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Since video marketing has become more popular in recent years, more businesses look for opportunities to benefit from it to a maximum level.

Whiteboard animation videos help businesses at this point. Because they are not only working very well but very engaging at the same time.

People enjoy watching these videos while not perceiving them as commercials.

This single fact by itself helps businesses so much. Because people watching these videos don’t understand they’re taught or sold.

However, creating these videos require certain relevant technical skills. Hence, most businesses either utilize their in house team to create them or outsource it to the other professionals.

One of the most popular online outsourcing platforms is Fiverr.

Today we will discuss if Fiverr a good place to outsource whiteboard animation videos.

How To Outsource Whiteboard Animation Videos On Fiverr?

Once you visit Fiverr, to find the relevant section you will need to follow the category path on Fiverr:

Video & Animation > Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

Alternatively, you can simply make a search by using Fiverr search toolbar.

Fiverr search whiteboard animation videos

If you have used Fiverr earlier, you already know Fiverr has an autosuggest feature similar to Google search.

Keep in mind, whiteboard animation videos are also sometimes called as explainer videos.

Are these videos can be outsourced for $5 only?

Although Fiverr is famous for its $5 gigs, you will not likely get any whiteboard animation video job to be done for this price.

The seller can price a 25-50 word video for $5, hence assuming your video is 500 words, you may pay about $50 – $100.

These numbers are used just to give you an idea of how the gigs are priced. They shouldn’t be taken as the base price for Fiverr gigs in this category.

What To Look For Ordering Whiteboard Video Animation Gigs?

Here is what to look for in whiteboard animation videos:

  • Unlimited revision (Seller should be able to revise the work if you require so)
  • Energetic voice-over (Your video should be narrated by someone who has experience)
  • Royalty-free background music (Engaging music is always desirable)
  • Watermark Logo (It helps to protect your content)
  • Fast delivery (less than a week is ideal)
  • HD video quality (preferably 1080p or better)
  • Video delivery in the format you want.

Most common video formats used for whiteboard animation videos are:

  • AVI
  • FLV
  • M4V
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • WMV

Although Fiverr is a great platform to outsource these types of videos, you will still need to filter the mediocre sellers from the really good ones.

You need to have a video that represents your business and more importantly converts. Obviously conversion goals will vary depending on your niche and your business strategy.

A high-quality whiteboard animation video should look like an artwork that sets your brand apart from your competitor.

It should also help your business to be more memorable to boost sales and conversions.

Using Templates vs Creating Unique Images

Here is probably the most killer question you can ask a Fiverr seller while outsourcing these videos.

Ask the seller if he/she uses templates to create these videos.

Some sellers create videos by using templates provided by certain programs. It saves time for the seller because videos can be created faster and easier.

However, templates offer the limited ability of customization. Videos created by templates usually will look like all other videos on the market.

Ideally, whiteboard animation videos should be created in Photoshop. Sellers have an extensive unique image library that will naturally do a better job. Adobe After Effects is utilized by many professionals for the animation part.

Writing Video Scripts or Leaving It To The Freelancer

Some sellers may even offer writing the script for your video. Although it is generally not a good idea, it may be particularly useful if you don’t have much time or creativity to create a script.

Even if you leave the scriptwriting work to the seller, you will need to provide an outline of what you want. Fiverr sellers are notorious to give you crap if you don’t specify exactly what you need.

Keep in mind the English proficiency of freelancers are usually not as good as their video animation skills.

Hence explain everything with plain English and ask them to describe what you want from them. This is the only way you can make sure they understand you.

I remember countless times, no matter how specific a description I have provided, the seller either didn’t read or understand the requirements.

Always include your logo at some corner of your video, this will help to prevent your video to be used by other people.

Choose The Reputable Sellers

Fiverr provides the reviews of freelancers for the jobs they have earlier delivered. Check carefully the total number of reviews and the average review score of sellers you want to work with.

Stay away from the sellers that are consistent to provide low-quality jobs.

Voice Over Quality

I don’t mean the voice quality, or how clear the voice over is dubbed on the actual video. These technical parts I assume should be good anyways.

What I mean if the person who narrates the script makes a good job. If he/she can tell a story and keep people’s attention on the video during its play.

As the best practice, if your target market in the US, work only with the voice-over artists from the US.

People trust people that are like themselves. Especially in the video marketing business, a little shift in accent can break the entire deal.

It wouldn’t make any sense to hire an American voice over artist for a video that target audience is the people in the UK.

A UK voice-over artist from that specific city where the targeted audience is would be the perfect match for the job.

Moneyback guarantee

Although Fiverr is a relatively secure environment to exchange the service with the fund, it still lacks a solid money-back guarantee.

However, many sellers include money-back guarantee terms in their gig descriptions. Don’t let this term to distract you. Once you make the payment %99 of times sellers will not cancel the gig for you.

Fiverr also very unwilling to cancel a gig. Because the canceled gig means lost commission for the Fiverr.

I have mentioned this fact in the other Fiverr posts that I have published earlier.

Fiver gigs are usually final deal and very difficult to revert back. Fiverr support is very unwilling to help with a refund case. They usually complicate the process to sidetrack your efforts.

Hence, be very cautious ordering a large number of gigs at once from any Fiverr seller no matter how good earlier reviews are.

This is one of the lessons I have learned the hard way, but it shouldn’t be the same for you as well.

If you want to create whiteboard animation videos yourself you may want to try:

Both programs are quite affordable and easy to use which can help you create great videos.

I would also recommend you read if you should outsource content from Fiverr.