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By Altay Gursel | June 18, 2020
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How to get affordable whiteboard animation videos?

whiteboard animation videos

Video marketing is growing bigger every year. Multiple research has proven that companies use video content as part of their marketing routine outperforming their competitors.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of businesses can use video as a marketing tool.

However, creating professional-looking videos that engage people is not an easy task. Staying in the planned production budget while producing satisfactory results is difficult to achieve.

There are many ingredients of video marketing campaigns if not paid attention can really break the deal. Expected visual qualities, used video production techniques, and, employed voice actors are all important factors that can make the task really complicated.

At this point, whiteboard animation videos appear to be a viable solution. It eliminates the majority of the video production concerns that exist.

Well implemented, these videos can positively improve your conversions while keeping you within your planned budget.

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What are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Whiteboard animation videos are referred by many people as explainer videos. Because it is mostly used to explain a topic by a virtual hand holding a black or colored marker drawing images on a white background.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen great videos but very difficult to comprehend. I wished I could understand the whole idea with a simpler illustration.

The main advantage of using whiteboard animation videos is to simplify complex subjects by explaining them in a foolproof manner.

It is very fun to watch them, even for those who are not particularly interested in the topic of discussion video presents. These videos are extremely engaging, while it’s very easy to understand even for a 5th grader.

The other great advantage of whiteboard videos is that they sell while entertaining the audience. Let’s face it, none of us like to see pushy advertisements.

Nowadays, people are hit by so many marketing junks that literally don’t bring any value to their lives. Actually, we don’t like to be sold at all.

Whiteboard videos can create the illusion of watching Walt Disney animated cartoons rather than advertising videos.

Are explainer videos the same thing with Whiteboard animation videos?

Most people believe that explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos are the same things. Although these terms are used in the same way as one substitute for another, they describe different things.

Explainer videos emphasize the fact that a video is created to provide information on a specific subject. While whiteboards are just a video style that uses hand-drawn animations created by certain software. 

Explainers are usually short videos that last a couple of minutes. They are brief and eye-grabbing to hold people’s attention to the topic. 

Not all explainer videos are whiteboard animation videos. Explainer videos can be in different styles like:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • 3D animation
  • Live-action
  • Stop motion 
  • Presentations etc.

Step Step by Step Process To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos

Let’s say you have decided to create whiteboard animation videos to promote your product or services.

Here I have compiled a few questions for you to have a high-quality one but still affordable.

Do you have a definitive goal?

Before starting any video production, you should clearly specify for what reason you need these videos. 

Why do you need it? 

Is it going to be your mission statement video to be published on your homepage or advertising video for your upcoming product launch?

Defining the real need in advance can eliminate unpleasant surprises you may have in the future.

Did you plan the budget?

The budget for whiteboard animation videos will depend on whether you create the videos yourself or outsource it to someone else.

There is no project with an unlimited budget. You should know the funds you are going to allocate to video production beforehand.

Creating your own videos is going to be much cheaper. Because you’re going to be the one who’s going to do research, write scripts, do voice-overs and final editing.

Here are whiteboard animation video software you can use to create them by yourself.

If you need a massive amount of videos to be produced, you can consider either doing it on your own or assigning it to someone in your team.

Please note that producing whiteboard videos for the first time, the quality of the videos may not be as high as you want.

If you decide to produce these videos on your own, you’ll need third-party software to work with. As you can expect, there will be a learning curve with the new software like anything else in life.

Alternatively, you can outsource whiteboard animation videos on Fiverr as well.

How much does a whiteboard animation video cost?

A whiteboard animation video that is 5 minutes long should cost somewhere between $150-$500. The exact price will be dependent on the quality of the job, seller’s price policy, the extras you may demand, and expected delivery time, etc.

Here are other important factors that primarily affect the price.

How many minutes of video do you plan to produce?

Obviously the longer the video, the time and effort to create it will be bigger. There will be more images to bring together, a longer voice-over, and definitely more video editing work.

I have rarely seen whiteboard animation videos over 10 minutes long. Keep it short and tight to give your message as brief as possible. Although these videos are quite engaging, people’s attention span is not that long anyway.

Are you going to provide the video script?

A video script is the scenario of your production. You need to have a script that tells the story of your video. This script should include relevant images to explain what you need like a storyboard. A storyboard is a graphic explanation by the scene of the animation.

You can place your images in a word document within the order you want to be shown. Also, include the text that will be used for voice over. A professional video animation specialist should understand from your script what you are looking for.

When creating your script, you should make it clear who you are talking to. It is necessary to point out the problem, and indicate that you have a solution to the topic. Don’t forget including a strong call-to-action preferably at the end of each video.

If you don’t have time to create a script or simply you don’t want to deal with it, you can outsource it as well.

However, you are likely to get poor results in this case. Because you are leaving the creativity, and probably the faith of your marketing campaign to a freelancer.

Is it going to be black and white or with colors?

If you need just black and white video as a black marker drawing images on a whiteboard the job may be cheaper.

However, I am not sure if it would really make a big difference in terms of pricing. You should ask the seller for a quote both for black and white and color version of the animation video you plan to get.

What video definition your video will have (Ultra HD, 4K)?

Video definition may affect the price.

How do I know?

Because not all sellers are willing to provide the highest quality videos. Higher-resolution whiteboard videos tend to be more expensive. It can be sourced from the software they use.

Do you need custom images?

Most whiteboard animation videos are created by using templates. Also, each software has a library of images that the creator can use. Using images outside of the library is a challenge for most creators.

Unless you specifically require and pay for it, creators will not likely to go out of their libraries. Custom work will bring additional expenses to your order.

Recording the voice over

Most freelancers offering video production services should give you free background music. However, the voice-over is not free.

If you have a really short video like 2 minutes or so, you may skip voice over to save some money on the job. You can give your message on the whiteboard with cool background music.

Alternatively, you can record and provide your own voice-over to narrate in your video. In this case, you may run into synchronization issues.

Sometimes video and voice don’t completely sync with each other. I personally leave this job to the person who creates the video to get a key turn delivery.

If you need your voice over to be in another language other than English, this is offered on Fiverr but usually for an extra cost.

What file format whiteboard videos are delivered?

Make sure the delivery you get is fully edited with sound effects, soundtrack, and voice over before accepting any delivery.

Here are the most common video format used for whiteboard animation videos:

  • AVI
  • FLV
  • M4V
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • SWF
  • WMV

The video format you will choose will depend on your personal choice. However, always agree with the seller before placing an order about the video format you need.

Don’t forget to get Commercial Use Rights!

Commercial use rights are nothing but copyright that proves ownership of intellectual property. In our case, it refers if you can use your ordered video for a commercial goal legally.

I know it doesn’t make much sense thinking about it if you pay for it. However, you are not the creator of the video, and cannot use it without the permission of him/her.

Make sure you have purchased the legal right of ownership that gives you full control of the video you ordered. Else you may have unpleasant legal consequences you may not want to deal with.

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