Work From Home Jobs To Make Money Online

work from home

Working for someone else is tough. Waking up with an alarm clock and going to work makes it even harder. 

Wouldn’t it be good if you could work from your home?

You wake up when you want, go for walk or do your meditation, have a few cups of fresh coffee and only then start working.

Not working for someone else, but being your own boss can offer a lot of positive things. 

  • No more alarm clock
  • No need to go to work.
  • No crazy boss yelling at you.
  • Meet with friends anytime you want.
  • Stay up late at night to watch your favorite TV show.
  • Achieving financial freedom if implemented smartly.

This list goes on and on. I could continue the above list longer than you are willing to read.

Working for yourself you have the total control of your time. You decide with whom to work, when you work, on what you work, and from where you work as you want to.   

I understand this idea may sound a little too bold or unrealistic for you. Especially, if you have spent most of your life working in companies.

However, you don’t really have to go to the office, factory, or warehouse whatever the working space means for you.

Working from home you take control of your most precious asset, which is your time. You dedicate it to build your own dream rather than working to build someone else's dream.

The work from home job ideas I will discuss is exciting. Here is why.

If you have a regular job, you earn a fixed sum. There are not many things you can do to grow it.

While you are doing your own job, you are the boss. You define the amount you want to charge for each individual project. If you don’t like a particular job or client you are free not to take it.

If you are not a morning person, no problem. You can work during the night time as you set your own business hours.

Here is the sweetest part of working from home. Most work from home jobs if planned strategically can be turned into home businesses. 

What that means, you can implement different strategies that allow you to scale your tasks to do more while spending less time. This is the formula of modern-day liberation, and it is entirely achievable.

You need to have a plan to minimize your active labor in making money. At some point, you should be at a position of “no need to push hard” to keep making money.

Have plans in your mind to delegate certain tasks to other people. This will allow you to work with more clients while spending less effort and making more money.

Turning a home job into a home business may not seem possible at the beginning. However, you can do it by understanding what the market wants, and automating your processes to foster that transition.

What equipment do you need to work from home?

You need the minimum gear to start with. Usually, a computer with internet access is more than enough.

work from home gear

However, depending on the complexity of the things you do, you may need a headset, maybe a specific software or video recording device, etc.  

What doesn’t work from home mean?

Working from home doesn’t mean not working, or working lousy. If you are not willing to invest your time and effort, you will not be able to earn a living online.

lazy bear resting
He may be at home but definitely not working.

As you work from home, you are the one who needs to keep yourself accountable. Hence, prepare yourself for the hard work especially until you set a system that allows you to produce more while investing in less effort. 

Are all work from home jobs created equal?

All work from home jobs is not created equal. In this post, I am going to suggest multiple options you can choose from. Some of them can offer immediate returns, and you get paid the next day or even the next hour. 

Some other jobs will require you to keep working a longer period of time before you see any tangible result. Every work from home job idea comes with its own plus and minus. Hence there is no ultimately true job that is better than every other job out there.

Being said that, certain jobs will allow you to earn a constant stream of income even after you have stopped working on that job. These are the type of jobs that can earn you passive income. Also, these are the ones I would most recommend for you to focus on. 

1. Take Online Surveys

Companies need user opinions about the products or services they offer. They pay to understand how shoppers or the general public perceive their brands. 

There are many companies you can sign up for an account, and take the online surveys to start making money immediately. Most of these companies send regular emails once a relevant survey is available for you. You can also regularly check their websites to see if any new surveys are available for you to take.

Take online surveys

1.1 How much can you make taking online surveys? 

The amount of money you can make taking online surveys depends on the survey company, the difficulty level of the survey, and your dedicated effort to complete the task. If you spend an uninterrupted hour you may expect to make $10 – $15 on average. This sum is an approximation only and actual numbers can be quite different than that.


  • You start getting paid quickly. (Usually in 2 weeks or less)
  • Many companies offer different surveys.
  • Multiple payment options (PayPal, rewards, etc.)


  • You will not make a full-time income.
  • It is impossible to scale up (You exchange your time for money)

One of the most recognized companies to take online surveys is SurveyJunkie. You can sign up for an account and start taking surveys immediately. 

2. Write Content

If you like creating content, freelance writing jobs can be a good source of income for you. Writing content the quality you offer does really matter.

content writing jobs

There are writers making really good money, while others can barely earn a side hustle.

I would recommend checking out the Writers Work website to start your Freelance writing career.

2.1 How much can you earn doing freelance writing?

It depends on both the quality and the quantity of the content you create. Freelance writers usually earn $20 – $200 for 1000 words. The freelancing platform you work, your writing proficiency, native language, and bargaining skills will shape how much you can earn working as a freelance writer.

I know you want to earn the higher end of this range. To achieve that you will need to create quality content that people find great value investing in your content.

2.2 How can you create great content?

You need to have good writing skills and a solid knowledge of grammar and punctuation. This is definitely something you work on to develop if you have serious plans to have a writing career.

You can read and review other good content on the web. Try to read as much content as possible once you get some spare time. Reading other's content may feel like a daunting task, or something cannot be helpful at the beginning.

However, you cannot believe how much better content you can create if you are an avid reader.

2.3 Create your own freelancing blog

If you want to build a write from home career for yourself, you need to start your own blog. You can write and publish your content on your own blog to use as a showcase arena for the jobs you want to take.

This is the best way to leverage writing job opportunities online.

Having your own blog, you can define the price you want to charge per project. Also, you will not need to pay platform fees or commissions on transactions.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork charge hefty commissions both from buyers and sellers that are discouraging both sides. You really need to have your own blog that you set the rules.

Therefore start your blog as soon as you want to be a freelance writer.

2.4 Specialize yourself

If you want to work as a freelance writer, try to specialize in one or a few niches. It is best if you can write on the topics you understand. If you don’t understand the topic you write about, make sure you have at least some sort of interest in it.

If you have neither knowledge nor interest in the things you write, your content will be of poor quality. Sure, grammatically you can create an okay copy. But someone who is in the topic you are writing about can easily tell your content offers no value.

If you are into nature, and outdoors write about those topics. You may be interested in personal finance or technology, stick to those niches.

The more you write around certain topics, the easier it will get to create new pieces of content. You will also leave a more professional impression on the people if you seem niched down in particular areas.

Working as a freelance writer you should prioritize building your client base. This is important both if you write on a freelancing platform, or you provide your independent writing services.

Finding new customers is an expensive process, but maintaining your existing clients is much more possible.


  • Writing is a fun job for many people.
  • You can make a consistent income. (There is always a demand for good writers)
  • You can learn about many subjects as you write about them.


  • You need to build your own client base.
  • Only high-quality content can make you good money.
  • Writing regularly for an extended period of time can fatigue you. 

3. Do editing and proofreading

If you are confident with your impeccable grammar and spelling skills you can do freelance editing and proofreading jobs. It can be an easier option for freelance writing since it requires less creativity from your part.

editing text

Doing proofreading you will read documents, find and correct grammatical errors, fix spelling mistakes and verify if the proper punctuation is applied.

Thanks to Grammarly and other spelling software most of these tasks are handled automatically today. However, it doesn’t remove the need for freelance editors and proofreaders. 

3.1 There is an evergreen demand for it

There is a big demand for freelance proofreaders since everyone wants to make sure if they have great content on their blog. Most English content on the web is written by non-native speakers for the reason it is cheaper. If you are a native speaker, you can get a lot of editing jobs. 

However, you will make less money doing editing jobs than writing jobs. For instance, you may edit a 1000 word content in 10 min, while writing the same 1000 word content from the scratch may take an hour.

On the other hand, this shouldn’t be a particular concern. You can accomplish more volume when you do editing than writing jobs.

3.2 How much can you earn doing freelance proofreading?

You may expect to make $10 – $50 per 2000 words on average. If you are just fixing minor writing issues the lower end of this range applies. However, if you are asked to make significant changes like changing sentence structures as you rewrite the content, you can charge much more. 


  • Proofreading doesn't require any creativity.
  • It can be done quite faster than writing.
  • It doesn't require anything other than a computer with internet access.


  • Proofreading jobs don't pay as much as writing.
  • Demand for proofreading is less than writing.
  • If fundamental changes required to take on the content you may need to spend significant effort.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products on the web to earn a commission from the sale. It is very fun and by far the most reliable way of earning online income. You don’t need to own a product, issue invoices, or have customer support.

Your only goal is to bring customers to the merchant’s site.

Affiliate marketing

In fact, affiliate marketing is not a job, but rather a real business that offers incredible profit potential. You decide everything yourself without being responsible for anyone. 

You choose the products you want to promote, the platform you want to be in and which traffic sources you will utilize.

I am going, to tell the truth, upfront. It is not for everyone. 

It is not for you if you want to make a fixed sum of money every day.

If you want to earn money the easier way you may want to write content, or take surveys. You will make guaranteed money every time you write for someone or take a certain survey. However, by doing those jobs you will never have a true growth potential that you can multiply your income by many folds. 

Selling your hours to someone can be still ok for you if you work from home. However, you have to work constantly to keep making money.

Whereas in affiliate marketing, you can set up your business and invest your hard work. Once your affiliate marketing business starts to bring revenue, you can maintain it with the minimum maintenance.

This is the beauty of affiliate marketing that no other business model can offer. The amount of income you can make is truly limitless.


  • You can get started with Zero/Minimal Investment
  • There is so much money to be made in the affiliate marketing (Your limit is what you can achieve)
  • You learn and earn at the same time.


  • You need to invest a lot of hard work and be patient.
  • Your income will likely fluctuate month by month.
  • There is a lot of competition, and you need to be good to make a good earning of it.
  • You will test constantly products or services to find the right products.
  • Working as a Third-party (You agree to fully comply with the rules of the affiliate marketing platforms.)

5. Graphic Designer

If you like to work on images and visual multimedia, you can do graphic design jobs from home. As a graphic designer, you will be required to create business logos, album covers, infographics, etc.

5.1 Do you need any type of training?

You don’t need any degree to show people if you want to work as a freelance graphic designer from your home. However, you will need a portfolio of your previous jobs to show your potential clients. People will want to see what you can produce for them. Therefore, a website illustrating your earlier projects is almost a must.

graphic design

If you don’t have any earlier experience, don’t worry. Everyone starts from somewhere.

Create infographics, logos or whatever you want to create. Then exhibit those works on your site as you have created them for a client. People are interested in seeing if you can create what they need, rather than for whom you have worked before. 

If you have curiosity in graphical design works, you will figure out fast since there are abundant resources online teaching how to create them.

6. Photographer / Videographer

If you like taking photos and editing them to create great photographs, you can do online photography jobs. Doing a photography job may look like just clicking on a button to take photos, and selling them to someone interested in.

However, there is definitely more than that. You will need a certain level of skill to take and process images later on. 


To start with an online photography job a decent camera is usually enough. Even most modern cell phone cameras today are capable of taking great photos.

However, you may need professional editing software like Photoshop to edit your images to show your true mastery on the photos.  

Even if you don’t have much experience with professional editing software, you can be still ok if you would use free image editing services. 

There are many different types of photography jobs you can do. Some will require you to make your own images, while others require enhancing someone else's existing images.

Many website owners need unique images and don't want to use stock photos. This can be a great opportunity since there are so many different niches you can create photos to sell to websites or companies.

Especially with the growing popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, people need unique great photographs more than ever. Unique photographs get pinned or shared more often. They drive more traffic to the sites using them and generate more revenue.

The same thing applies to the videos as well. I have seen one guy took a 30-second video of one plane taking off from the airport while he waits for his flight. He sold that video for $50 which is a nice chunk for cash to have.

If you can catch great moments of pets, interesting events, or actions that are recorded by only you or a few people you can sell those records to news channels, niche sites or many different platforms that are ready to pay for it.

The great part of videography jobs, they require much less editing than images. If you can cut and connect fragments of videos together you are good to go.

I would highly recommend having your own blog to exhibit your portfolio of work to other people. Having Pinterest and Instagram accounts that you publish your earlier work is a great idea.

The other thing with online photography or videography jobs, you still need to niche down as it is in the writing jobs. You can specialize in weddings, family photos, or maybe images of wild nature.

You can be good at anything you want, but you cannot be good at everything you want.

Narrowing down the type of photography job you do will help marketing yourself to potential clients more effectively. You will get better-paying clients more frequently since you will have many samples to show off. You will also leave a more professional impression on your potential clients.

As in many other jobs, start small. Do not worry about taking jobs that don't pay much. This is very normal when you just start it. Once you have enough expertise and a good size of a portfolio, you can start choosing jobs and ask to get paid more. 

You can start with Upwork, Indeed or ZipRecruiter since these job boards frequently list online freelance photography jobs.

The other great thing you do is approaching people who are already making money from photography. Bloggers and marketers with the good following are good targets since they can afford to pay large sums for your high-quality photos.

For instance, if you make images of various succulents, you can contact a few big blogs about gardening or succulents to offer your photographs. The more targeted your images to the people you offer them more positive responses you will likely take. Always offer unique images, that are not seen somewhere else on the web.

7. Online Teacher / Private Tutor

If you are good at teaching people, you can still work from home. Thanks to the internet you can educate people on the other side of the planet and earn a decent income from it. 

Most remote teaching positions are offered on a freelance basis. However, there are educational platforms where you can signup a contract for a fixed amount of hours scheduled every week.

Online teachers can provide education on a wide variety of topics to people of all ages and different backgrounds.

If you are a native English speaker there are platforms providing ESL classes to non-native English speakers. Maybe you can have a good background in a programming language, or computer hardware installation.

Whatever skills you offer, you can find people who are interested in learning that skill. 

You can work as a teacher or private tutor either through a platform or independently. You can definitely combine both to see which one can be a better option for you.

Teaching on a platform, you don’t have to spend much effort finding people who want to learn things you are offering. Because people land on that platform to educate themselves.

The downside of teaching on a platform you need to comply with all the requirements you are asked to meet. You are also very likely to pay platform fees or other commissions from the amount of income you make.

If you work independently, you will not need to paying platform commissions and follow the strict guidelines you are asked to comply with. However, if you work independently you may need to spend an extra effort to market yourself and find students to teach.  

8. Transcriber / Transcriptionist


As a transcriber, you will need to listen and audio and video files to transcribe into text files. There are different categories of transcription works you can choose from.

Most transcription work can be categorized under general, legal and medical. Doing transcription, you may need to know the specific vocabulary of the niche you transcribe. Else, you will have difficulty understanding the terminology mentioned in the file.

8.1 What equipment do you need to start with?

  • A decent computer
  • A quality headset
  • A quiet space to work in
  • Comfortable table and chair to sit for an extended period of time.
  • High-speed internet connection.

9. Consulting


A consultant is the person who has authority, and in-depth expertise on a particular subject. In a traditional meaning, the consultant is an employee of a company that works in an office space.

However, this definition is changing since we started to use the internet to shape our businesses too. Consultants can work solo from their homes to provide their expertise.

There is a growing demand for freelance consultancy jobs for a few reasons.

Many companies don’t want to permanently hire a consultant since it can be expensive for them. They also don’t want to invest large sums of regular monthly payments to hire consulting companies. They want to hire an independent consultant that can provide services without going into serious commitments.

This condition provides a great opportunity for those planning to start their freelance consulting business.

Consulting is a higher tier work from home job that can earn you a lot of money. You will still need to exchange your time for money as in other freelance jobs. However, you are likely to make much more than any other freelance job opportunity.

If you have experience in a subject with a genuine interest you can offer your consulting services. There are online marketplaces that allow consultants to find people or businesses who need consulting services.

Being said that, you need to have deep domain expertise in a certain niche that people demand. These niches can be anything from dog whispering to business management. Starting a consulting career, it is likely be difficult to get your first few clients.

To get your first clients, you need to make some preparation. You should have a blog or a simple website clearly representing your background and your strengths. List all of your skills, and experiences that may be important for the type of consulting service you want to provide.

Have a professional-looking Linkedin profile at the bare minimum. Because it is the right network that can help you to connect with the right people you want to offer your services.

10. Social Media Manager

Almost everyone is active at least on one social media platform. Companies and business professionals pay a lot of attention to their social media presence. If you can have an in-depth understanding of how to manage social media you can work as a social media manager.

social media manager

10.1 What skills do you need for the job?

At the bare minimum, you need to be an active user of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for many years. You have to understand what companies are trying to achieve on social media.

Do they want to promote their products, or simply maintain an active relationship with their following?

Every company you may work with will have different requirements. You may be asked to pinning their images on their Pinterest boards or create a new following for their existing Linkedin Group.

Make sure you are skilled in what you have been asked for. 

You also need to know how to communicate with people ideally with a good sense of humor. Remember that, you represent a business as a social media manager. Hence, behave accordingly on their platforms to prevent any compliance issues with these networks.

10.2 How can you get your first social media job?

If you have a degree in public relations, journalism or marketing you have a better start. Because companies want to see people with a relevant background. Being said that, not having a relevant degree is not a deal-breaker.

You will need to prove you are the skilled professional they can depend on to manage their social media accounts. I would recommend you to make a portfolio of your social media accounts. You can mention since when you are using a particular network and what were the activities you have done in there.

The first job will always be the hardest to take. But once you have experience, you can use your earlier job as a reference to get the next ones.

11. Voice Acting

You can earn a living online if you have a great voice and know how to use it. There are many ways you can find a profitable voice-over job you can do from home.

voice acting

Here are a few sites you may want to visit to start a voice-over acting career.

  • Filmless
  • Fiverr
  • Snap Recordings
  • Mandy Voices

Final Recommendations

Work from home jobs has a learning curve like any other thing in our lives. Starting from today you need to be patient to get where you want to be.

You may spend much effort and see barely any result at the beginning. This is very normal. If you stick with what you do, you will be grateful that you have stayed committed. Never ever let difficulties to dishearten you if you don't see the immediate results.

If you hope to spend more time with your family and be financially free you need to commit your goals no matter what. Once you reach your goals, you will see all the hard work you invested is totally worth it.

If you consistently take the right action, at some point you will break the threshold and the snowball effect will work for you.