with the Ubersuggest at least at the time I write this post.

All in all, Ubersuggest needs more work to be done to be used as a viable keyword tool by itself. I would recommend verifying keyword volume information with the other tools until the possible backend issues are resolved.