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Metriculum welcomes original (i.e. not published elsewhere)submissions only.

Guest posting/guest blogging on metriculum.com is free. The educational content in evergreen topics is always welcome.

Sending your pitch please use a potential subject line that you want to headline your content. (Don’t send pitches titled “My Pitch” or “Joe’s Pitch” etc). Provide one short paragraph summarizing your idea, and a general sense of the structure of your content.

Please read the submission guidelines carefully. Failing to meet the below requirements your content will get rejected.

The submission guidelines

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  • Unique content with good keyword research.
  • Content that is interesting!
  • Use real examples, case studies, and researched data.
  • Use images, charts, screenshots (no stock photos).
  • Self-promotional content is not accepted.
  • Content that is 2000 words or longer.
  • Without grammar and punctuation issues.
  • Content that is very readable. (Written with plain English understandable for a 15-year-old student.)
  • Content that is conversational.


Here are a few examples of writing styles for a guest posting content.

Submission should be emailed as a link to a Google doc file. Don’t send any attachments or word documents.

Please submit all pitches to metriculum[@]gmail.com