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Should you really work with USAGold?

Have you been considering adding gold to your assets, but you have been struggling to find the right dealer?

Are you scared of being sold an overpriced or counterfeit product? Or are you afraid of being pressured to purchase products against your will? 

If you have answered ‘yes' to these questions, you might want to know more about USAGold.

About USAGold

USAGold-Centennial Precious Metals, Inc. (called USAGOLD) stands out as a significant competitor in the gold and silver industry. USAGold started in 1972 as a family-owned business.


It remains a family-owned business until today and is regarded as one of the oldest and most respected dealers in the gold industry today. 

USAGold has always been the go-to for investors looking for a company with a reliable service. And true to this, they have maintained the following qualities as a bedrock.

  • A high degree of reliability
  • Enough market insight
  • A team of highly trained professionals
  • An emphasis on individual needs as opposed to high-pressure sales tactics
  • A broad service scope that provides an advantage of scale

Coupled with these qualities, USAGold has been able to maintain exceptional customer service with acknowledged excellence in the precious metals industry. 

However, unlike many others in the precious metals industry, USAGold offers only gold and silver bullion coins and bars for sale. You can also get to buy some historic fractional and U.S. gold coins.

They put these products up at the best competitive prices with discounts on volume purchases. But you won't find precious metals other than these at their store. 

USAGold also supports clients looking towards having a gold IRA rollover, and secure storage for their assets. Having these available for clients, especially those seeking both investments and storage, helps to save time and resources.

USAGold is also a company with a keen interest in keeping the public informed on various gold-based researches and analysis. They make this information readily available on their website. However, you will need a certain amount of patience to derive the best from their website.

About the Founder

Have you read the widely known book, The ABC's of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold? Yes! You probably guessed it. The author of this book is Michael J. Kosares, who is also the owner and founder of USAGold-Centennial Precious Metals. 

With over 35 years in the gold business, Michael J. Kosares has become quite a highly respected member of the international gold community.

He is an expert in the field of gold, known for his commentaries about the gold market and its economic, political, and financial underpinnings. He has also made some appearances in a wide assortment of financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Contact Details

You can head over to Denver, Colorado, or you can put a call through to (800) 869-5115 and speak to Ms. Jill Snyder, who is the Office Manager (as listed on BBB). You can also USAGold’s order desk on its website.

USAGold Ratings

  • BCA Ratings: Not Listed
  • TrustLink: Not Listed
  • Trustpilot: Not Listed

It appears that there is little to show about USAGold ratings. However, they have maintained an excellent rating with BBB ever since they got accredited in 1991. They have even received the BBB's Gold Star Certificate as a proof of their flawless record through several years. 

Is USAGold a Legit Company?

In case you are interested in if there are any complaints regarding USAGold. Well, USAGold has received several reviews with currently no complaints on BBB. To an extent, this shows their exceptional customer service.

And if you would love to ask if USAGold is a legit company – I can only tell you it is rare for a company to exist this long in such a sensitive industry as precious metals without being legitimate.

And they have their BBB ratings, customer reviews and some other proofs such as being a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and American Numismatic Association to support their legitimacy.

USAGOLD Services

Earlier, I gave a hint of USAGold, offering only gold and silver products. Let's go on now to learn more about the services they offer in full detail.

Purchase of Gold and Silver Products

Before now, you might have found the process of buying gold to be a bit complicated. However, this should be a simple process. And this is what USAGold offers you. All you need to do is follow this process:

  • First, you need to write down anything you find confusing as USAGold allows you a free consultation with their gold ownership experts.
  • Then you need to contact their Order Desk to make inquiries about the current pricing and also to have your questions answered.
  • After this, you can make your order and lock-on the current price while you wait for the email confirmation.
  • Another alternative to this is visiting their online desk on their website. From here, you can select from a list of investment items which include:
  • Modern gold and silver bullion coins & bars
  • Historic fractional gold coins
  • Historic U.S. gold coins. 

The online order desk is a better option as you get to order anytime, any day.

  • The next step is to pay for your order, either through the wire or personal check.
  • Then you can await your order, which will be delivered to you or your Trust company.

Sales of Gold and Silver Bullion

Previously, USAGold only buys back products that they earlier sold to clients. But they now buy from the public. So if you want to liquidate all or part of your precious metals assets, you can contact USAGold's order desk for a competitive market price and early payment.

I have provided below a list of the products they currently buy from the public.

  • Modern gold bullion to include American Eagles, American Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrand, Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, Chinese Panda, Mexican 50 Peso, Austrian 100 Corona
  • Historic Pre-1933 European and United States gold coins
  • Modern Silver bullion earlier stored in approved depository accounts (such as an IRA)

You will get paid in five to seven days after the confirmation of your sell order. However, they only buy minimum products of 20 troy ounces gold or 1000 troy ounces silver. But just so you know, their payment covers the inbound shipping, so you won't have to pay for shipping when selling to them.

Precious Metals Safe Storage

You can open your storage account through USAGold. They only work with the best depositories in the United States to ensure that your metal is safe and fully insured. One other advantage of setting up a storage account is the ease at which buy and sell orders get executed.

When you open a storage account, USAGold makes sure your account is fully allocated. Thus your metals cannot be loaned to another individual or institution. However, they allow you to choose between having a segregated and a non-segregated account (which is cheaper).

USAGold stores its client's precious metals at two different depositories. One is located in Delaware, while the other is in the western United States.

Financial Planners and Advisors

USAGold also helps financial planners and advisors to offer their clients the best services in the gold bullion market. So if you have clients with long-term investment plans in mind, you can reach out to USAGold.

Self-Directed IRA & IRA Rollover

When preparing for your retirement, it is best that you properly diversify your assets. And do you know of any better financial insurance than having gold in your name?

If you are looking to start an IRA program that can receive gold assets, you might want to contact USAGold as they help with this. And if you already have an IRA that doesn't support holding precious metals, don't worry. USAGold also helps with IRA rollovers. The process is even a simple one.

  • USAGold sends you an email containing the links to the trust companies they currently work with.
  •  You choose the new company you wish to work with and submit your completed paperwork to this company.
  • The involved trustees of your account will complete the process of opening and funding your account by transferring your funds from your former account to the new one.
  • After which you can contact USAGold to select the precious metals you wish to add to your account.
  • Don't forget to contact your account trustee to make the payments for your order at USAGold. USAGold will only deposit your precious metal into your account after confirming your payment. 

Pros and Cons

I believe you are getting fired up, and want to place a call across to USAGold. But comparing the pros and cons of a company remains an unrivaled pre-requisite to choosing a dealer, especially in an industry such as the precious metals market.

To this, I have compiled a list of some pros and cons of USAGold that readily stands out.

👍 Pros

  • USAGold offers products at competitive prices, and you can be sure to find any gold or silver products at their store at all times.
  • There is no minimum to the amount of gold that you can buy from them.
  • They offer free shipping on all inbound orders.
  • Their BBB rating of A+ and customer reviews shows their high reputation with the public.
  • USAGold consists of a team of experienced gold brokers who are always available to give answers to your questions. They also release relevant articles on their website to better inform the public about the gold market.

👎 Cons

  • USAGold only offers gold and silver products for sale. If you are looking to diversify your assets by purchasing more precious metals other than gold and silver, you might want to consider checking through some alternatives to USAGold.
  • There is a minimum amount of products you can sell to USAGold. They only accept a minimum of 20 troy ounces gold or 1000 troy ounces silver. If you are looking to liquidate assets below these amounts, then USAGold isn't your go-to company.
  • Finally, as I stated earlier, you need a certain amount of patience to derive the best from their website, which comes off as poor quality.


USAGold is a highly reputed company in the precious metals industry. If you are looking for a company that offers gold and silver products, storage facilities, and the opportunity to start your self-directed IRA then USAGold seems to be a perfect choice.

However, it is good practice to check out other alternatives, so you are sure you are working with the best you can get. And this is especially necessary if you need a company with more offers than gold and silver.